Feng Shui For Money: 8 Easy Ways To End Your Financial Crisis

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Are you experiencing a financial crisis? Are you living paycheck to paycheck? Are you having never-ending payments that seem to be increasing every month? What if I told you that your living space can be the cause of your money problems? Yes, you read it right! In this article, I will share with you how you can turn your living space from the cause of your financial problems to their remedy by using 8 easy yet extremely effective Feng Shui money tips!

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Using Feng Shui For Money And Wealth

For a long time, Feng Shui was considered a divine gift of the sacred knowledge available only for the members of the Imperial family. The practice of Feng Shui at that time was equated to matters of national importance. Therefore, for a very long time, Feng Shui was considered a secret doctrine, which was forbidden to spread outside the Imperial Palace.

Nowadays, the popularity of Feng Shui is increasing, not only in the East but throughout the world. Thus, many people are convinced of the effectiveness of Feng Shui methods.

Feng Shui teaches us to perceive our homes as living organisms that act as mediators between us and the Universe.

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The house can tell a lot about its inhabitants. If the energy circulates freely in your house, then it is easy for you to attract money, prosperity, and happiness. However, if the energy space of your house isn’t organized properly, then it begins to stagnate energy, the energy flow is disrupted, and you start to attract all kinds of financial problems and all kinds of troubles. It may seem unbelievable but sometimes it is enough just to throw away old things and rearrange the furniture and your life begins to change for the better.

When we begin to use Feng Shui, we turn our house into an oasis amidst the hustle and chaos of everyday life. With proper Feng Shui, our house becomes “an island of light, harmony, and beauty” that charges us with positive and healing energy. And through the harmonization of energy in the house, we ourselves start radiating light and harmony.

Therefore if you want to get rid of the endless chain of financial problems, you should definitely take a closer look at your living space and start applying Feng Shui money attracting tips.

8 Feng Shui Tips For Money

Tip #1: Declutter Your Home

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Decluttering is an essential step in Feng Shui practice. Clutter is stuck energy that leads to procrastination. People who live in cluttered spaces live their lives based on fear and pessimism, they usually have negative mindsets and toxic relationships.

Cleaning the house is a chore that many times we tend to neglect. Until you declutter your home, no matter what Feng Shui activations you use, they will not bring you the desired prosperity. Procrastinating to clean and to declutter creates stagnant energy that will block any effort to add good Feng Shui in your house. Therefore, step #1 is decluttering.

When you finished the cleaning and decluttering, bring in vibrant life forces such as living houseplants and fresh flowers, and don’t forget to have fresh air circulating.

Tip #2: Activate Abundance In Your Dining Room

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Your dining room is a reflection of your financial situation. Therefore it is very important to activate wealth and abundance energy in your dining room. Follow these simple Feng Shui tips to turn your dining room into a money magnet:

  • First of all, take a look at the shape of your dining room table. According to Feng Shui, the ideal shapes for it are round, rectangular, and 8-sided shaped.
  • The dining room table should not be placed directly below the toilet located on the floor above, nor should there be anything heavy like a piano or a large cabinet pressing down on the dining room area.
  • Do not place a clock in your dining room as this symbolizes the end of abundance.
  • Place a large mirror on the wall of your dining room so by reflecting the food on the table, it doubles your abundance.
  • Hang a chandelier in the center above the dining table.
  • Display a bouquet of fresh flowers on your table.

Tip #3: Make Your Fridge Radiate Abundance

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Your fridge can become a magnet for abundance if you will follow these simple Feng Shui tips:

  • Keep your fridge clean inside and outside.
  • Make sure to throw away all unfresh food.
  • Keep an unopened bottle of expensive champagne there. This will send the Universe a message that you’re ready to celebrate your success or promotion.
  • Make sure your fridge is always full of fresh and healthy food.
  • Every new year place on the bottom portion of your fridge 3 Chinese Feng Shui coins tied with a red string. It is a symbol of always having enough money for food. Change the coins every new year.

Tip #4: Keep Your Stove In Tip-Top Condition

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Your stove is a symbol of your resources and wealth. If you can cook and nourish your body well, you can also show up in the world with your best foot forward.

