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Secret Societies: Inside The Most Mysterious Groups



secret societies image

Secret societies have flourished throughout history and count Founding Fathers and royals among their ranks. By their very name, secret societies inspire curiosity and fascination. Thousands of these mysterious groups have been formed over time, and many have disappeared. Rich and poor, young and old, white and black people have joined mysterious, sometimes forbidden groups, and for what? In this article, we will shed light on the most mysterious groups and agendas behind them. Read on!

What Is a Secret Society?

secret society is a club or an organization whose activities, events, inner functioning, or membership are concealed from non-members. Some of the societies may attempt to conceal its existence, others may not.

Alan Axelrod, the author of the International Encyclopedia of Secret Societies and Fraternal Orders, defines a secret society as an organization that:

  • is exclusive;
  • claims to own special secrets;
  • shows a strong inclination to favor its members.

Richard B. Spence, historian of the University of Idaho similarly defined three-pronged characteristics:

  • The group’s existence is usually not kept secret, but some beliefs or practices are concealed from the public and require an oath of secrecy to learn.
  • The group promises superior status or knowledge to members.
  • The group’s membership is in some way restrictive, such as by race, sex, religious affiliation, or invitation only.

Richard B. Spence also proposes a sub-category of “Elite Secret Societies” which are composed of high-income or socially influential people.

David V. Barrett, author of Secret Societies: From the Ancient and Arcane to the Modern and Clandestine, has used alternative terms to define what qualifies a secret society. He defined a Secret Society as any group that possesses the following characteristics:

  • carefully graded and progressed teachings;
  • teachings are available only to selected individuals and lead to hidden truths;
  • truths bring personal benefits beyond the reach and even the understanding of the uninitiated.

Now let’s take a closer look at the 3 world’s most mysterious Secret Societies.

3 World’s Most Mysterious Secret Societies

#1: Freemasonry

Freemasonry secret order Image

The first thing you should know about this organization is that it is the main wellspring of clandestine societies. It’s been around longer, has had more members and developed more rituals, rites, secret handshakes, legends and myths than almost any other.

The Catholic Church wishes it didn’t exist. No organization has been condemned by the Catholic Church more than the Masonic Lodge. The Catholic Church has imposed the penalty of excommunication on all Catholics who become Freemasons (or members of the Masonic Lodge). The 1983 CDF declaration states that Catholics “who enroll in Masonic associations are in a state of grave sin and may not receive Holy Communion.”

It’s a little-known fact that Adolf Hitler believed that the Freemasons were a tool of the Jews. In 1935, the German government dissolved all lodges and confiscated their assets. It is believed that the Nazis murdered between 80,000 and 200,000 Freemasons.

Many of the Founding Fathers (including George Washington and Benjamin Franklin) were Freemasons, as were many of other famous people, including 14 American Presidents, Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, John Wayne, Richard Pryor, Wolfgang Mozart, Mark Twain, and Oscar Wilde.

There are three levels of membership:

  1. entered apprentice;
  2. fellow of the craft;
  3. master mason.

To this day, a Freemason signature is the elaborate secret handshake, or “grip”.

Elements of the order’s visual iconography have become part of everyday life – like the “Eye of Providence” on the back of the dollar bill. Some say the layout of Washington, D.C., is a giant reference to Freemasonry, filled with pentagrams and other Masonic designs.

Over the years, there has been a decline in members. It is estimated there are between 2 and 6 million freemasons globally.

#2: The Illuminati

Illuminati secret society Image

This mysterious group has been the subject of fearmongering and bizarre speculations more than any other secret organization, though is existed less than a decade.

The story starts with Johann Adam Weishaupt, a law professor at a university in Bavaria, where he was the only teacher who wasn’t a Jesuit priest. In fact, he was so fascinated by Enlightenment thinking that he rejected religion. He wanted instead to establish a secret society of people who had the same views, beliefs, and principles as him, and who might help him advance his ideas.

He couldn’t afford the membership in the Freemasons, so he decided to start his own organization, which he called the Perfectibilists.

