Feng Shui Astrology For May 2022: What to Expect This Month?

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Feng Shui astrology is based on the Chinese calendar. The dates of the beginning and the end of the months are different from those generally accepted in the Gregorian calendar. According to the Chinese calendar, the year’s fourth month starts on May 6th and ends on June 5th. Therefore, all the recommendations given in this article will be accurate until June 5th.

Feng Shui astrology believes that each month has its unique energy and character. Therefore, each month’s energy is expressed through one of the 12 Zodiac animals and connected to one of the five elements.

May 2022 is the month of the Wood Snake. In this article, I will share what kind of energy and events to expect in May 2022 and how to properly choose dates for different events.

Feng Shui Astrology for May 2022

The Energy of the Month of the Wood Snake

According to the Chinese calendar, May 2022 is ruled by the Wood Snake.

In Chinese mythology, the Wood Snake is an image of a beautiful bright flower, reaching for the light, which embodies the love of life. The energy of the month will add some optimism to our lives.

The Wood Snake strives to show itself brightly; it is a very ambitious and freedom-loving creature. The energies of the month are associated with movement and can cause desires to express yourself vividly, to do something big, to change something radically. Because of this, there may be more unexpected events, various breakdowns, and accidents, but, on another side, a rapid economic surge is also possible this month.

It is essential not to be controlled by excessive emotions in May. Try to find baLANce in everything you do, especially how you express your feelings and emotions.

Southwest is the most dangerous direction for traveling this month. This recommendation only applies to long-distance trips. It is ok to take a walk or move around the city or close to it in the Southwest direction.

Auspicious Days In May 2022

May 17th and 29th are good dates for getting rid of unnecessary old stuff, old paradigms, and negative thought patterns. These dates are suitable for cleansing procedures and the peaceful finishing of relationships. People will part in a positive manner and will not hold a grudge. These are also good dates for starting a diet. However, these dates are not suitable for those born in the year of the Rat.

May 14th and 26th are good dates for official openings, signing deals or contracts, making agreements, and purchasing a property. However, these dates are not suitable for those born in the year of the Rooster.

May 12th and 24th are good dates for starting a new business. However, these dates are not suitable for those born in the year of the Sheep (Goat).

May 8th, 20th, and June 1st are good dates for starting long-term affairs. The projects started on these dates do not promise rapid development, but they will bring stable, reliable results. However, these dates are not suitable for those born in the year of the Rabbit.

Days With a Higher Risk of Getting Viruses And Other Contagious Diseases

May 13th and 25th – during these dates, it’s easier to get a disease. Therefore, make sure you’re being extra cautious these days, as there is an increased risk of getting infections and viruses!

Inauspicious Days In May 2022

May 7th, 10th, 19th, 22nd, 31st, and June 3rd are unfavorable dates to start important things. They bring difficulties, obstacles, and problems.

May 15th and 27th are not suitable dates for a lot of activity, organizing important events, or starting medical treatment. But you can use these dates to complete old cases.

May 16 is the Day of the lunar eclipse. It is recommended to refrain from making life-changing decisions. Activities associated with health risks are also undesirable on this date.

Feng Shui Astrology For May 2022: Check Out Your Bagua Sectors

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According to Feng Shui astrology, each of the nine sectors of your house is influenced by a certain type of energy. This energy changes from month to month, from year to year. In this particular article, I will not be talking about the annual chart but focusing on the energy influence of the month.

Now let me share with you Feng Shui Astrology for May 2022!


This sector brings wealth but also misfortune to all the residents of the house. To activate the good influence of this sector, place the Supremacy of Heaven Energy Plate here. To neutralize the misfortunate energy of this sector, display the Heart Sutra Pagoda here.


This sector promotes revenue growth by increasing sales or unexpected profits. However, things may not go so smoothly and bring a “side effect” in the form of problems with discipline, conflicts with superiors, or loss of reputation. In general, the Northwest is ambiguous this month. To activate your wealth luck, display the 9 Rainbow Horses in the Northwest sector of your house. To suppress conflicts and misunderstandings, display the Harmony Lock in this sector.


Feng Shui astrology for May 2022 promises commercial success, wealth, and career luck to those residing in the West rooms. Activate your success luck by displaying the Sky Horse with Flag of Success in this sector. If you play in the stock market or take any kind of gamble, display the Wealth Lock Mini Plaque in the West corner of your office or in the West sector of your house (or living room).


The Northeast brings financial opportunities due to hard work to its residents. Despite the efforts made, things may move slower than usual. In particularly severe cases, you can even get sick. If you spend lots of time in the Northeast, it is especially important to monitor the work-rest balance. To activate the auspicious influence of this sector, display the Sacred Resource Cow here. To protect yourself against illness, display the Wou Lou with Joyous Cranes here.


Feng Shui astrology for May 2022 promises a quarrelsome month to those residing in the South rooms or whose houses are facing South. To neutralize the quarrelsome energies, display the Magical Cosmic Apple here. Also, remove anything that makes too much noise from this sector (windchimes, TV, stereo, etc.).


The North is favorable for studying and writing this month. This sector can also help attract noble people, patrons, and mentors. Also, it can attract investors to your business. If you have an office in this sector, it may bring you promotion luck. To activate your success luck, display Feng Shui Dragon Carp with 3-Legged Toad Mini Plaque in the North sector of your house.


The Southwest part of your house is a very dangerous area this month! If you and your family spend lots of time here, you will find everyone becoming stressed and short-tempered this month. It also increases the likelihood of accidents and misfortune. Try to avoid spending time in this area if possible. To suppress the misfortune energies here, display the Heart Sutra Pagoda and Wu Lou with Joyous Cranes.


Feng Shui astrology for May 2022 promises unexpected windfalls and excellent money luck to those residing in the East rooms. To activate this auspicious energy, display the Jade Emperor Windchime here. For attracting windfall luck, display the Magic Golden Dragon in the East sector. However, there is also an indication of health problems for residents of this sector. Therefore, make sure you display the Medicine Buddha and 7 Sugatas Gau to protect yourself from illness.


The Southeast sector brings accidents, violence, risk of money loss, and betrayals this month. At work, office politics can become a problem if your office is located in the Southeast corner. Be careful of the people you are working with this month. To suppress the negative influence of this sector, place the Anti-Robbery Plaque here and carry the Kuan Kung on Horseback Anti-Betrayal Amulet.

Feng Shui Astrology For May 2022: Bonus Tip

For sectors of the home where good energy resides, it is excellent to activate with plenty of noisy activity. Have the radio, TV, or fan placed here to churn up the energy so there is a good level of noise. Also, it is very favorable to install brighter lights in these sectors. Moving the energy in these ways will encourage yang chi to manifest to your advantage.