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gratitude affirmations image gratitude affirmations image
Awareness4 hours ago

Powerful Gratitude Affirmations for Health, Joy, Love and Success

The law of gratitude is one of the most important Universal laws. Gratitude is an energy exchange that leads to the...

vegan ketogenic diet food list image vegan ketogenic diet food list image
Vegan1 day ago

The Ultimate Vegan Ketogenic Diet Food List for Quicker Results

A Ketogenic diet is a high fat, low carb diet that is intended to switch your body from relying on...

Love Mantras Chanting Image Love Mantras Chanting Image
Dating3 days ago

These 5 Love Mantras Will Change Your Life!

Sometimes our romantic life doesn’t quite go the way we would like it to. Some people start to fight for...

recipes4 days ago

Delicious Eggplant White Beans Vegan Meatballs Recipe

Vegan meatballs can be prepared from a variety of ingredients. The secret is to find ingredients that naturally bind together...

yoni crystals image yoni crystals image
Healing5 days ago

A Detailed Look at Yoni Crystals: Tips to Choose the Best for You

Yoni crystals also referred to as the yoni egg, jade, or love egg, have been Asia’s best-kept secret in bringing...

energy cleansing bath ritual image energy cleansing bath ritual image
Meditation6 days ago

This Is the Most Powerful Energy Cleansing Bath Ritual!

Energy cleansing is necessary in order to get rid of the negative energy that we accumulate when communicating with other...

Meditation for beginners tips image Meditation for beginners tips image
Awareness1 week ago

Meditations For Beginners: Best Ways To Start Your Practice

I’ve met many people with a desire to start a meditative practice but were confused with where to start. For...

vegan depression image vegan depression image
Vegan1 week ago

Understanding Vegan Depression: How to Wire Your Brain to Think Positive

Have you recently turned vegan? Chances are by now, you are already questioning that decision or that you are battling...

sanskrit mantras image sanskrit mantras image
Mantras2 weeks ago

These English Words are as Powerful as Sanskrit Mantras!

Did you know that there are a number of very powerful English words that we can use for manifesting, protection...

Inner Child Image Inner Child Image
Personal Development2 weeks ago

6 Powerful Ways to Embrace, Heal and Re-parent Your Inner Child

We as adults minimize our inner child’s desires. We silence their voices and messages. As we grow older into adulthood...