Within two years, he had changed the name of the organization to the Illuminati and convinced four of his students to join him.

Weishaupt took a pseudonym Spartacus, and the others assumed names like Ajax, Agathon, and Tiberius.

His goal was to cultivate in his followers a deep belief in the Enlightenment principles of reason, philanthropy, secularity, freedom of expression, individual liberty and morality. They would spread these ideas when they inevitably assumed positions of power.

Essentially, this small group of people in the latter half of the 18th century wanted to take over and rule the world, and they believed they could do it a little bit at a time. One approach was to join other secret societies – like Freemasons, when they could afford to – and to establish sleeper cells within them, recruiting others to their cause.

They were also big on rituals, secret symbols, handshakes, passwords, and initiations. That’s part of what gives the order such a mystique.

At their peak, in the early 1780s, the Illuminati were thought to number between 600 and 2,500 members, most of whom were unaware of each other’s identities.

In 1785, the Duke of Bavaria, fearful of the growing power of the secret societies, banned them all. This brought the Illuminati to the end, less than 10 years after they’d started their existance.

If this organization existed for less than 10 years than why do people still believe in their power more than two centuries later? Well, at least part of the credit for their fame belongs to John Robison, who in 1797 published Proofs of a Conspiracy, a book that claims that the Illuminati had infiltrated other organizations and the rumors of their demise had been greatly exaggerated.

This story spread like wildfire and made its way to America, where George Washington considered it an issue. Around the same time, Charles Brockden Brown was pioneering the American Gothic genre of fiction with novels like Ormond; Or The Secret Witness, which contained clear references to the Illuminati and their sinister activities.

While that panic eventually dissipated, the rumors stayed, mostly in the background. Then, in the 1970s, Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson wrote a series of popular science-fiction books known as The Illuminatus! Trilogy that reintroduced the Illuminati to modern readers. The books combined facts with fantasy. The authors found much of their material in letters sent to Playboy magazine’s forum section, which they edited for many years.

Those books elevated Illuminati fever to a new level, one which conspiracy theorists still embrace to an alarming degree, certain the secret Illuminati groups manipulate all parts of mainstream global life.

#3: The Rosicrucians

Rosicrucians Image

This is one of the most secretive orders that roots its beliefs back to ancient Egypt. Egypt was the birthplace, not of the Rosicrucians, but of the Ancient Mysteries and the Secret Doctrines, which gradually, slowly and almost imperceptibly, throughout the centuries of time, developed a system that became Rosicrucianism.

The Rosicrucians brought together into one organization the various associations of individuals previously known as the Hermetists, Pythagoreans, Magi, Platonists, Gnostics, Alchemists, and Paracelsians.

The Rosicrucian Fraternity existed in America prior to the First American Revolution. In 1774, the great Council of Three (the Fraternity’s ultimate governing body) was composed of Benjamin Franklin, George Clymer, and Thomas Paine. Thomas Paine was later succeeded by Lafayette, who, like Benjamin Franklin, was a member of the Paris Rosicrucian lodge “Humanidad.” In 1842, the Great Council of Three was revitalized by the novelist, George Lippard, who rewrote the exoteric ritual, giving it a patriotic-Christian basis. During the Civil War this Great Council was composed of Paschel Beverly Randolph, General Ethan Allen Hitchcock and Abraham Lincoln.

The Rosicrucians follow a doctrine that is built on esoteric truths of the ancient past. Those truths apparently include things that the average person cannot see and give believers insight into nature, the physical universe, and the spiritual realm.

They study many theories and beliefs but specifically, they seek knowledge and spiritual wisdom about the true nature of space and time, mystical power, metaphysical laws, spiritual alchemy and others.

They believe that there is one God, the Creator and source of all. That within each of us is buried a particle of the Divine Spark that is our soul. The Rosicrucians teach how to develop this Divine Spark through transmutation of one’s lower nature and increase the feeling of love within. The main goal of their teaching is to help the adherents to build this soul spark into a glorious, conscious Soul that forms a direct link between the individual and God. This state of spiritual development they term as Soul Illumination.

