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vegan lasagna image vegan lasagna image
recipes2 days ago

A Four Ingredients Vegan Lasagna Recipe with Homemade Vegan Ricotta

Vegan lasagna with homemade ricotta cheese tastes heavenly. And we don’t need a list of ingredients in this recipe. With...

how to awaken kundalini image how to awaken kundalini image
Awareness3 days ago

How To Awaken Kundalini: 10 Powerful Methods

The term “Kundalini” used by yogis means the Sacred Fire located in the area of the base of the spine....

full moon bath rituals image full moon bath rituals image
Astrology5 days ago

Powerful Full Moon Bath Rituals for Reconnecting With the Moon

If we do not live in the rhythm of the lunar cycle, we most likely will feel mood swings. Moreover,...

crystals for protection image crystals for protection image
Awareness5 days ago

Are Crystals for Protection Effective? The Different Types Vs. Their Uses

Do you use crystals for protection? We live at a time when negative energy saturates the world. The media, the...

empath survival guide image empath survival guide image
Awareness1 week ago

The Ultimate Empath Survival Guide: 7 Solutions For You

Empaths are individuals who get overwhelmingly concerned about other people’s feelings and emotions. An empath survival guide is important because...

self-love image self-love image
Love1 week ago

5 Simple Steps To Boost Your Self-Love

All of us have heard about the importance of loving ourselves. We are well aware that self-love is the key...

Karma Yoga Image Karma Yoga Image
Yoga1 week ago

Karma Yoga: The Act of Living Selflessly and Enjoying the Benefits

What is Karma Yoga? In Hinduism, one can adapt four spiritual paths in their lifestyle. These are: Jnana Yoga (The...

Jiddu Krishnamurti quotes image Jiddu Krishnamurti quotes image
Inspirational quotes2 weeks ago

10 Jiddu Krishnamurti Quotes About Love, Freedom, And Religion

Jiddu Krishnamurti is one of the most famous and influential Indian philosopher, speaker, and writer of the 20th century. At...

Feng Shui For Love Image Feng Shui For Love Image
Dating2 weeks ago

Feng Shui For Love: 5 Simple Steps To Attract Romantic Relationship

If you are unlucky in your love and romantic life and you don’t know how to find your soul mate,...

Crystal meditation image Crystal meditation image
Meditation2 weeks ago

Crystal Meditation For Filling Yourself With Abundance Energy

This Crystal meditation is a very powerful tool that I received from my spiritual teacher a long time ago. First of...