Vegan Christmas Gifts: Inspire Your Loved Ones This Year

Vegan Christmas Gifts Image

Are you trying to find the best vegan Christmas gifts for your family and friends? Sometimes our perspective of the ideal gift for Christmas can obstruct our judgment. It gets even harder if they are all vegan.

However, it doesn’t have to be complicated. For the perfect vegan Christmas gifts, make sure they don’t contain any of the following ingredients:

  • Food products containing non-vegan food ingredients
  • Products with non-vegan ingredients like beeswax and lanolin
  • Beauty products without PETA’s bunny logo – This means the products have been tested on animals.
  • Other products containing animal parts like feathers, fur, wool, silk, and leather.
  • And basically, any product that is not 100% vegan. Like chocolates with traces of dairy products or vinegar filtered through egg whites.

Now that we are on the same page, let me help you find vegan Christmas gifts for everyone.

Vegan Christmas Gifts For Him

Men love their tiny treasures. A gift that helps them organize these treasures will go a long way. The Houndsbay Mens Jewelry Box Organizer is well thought out. It has several storage slots and additional space for charging his phone. The box is made of suede, a great vegan option for leather.

Jewelry Box Organizer Image

Another thoughtful vegan Christmas gift is a Stylish Belt Rack and a tie rack. Cheaper ones are made from plastic. However, I prefer wooden racks. They do a better job at maintaining balance and they last longer.

tie rack image

Vegan Christmas Gifts For Her

This can be your wife, fiancée, or female friends. A feminine gift that never goes wrong is a set of mugs. Not every woman loves the kitchen. But, we all feel good serving in fashionable kitchenware. The Moscow Mule copper mugs set comes with an additional cocktail recipe book, a bottle opener ring, and copper straws.

Since most vegans are conscious of the environment, Copper straws are a good alternative to plastic straws.

Moscow Mule Copper Mugs Image

Vegan Christmas Gifts For the Kids

I love shopping for kids because their options are endless. This Christmas, stay away from chocolates and sweets. Let them explore their creativity with Edible Finger Paint. Just make sure the paint is all vegan and safe when swallowed because you can’t keep their fingers off the mouth when these kids get excited.

Naturally Safe Finger Paint Image

Vegan Christmas Gifts For Dad

It is always difficult to shop for dads because they are more practical and don’t need as much stuff as our moms. They also own pretty much everything. This Christmas, try something out of the box.

Does your dad love to display his whiskey? A stylish Globe Decanter Set speaks volumes. It is ideal for serving Scotch, Wine, Liquor, Vodka, and Bourbon. It also comes with two stylish glasses and a wooden base for optimum balance. I love this set because it is lead-free. Which means dad enjoys his drink without fear of contamination. We need our folks to live longer, don’t we all?

Whiskey Globe Decanter Set Image

Vegan Christmas Gifts For Mom

All mothers love to cook for their little grandchildren. A cake decoration set would come in handy. As mom bakes, the grandkids will be busy piping decorations.

 Cake Decorating Supplies Tip Set Image

An instant pot is another great Christmas gift! To help her get started, include a vegan instant pot recipe book.

Instant Pot Image

Vegan Christmas Gifts For Your Employees and Key Business Associates

If you own a business, this is the right time to extend a hand of gratitude. Nothing delivers the message better than customized vegan Christmas gifts. Don’t worry about the non-vegans in the list. These gifts have nothing to do with their lifestyle choices.

However, you need to be respectful of their religious beliefs. Christmas is meant to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Those with contrary beliefs might take offense if you offer them a gift on Christmas.

Another sensitive factor to consider is the amount of money you wish to spend on each employee. Make sure you don’t give them a reason to think you prefer some over others. This is especially important if you choose to customize gifts for each of them.

My first choice of a corporate gift is a customized Christmas gift basket.

Christmas Basket Image

Purchase the gift baskets online and then fill them with vegan goodies.

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For your business associates, include a personalized Christmas card with your company profile highlighted on the last page. You never know who might visit them over the festive season. You might as well get a new customer.

The second choice is an engraved holiday gift. But since Christmas is a fun-filled season, don’t be too serious. A customized throw cushion or pillow is a fantastic idea.

Pillow Cushion Image

Tips To Ease Your Christmas Gift Shopping

Kudos to you if you handle Christmas gifts shopping with ease. Your finesse needs to be applauded. For the wretched shoppers, this checklist might come in handy.

Make a list – Who needs a Christmas gift from you? What are their likes and dislikes? A list of your must-buy-for people will make it easier for you to select personalized gifts. It also ensures you don’t buy two gifts for the same person. Finally, you can manipulate the gift ideas to fit your budget.

Be an early shopper – As the big day approaches, the stores run out of stock and the few remaining ones double the prices. You could also take advantage of the Christmas themed sales in January and store the gifts nicely for the next Christmas. The goodies are sold at a throwaway price in January because demand is at its lowest.

christmas shopping image

Have a reasonable budget and Compare different stores online – This is where I insist you have to stick to the budget. Vegan Christmas gifts don’t have to be expensive for your loved ones to appreciate them. They just need to be thoughtful. Find online sellers who wrap gifts. Some also offer to ship these gifts on your behalf to the intended recipient. That saves you money for an extra wrapper and time.

In Conclusion

If you are a vegan, don’t compromise your lifestyle for the festive season. Let your Christmas gifts uphold your values. And if you’re non-vegan, the above tips will help you find a gift for your vegan friends. Merry Christmas!