The name Rosicrucian is derived from rosa (a rose) and crux (a cross). The general symbol of the order was a rose placed on the center of a cross. The Rose Cross has a mystical meaning. The fully bloomed rose in the center of the Cross symbolizes illumination of the Soul.

The Bottom Line

These 3 mysterious groups are perhaps some of the most well-known secret societies but there have been and certainly still exist many more. With the explosion of the internet and the vast sea of easily accessible information that has come with it, it has become increasingly difficult to determine fact from fiction when it comes to these mysterious secret societies.

Positives and negatives could come from joining or taking an oath of silence with any group. It’s important before committing to any such action to diligently research to ensure one knows exactly what they are getting involved in and that it’s aligned with their highest good.


5 Red Flags That You Have Gaslighting Parents and How to Handle Them



Gaslighting Parents Image

Did you grow up in a home where your parent undermined your opinions, capabilities, or trust, using your age as an excuse? For example, a parent who adds chores to a sleepy child, insisting that tiredness is only a state of mind. Or a parent who denies that a particular past event happened, even though you are sure it did. This gaslighting is a sneaky manipulation that makes a child have low self-esteem, thinking something is wrong with them. So, what are the red flags that you have gaslighting parents?

Understanding Gaslighting

Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse where an individual makes another doubt or question their sanity. Here, the manipulator comes up with a false claim that distresses or disorients others into questioning their judgment. Once a victim starts having doubts about their beliefs, it can snowball to the point that they cannot make any decision without counterchecking with the manipulator first.

Gaslighting from Parents

Gaslighting often takes place within a power inequality dynamic. For example, it can be between spouses, bosses and their employees, a teacher and student, or a parent and child. The commanding person in the relationship may gaslight the other without knowing since not all gaslighting incidences are malicious or intentional.

That’s why loving parents can gaslight their children as they mold them to become responsible adults. Unlike in other relationships, children feel bound to trust their gaslighting parents. Hence, gaslighting parents can create lasting damage in their children without even knowing it.

The Red Flags That You Have Gaslighting Parents

Mother Narcissist Image

A parent can deny, dismiss, exaggerate, or brainwash a child to plant self-doubt in them.

#1: Excessively Controlling Parents

Is your parent overly controlling in your life? If so, they may use their authoritative position to gaslight you. For example, they may force you to like or dislike a specific career. Or, they may impose their religious or societal beliefs on you.

#2: An Enmeshed Parent-Child Relationship

Enmeshed relationships occur when a controlling parent is too involved in the affairs of their children. It can be frustrating for a child whose interests conflict with the parent’s desires. In turn, the gaslighting parents will make the children feel guilty, ashamed, and helpless, hence giving into the parents’ demands.

Here are typical traits of an enmeshed parent-child relationship:

  • your parents’ ultimate ambition revolves around you;
  • you feel responsible for your parents’ happiness;
  • lack of clear emotional and physical boundaries;
  • your goal is to please the parents even if it makes you unhappy;
  • you avoid conflicts instead of resolving them;
  • saying no to a parent is never an option for you.

#3: Denying Your Subjective Experiences

A child’s subjective experiences can be events that a child describes based on their opinion. For example, a child saying science is the best subject or learning how to drive is easy. When a parent tells a child, “That’s not what happens.” True or not, this parent denies the child’s subjective experience.

#4: Blaming You for Their Mistakes

We all make mistakes. However, some parents find it hard to own up when they hurt their children. Now, gaslighting parents go a step further to play the victim. They will argue that the child started it. Or they refer to a similar situation in the past to try and justify their blame on the children.

#5: Chastening an Already Apologetic Child

Naturally, a parent is a child’s support, reassuring them about their strengths whenever they fail. However, some parents use this opportunity to make the child feel even worse about the failure incident. For example, they may allege if the child paid more attention in class, they would have passed the college entrance examination.

