What Are the Lucky Colors In 2023 (According to Feng Shui)?

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According to Chinese metaphysics, each year vibrates at its own unique frequency and resonates with particular colors. Each color has different strengths and represents one of the five elements of Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire. Using the lucky colors in 2023 will help you improve your good fortune. To do this, you need to know color compatibilities and their resonance with the elements of the year.

In this article, I will share how to determine your lucky colors in 2023 to make this year auspicious and prosperous!

Lucky Colors In 2023

According to Chinese metaphysics, five main colors represent the five elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Metal, and Wood. We consider the year to be balanced when we have all five elements presented in the annual Paht Chee chart. However, according to the 2023 chart, this year will be unbalanced regarding the five elements. This is because there is an excess of the Wood and Fire elements, while Earth and Metal are missing from the chart. Let’s see how we can fix this and make the year more balanced.

Red, Orange & Maroon Colors Attract Wealth and Prosperity in 2023

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These colors represent the Fire element and are associated with the planet Mars. Red stands for wealth, prosperity, and income this year. However, as I mentioned above, there is an excess of the Fire element in the Paht Chee annual chart this year. Therefore, we should use these fiery colors sparingly. Avoid excessive use of these colors in 2023.

White, Gold & Silver Colors Bring Support, Resources & Talent in 2023

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These are the colors that represent the Metal element. The Metal element is missing from the Paht Chee chart this year; therefore, we need to bring more of these colors into our lives. In 2023, the Metal element represents talent, resources, support, and intelligence. Wearing white and metallic colors boosts the energy of the Metal element around you. This year, whenever you’re feeling a lack of inspiration, when you are in need of support, or when you need to attract resources, wear white. Use white or metallic accents in your home decor to boost the energy of the Metal element in your house. But the best activator for the Metal element is, of course, wearing gold or silver jewelry.

Yellow & Beige Colors Bring Career Advancement, Promotion & Recognition in 2023

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These are the colors that represent the Earth element. The Earth element stands for recognition, promotion, career success, rank, and power this year. However, the fact that it’s missing from the chart suggests that making a successful career or getting a promotion is not going to be easy this year.

If you want to improve your career, boost your recognition, and get a promotion this year, make sure you add yellow and beige to your wardrobe. Add some yellow and beige in your office space. Put your favorite crystal (which also represents the Earth element) on your work desk. And, of course, wear jewelry made of natural stones and crystals to boost the Earth element!

Green Color Brings Intelligence, Creativity & Wisdom in 2023

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This is the color that represents the Wood element and is associated with wisdom, creativity, and intelligence in 2023. If you have difficulty with strategic thinking, planning, being productive, staying focused at work, finding inspiration, or being creative, adding some green color to your wardrobe, accessories, or interior design can be very beneficial. Also, to add some Wood element to your workplace, you can place a pot with a plant in your office.

However, since there is an excess of Wood element in the year’s chart, use green color sparingly. Avoid excessive use of green in 2023.

Blue & Black Colors Bring Networking Luck, Friendship, Helpful People & Allies In 2023

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These are the colors that represent the Water element. The Water element stands for friendship, networking, helpful people, allies, and supporters in 2023. Wearing these colors and adding them to your interior design will help to widen your social and professional circles, to make a good first impression, and to bring people onto your side.