Feng Shui Colors and Their Meanings

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Knowing the meanings of Feng Shui Colors can literally change your life! It’s not a secret that color has a huge impact on our lives. First of all, from a Feng Shui perspective, it defines for us what exists and what doesn’t exist. Secondary, color can show the status of one’s health and fortune. Chinese doctors are able to diagnose a disease by reading the color of one’s face or one’s chi (vital energy). Thirdly, color awakens emotions. We feel happy and satisfied if the status of our chi matches the color of our clothes. Fourthly, color structures our behavior. We wear one set of colors for attending church and another one for going to a party.

In this article, I want to tell you about feng shui colors and their meanings from chi perspective. This aspect is extremely important because the understanding of the relationship between color and human chi can help you enrich your life. In other words, you can use colors to improve the state of your chi, and, thus to improve your life.

Here is a basic breakdown of feng shui colors meanings according to Master Lin Yun color theory (the founder and spiritual leader of Contemporary Black Sect Tantric Buddhism).


According to Chinese ancient traditions, white color represents winter, a dead or dormant state. In Chinese culture, traditional mourners wear white robes to the funeral and the corpse is covered in a white sheet. That is why Chinese people avoid sleeping under a white blanket because they believe that this kind of sleep can turn into death.


Red is considered a very auspicious color. It represents the warmth of fire, strength, happiness, and fame. Master Lin Yun says that red is like “a red sun rising from the East”. Red is one of the most powerful feng shui colors. We can call red an energy source and a stimulator. Using red color is a very powerful tool for expelling negative energy. Red is a cure for such problems like passivity, insensitivity, and selfishness. It also helps to increase patience, fame, wealth and compassion.


Purple is a very auspicious color. It is even luckier color than red. People with purple chi are powerful, rich and very fortunate. Using purple color will always help you to attract wealth in your life.


Yellow represents power. It gives patience, wisdom, and tolerance. Using yellow color will help you to solve such problems as cheating, lying, paranoia, and oversensitivity.


Green is a color of hope, tranquility, and freshness. Since green is a color of the wood element, it also represents spring growth. Green indicates healthy chi. Green color will help you to be more flexible, to calm down, to solve such problems like abrasiveness, absentmindedness, rudeness. It will also help you to increase happiness, creativity, wealth, compassion, intelligence.


Blue color has a dual meaning. On the one side, it is a color associated with wood. In this case, it can represent spring and new growth. On another side, blue is also a cold mourning color in Chinese culture. However, we can still use its positive qualities for increasing our happiness, patience, compassion, and intelligence.


Black color has dual meaning – positive and negative. On the positive side, black gives us a feeling of depth. On the negative side, black represents a lack of hope, and it may make us feel unhappy or even depressed. However using black color will help you to solve such problems like inflexibility, abrasiveness, hot temper, paranoia, stubbornness, insensitivity, and selfishness. It can also help you to increase wealth, compassion, intelligence, and protection.


Grey symbolizes a marriage of opposites: black and white. It represents balance, harmony and the resolution of conflict.


Brown color symbolizes the depth and roots of wood. It gives us a feeling of stability and established impression. Using brown color will help you to solve such problems like lying and cheating, abrasiveness, paranoia, oversensitivity and also will help you to be more patient.


Tan color symbolizes a new successful beginning, fresh start, and new opportunities. Using this color will help you to start a new project successfully and also will increase your patience.


Orange is a mixture of red and yellow. Therefore it has all the positive and auspicious characteristics that red and yellow have. Orange color represents happiness and power. Using orange will help you to solve such problems as lying and cheating.


Pink represents love, romance, happiness, and joy. Using this color will help you to increase your attractiveness and feel happier.


According to Master Lin Yun’s color theory, peach is a double-edged color. This color represents attraction and love. But this color has a positive effect only for single people. It makes them feel more attractive, sociable and helps to make lots of friends. But for married couples, it is a destructive color which leads to adultery, family fights, and divorce.

How to implement the knowledge of feng shui colors into your life?

Knowing feng shui colors and their meanings are very important when you choose your clothes, decorate your house or even choose your food. It is also very powerful to visualize different colors in your meditations. You can simply close your eyes and visualize different colors filling up your entire body. Don’t forget to say your intention – what’s the desired result you want to achieve with color visualization.

Bottom Line

Keep in mind that color influences your chi from morning till night. Every color of everything you see influences your thoughts, mood, temperament, behavior, mental activity, physical existence – in other words, your life. Therefore be mindful of what colors you choose to fill your life with!