Healing from Gaslighting

healing affirmations image

Gaslighting by parents is quite damaging to a child. Likewise, the healing process can be long and painful, as the child is divided between upholding the toxic relationship with the parent and stopping the emotional abuse. That’s why anyone living with gaslighting parents should:

#1: Investigate the Origin of the Gaslighting

Most parents that gaslight their children went through a similar emotional abuse as children. Other parents hold on to a deep-rooted shame, have a burning desire for attention, or struggle with emotional immaturity. Then, find out why your parent is gaslighting you. Empathize with them as you come up with ways to safeguard your emotional wellbeing.

#2: Trust Their Perceptions

Gaslighting parents, as leading figures, may struggle to admit that they are indeed manipulating their children. Some parents are not even aware that they are emotionally abusing their children in the first place. Then, never force a parent to acknowledge their gaslighting. Instead, go with your gut feelings and maintain respectful interactions.

#3: Agree to Disagree

If your parent or guardian insists that your perspective about a particular situation is incorrect, push back by asking them to agree to disagree about it. It is a respectful approach that shields you from abuse.

#4: Set Healthy Boundaries

A gaslighting parent never respects boundaries. You may need to relocate and live independently away from the controlling parents. Or, create your private space at home where you get your “me time” with minimal interruptions.

Can a Parent Stop Gaslighting a Child?

Are you gaslighting your children without knowing it? If so, maybe you are also a victim of the same abuse. You are now parenting your child the only way you know. There are many ways to change your parenting approach and stop unintentionally gaslighting your children.

  • For starters, own up to your mistakes. Blaming a child for something you did pushes them away even further.
  • Second, learn to take constructive criticism positively.
  • Also, reassure your children when they approach you while in distress. Here, resist the urge to dig up past mistakes when a child is in the wrong.
  • Instead, use constructive criticism to correct the child.


Are your parents gaslighting you? Or, are you gaslighting your children unintentionally? If your parents are controlling, do not own up to their mistakes, ignore your subjective experiences, or create an enmeshed family; you could be a victim of a gaslighting parent.

Start by discovering the root cause of this behavior in your parents. Trust your gut feelings. And, maintain respectful interactions with healthy boundaries. And, if you are gaslighting your children, own up to the abuse. Be open to criticism, and be the supportive parent your child needs.

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What Is Ensoulment? Blossoming into Alignment with the Universe



What Is Ensoulment Image

Who are you? Well, many aspects give us identity, including the body, mind, and our affiliations. Moreover, the soul is the innermost essence of our true identity. Since birth, the soul evolves, going through different phases to blossom and arrive at a level of peace and comfort. Yet, trauma or certain events can make us feel out of touch with our soul, going through the motions of life only to survive. Are you having trouble finding your identity? If so, you can connect back to your soul through ensoulment. So, what is ensoulment in the first place? This is a detailed guide.

What is Ensoulment?

Ensoulment refers to the moment at which a human gains a soul. This process can happen in two ways: –

#1: At Conception

Many religious scholars believe that the soul is pre-existing and enters the body at the time of fertilization. Like Aristotle’s time, scholars thought this process took place 40 days after conception for boys and 90 days for girls.

However, this association of ensoulment with the growth of the human embryo still fuels debate supporting or criminalizing abortions globally. And, the idea of a pre-existing soul forms the foundation of beliefs in reincarnation and the afterlife.

#2: When Undergoing a Spiritual Journey

Second, the ensoulment process can happen when you undergo a spiritual awakening, Kundalini awakening, or when in a Dark Night of the Soul. In these circumstances, ensoulment relates to the process of embracing, living, and expressing your authentic self, the soul.

·  Ensoulment during a Spiritual Awakening Process

A spiritual awakening journey is a state of enlightenment where your soul “wakes up” to life, transforming into higher consciousness. The journey begins with a sense of emptiness and confusion, usually triggered by traumatic or life-changing events. This initiation stage leads to a quest for answers about your beliefs or thoughts about life.

Next, you develop an urge to find the answers within you, to discover your life purpose. This third stage can be painful, as you acknowledge your shadow past and deal with it. Still, if you are patient, the fourth stage opens up the joyful and hopeful new you.

Finally, you attain spiritual alignment, the ultimate goal in this journey.

