Feng Shui Bagua: 8 Aspirations

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Bagua (from Chinese ‘eight’ + guà ‘divinatory symbols’) is the main Feng Shui tool which is used for understanding the energy configuration of your house. In other words, bagua is the feng shui energy map of space that shows what parts of your house is connected to specific spheres of your life.

Everything in the world is energy. It is important to remember that energy can be destructive or constructive. Each house can be a keeper of good or bad energy. Feng Shui teaches us how to create a positive flow of energy and remove the negative effects of destructive energy.

Bagua is an octagon, whose sides are equally important and significant. All bagua sides are connected and depend on each other. Each side of bagua represents a certain sphere of life. If one part of bagua is damaged, it can affect other parts and match life aspects in a negative way.

According to fundamental feng shui teaching, we can place this magical octagon on a blueprint of our house, apartment, office and even individual room – basically, we can place it on a blueprint of any space that we want to harmonize. By doing this we can clearly see where certain bagua sectors are located, what they mean and how to activate them for achieving our goals.

Let’s take a look at how Bagua sectors are arranged and what spheres of life they are responsible for.

The 8 Aspirations of the Bagua

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Northern sector is responsible for Career.

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Colors of this sector are black, blue, deep blue.

The element of this sector is Water.

A family member that can be affected by this sector is a middle son.

If you don’t have a Northern sector in your house it can affect your mental clarity and wisdom in a negative way. It is especially dangerous for boys age 7-16 years old. Besides, that missing Northern sector can cause kidney and ears diseases and problems with feminine health.

Northeast is responsible for Wisdom, Knowledge, and Education.

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Colors: sand color, terracotta.

Element: Earth.

Family member: youngest son.

Missing Northeast can create obstacles in your business, slow resolutions of problems, fear of changes, the absence of desire to study or develop. It is especially dangerous for boys younger than 7 years old.

East is responsible for your Family and Health.

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Color: green.

Element: Wood.

Family member: eldest son and all men older than 16 years old until the moment they get married.

Missing East can cause a lack of dynamics and people living in this house are weak-willed. It is especially dangerous for not married single men older than 16 years old.

Southeast is responsible for Wealth.

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Color: green.

Element: Wood.

Family member: eldest daughter and women from 14 years old and until the moment when they give a birth to a child.

Missing Southeast can cause problems with self-realization and make it difficult to find your purpose in life. It can also cause difficulties in creativity and science and even lower back disease. First of all, it will affect women older than 14 years old.

South is responsible for fame, recognition, and reputation.

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Color: red.

Element: Fire.

Family member: middle daughter and also all girls 7-14 years old.

If you don’t have a Southern sector in your house, you may notice that there is not enough joy and happiness in your house, you or members of your family may feel depressed. Beside that, missing South can cause heart, blood or eyes disease. It is especially dangerous for girls 7-14 years old.

Southwest is responsible for love, relationship, and marriage.

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Colors: sand color, terracotta.

Element: Earth.

Family member: mother, married woman or also any woman who gave a birth to a child.

If a house does not have Southwest you may notice that a woman (mother or any married woman) who lives in this house, doesn’t spend much time at home, she spends more time at work, comes home late, and she doesn’t have a big desire to stay at home, she prefers to do any activities out of the house. Missing Southwest is also very dangerous for women’s health.

The western part of the house is responsible for descendants, children, and creativity.

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Colors: golden, silver, white.

Element: Metal.

Family member: youngest daughter.

If a house does not have a Western sector you may notice that people who live there are very superstitious. Missing West can cause lungs or mouth diseases. It is especially dangerous for girls younger than 7 years old.

Northwest is responsible for Mentor Luck and traveling.

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Color: golden, silver, white.

Element: Metal.

Family member: Father, a married man or any man older than 46 years old.

If a house does not have Northwest people who live there may feel like they don’t have support in life, that they have to rely on themselves and other people never help them or support them. Besides that missing Northwest affects the relationship between husband and wife in a very negative way. It is also very difficult for a man who lives in this house to realize his own potential. A woman, living there, always feels lonely. If you have a bathroom in North-West, it can cause mental diseases and any other problems with the head, such as headaches, migraines, etc.

Feng Shui Masters say that every house has its pros and cons, a perfect house doesn’t exist. But the good thing is – with Feng Shui help we can fix anything. Using Feng Shui knowledge we can transform negative energy into positive, fix negative affection of our environment and enhance its positive sides.

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