Therefore, one of the essential Feng Shui for money tips says – “keep your stove in tip-top condition”. What does it mean?

  • Make sure all the burners are working and the appliance is clean.
  • Use the stove every day to activate your Yang energy to attract prosperity.
  • Use a different burner each time you use the stove – this will open your mind and energy up to receive new opportunities.

Tip #5: Choose an Auspicious Color For Your Front Door

An auspicious color of your front door depends on its direction.

If the direction of your front door is South, then choose red color.

If you have a North door, the most auspicious colors would be dark blue or black.

For East and Southeast doors, choose natural wood color.

West and Northwest doors will benefit from ochre or yellow colors.

If you have a Southwest or Northeast door, it is best to choose white color.

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Tip #5: Activate Your Wealth Corner

According to the Bagua map, the Feng Shui wealth corner is located in the Southeast part of your house. This sector is responsible for wealth, prosperity, and financial success.

If you’ve never heard about Feng Shui Bagua, read my previous articles:

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When we turn our attention to the Southeast corner of our house and adjust it according to Feng Shui rules, we are able to attract unexpected financial assistance, in addition to an increase in salary, as well as growth in material terms.

For example, if you need money for an expensive purchase, the energy of the Southeast sector will quickly attract the necessary amount of money. If you are mired in debt, the activation of Feng Shui wealth corner will not only help solve financial difficulties but also double your finances.

These three express methods will help you to quickly activate your wealth corner:

  1. Add some purple color to your Southeast sector by incorporating purple accessories, paint, or furniture.
  2. Put some living green houseplants into this sector – they will activate the growth of your wealth.
  3. Display water features to nourish your wealth.

Tip #6: Get Auspicious Fruits

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Fruits are great Feng Shui money luck symbols! It’s extremely auspicious to always have fresh fruit at the house. In addition, you can always have beautiful pictures of fruit on your walls!

One os the most auspicious fruits are oranges. Therefore you should always have oranges in your house! It is a wonderful symbol of happiness and wealth.

Another powerful money luck symbol is grapes. If you want to attract prosperity, wealth and abundance make sure to decorate your fruit plate with a sprig of grapes!

The more fruit you have in your house the more powerful your money luck will be!

Tip #7: Place the Three-Legged Toad Near the Vicinity Of Your Front Door

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This is probably the most auspicious Feng Shui symbol of money-making. Three Legged Toad not only attracts wealth to its owner but also ensures timely receipt of money from different sources. Therefore, it is especially beneficial to have this toad for those who want to get money by a certain date. A coin in the mouth of the toad is symbolically offered to you. In no case should it be glued! It should fall out the mouth of the toad easily!

Place the Three-legged toad near the vicinity of your front door. Place it fairly low but not on the floor. The coffee table height level would be about right.

Do not place the toad directly in front of the front door. The best place would be one of the corners diagonal to the door. Your toad should be looking at the door as though expecting to greet in the wealth energy.

Do not place the Three-legged toad in the bedrooms and kitchen!

Tip #8: Invite the Dragon Into Your House

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The Dragon is the most potent symbol of good fortune in the Chinese pantheon of symbols. It is a symbol of continuing success, prosperity, and great attainments. Therefore, you may notice that Chinese businesses often incorporate the Dragon into their company logo. Such a logo promotes long-lasting and great success. Following the examples of successful Chinese businesses, you can also use the Dragon to create precious cosmic Chi and attract good fortune to your house.

If you decide to get a dragon image then place it in the living room. The ceramic, crystal, or porcelain dragons are most suitable for the Southwest and Northeast corners of the room. The Wooden carved dragons are made for the East and Southeast sectors of your house.

The most auspicious Dragons are those that are green colored. They can be painted or made out of semi-precious stone.

Make sure to place your dragon at eye-level. It should never be placed too high or too low.

The Bottom Line

When you start applying the above tips to your living space, you will see that the basic rules are quite easy to follow, and a positive result from this practice will not take long! Let all the described tips help you increase your financial luck and change your life for the better!