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empath types image empath types image
Awareness60 mins ago

The Six Empath Types: Which One Are You?

Some say you are hypersensitive or in some cases, too emotional. Did you know that there are several different empath...

Vegan Ranch Image Vegan Ranch Image
recipes24 hours ago

A 10-Minute Delicious Vegan Ranch Recipe

The popular ranch dressing is made from Mayonnaise, buttermilk, salt, black pepper, garlic, onion, chives, parsley, and dill and other...

How To Cleanse Crystals Image How To Cleanse Crystals Image
Awareness2 days ago

How To Cleanse Crystals: 8 Most Effective Ways

One of the most important characteristics of crystals is their ability to accumulate energy and information. Therefore it’s very important...

Kundalini awakening symptoms image Kundalini awakening symptoms image
Awareness3 days ago

Kundalini Awakening Symptoms Everyone Should Know

From Sanskrit, the word “Kundalini” can be translated as “twisted” (like a snake or a steel spring), and traditionally the...

best love affirmations image best love affirmations image
Dating6 days ago

Activate Romantic Luck In 2019 With These Powerful Love Affirmations!

Love is the main creative force, the binding fabric of the Universe. Everything alive on our planet is circling in...

Types Of Energy In 2019 шьфпу Types Of Energy In 2019 шьфпу
Astrology7 days ago

Make Sure You Protect Yourself From These 3 Types Of Energy In 2019!!

Every year carries both positive and negative energies. These energies do not stand still, they move and flow in different...

Amma quotes image Amma quotes image
Inspirational quotes1 week ago

Discover The Bliss Of Unconditional Love With These Powerful Amma Quotes

The qualities of Love, compassion, empathy, and tolerance… under the pressure of modern life, have almost disappeared. Infinite compassion is...

vegan pancakes recipes image vegan pancakes recipes image
recipes1 week ago

Vegan Pancakes You Can Make On The Go!

Have you been missing pancakes ever since you went vegan? Well not anymore! Vegans can also enjoy quick breakfast pancakes...

Money Mantras For Activating Wealth Energy Image Money Mantras For Activating Wealth Energy Image
Abundant Living1 week ago

Powerful Money Mantras For Activating Wealth Energy

They say that money can’t buy happiness and I absolutely agree with this. But when there is not enough money...

vegan detox symptoms image vegan detox symptoms image
Vegan2 weeks ago

Have You Experienced Vegan Detox Symptoms? What You Need To Know

The vegan diet is rich in antioxidants, dietary fiber, and water. This is the main reason why some people experience...