·      Ensoulment during a Kundalini Awakening & the Dark Night of the Soul

Kundalini awakening is an energetic awakening emanating from the spine and flowing through the seven chakras leading to instant spiritual enlightenment. Kundalini, the energy that remains dormant at the base of the spine, can awaken through such methods as yoga, meditation, and mantras.

Once awake, our senses become sharper, our perception of life changes, and we begin to identify our soul paths.

·      Ensoulment during the Dark Night of the Soul

Now, the Dark Night of the Soul is one of the signs of a Kundalini awakening. Here, you feel disconnected from your surrounding as you look inward to discover your soul purpose. For example, you feel lost and stuck and want a deeper meaning in life.

Physical symptoms of this experience include a change of appetite, increased thirst, distorted sleep patterns, and a change in your sex drive. Since the Dark Night of the Soul is a transitional period after shedding our old identity and before the new and true identity emerges, this process leads to ensoulment.

The Phases of Ensoulment

ensoulment image

In this guide, we explore what is ensoulment when undergoing a spiritual journey. By understanding the process, we get to know our identity and soul purpose. If you are currently going through any spiritual journey, you could be in any of the following phases of ensoulment: –

The Stages of Ensoulment

#1: Waking Up

A spiritual awakening process triggers the soul to wake up. Here, you may experience an overwhelming feeling of disconnection or detachment with people or things you once enjoyed. There is confusion as you begin to question your true identity, beliefs, and thought processes.  Likewise, some individuals start to re-evaluate their current beliefs.

#2: Descending into a State of Soullessness/The Dark Night

The symptoms of the Dark Night of the Soul characterize the second stage of ensoulment. It makes us notice and yearn to deal with the shadow aspects of our lives. Only when you integrate these shadow aspects into your life can you then blossom into your true developed soul. Hence, this second stage is the most painful phase of ensoulment.

#3: Spiritual Alchemy

Do you sometimes feel you are living in your past but also connected to your future self? That is a sign you are in the alchemic stage of ensoulment. Here, you feel a sense of transformation, inner freedom, and change that makes you aware of your soul.

Spiritual alchemy happens in seven distinct stages as follows: –

  1. Calcination – a breakdown of distractive personality traits, including our ego, stubbornness, and arrogance. It sets the foundation to discovering our identity underneath.
  2. Dissolution – a feeling of the fading false self.
  3. Separation – sharpening of our thoughts and emotions.
  4. Conjunction – combining of the remaining authentic elements in you.
  5. Fermentation – start of a rebirth.
  6. Distillation – further purification.
  7. Coagulation – spirit manifesting in material form
#4: Blossoming Into Ensoulment

After the spiritual alchemy, you break away from the mind, allowing your soul to connect to the spirit. At this point, your soul is now manifest in material form, allowing you to embrace your true identity.

Note that the four phases of ensoulment develop gradually at different times in our lives. For example, you may be in the Dark Night of the Soul, feeling soullessness as a mother but fully ensouled as a pianist or a teacher. 

More so, in many mystical traditions, age matters. Hence, even though ensoulment can begin in childhood, many people become aware of the process only when they are in their 30s or 40s. At times, they confuse it with menopause or a form of spiritual crisis.


Now that you understand what is ensoulment, I must mention that it is a lifelong journey in the physical whereby our souls evolve, arriving at a level of comfort and peace. At this point, we become aware of our true identity and soul purpose. Then, we begin to live a purposeful life that is in alignment with the universe.

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Abundant Living

Feng Shui Christmas Tree Placement in 2021 + Decoration Tips



feng shui christmas tree placement in 2021 image

Christmas is just around the corner, so it’s time to decorate your Christmas tree! In this article, I will share with you important tips on Feng Shui Christmas tree placement in 2021.

What’s so special about the Christmas Tree placement? Why do we need to use Feng Shui Christmas tree placement rules in this simple action we’ve done so many times before? The thing is that a Christmas tree with bright decorations, garlands, and lights is a powerful source of Yang energy. When we place a Christmas tree in a certain sector of the house, we activate the energy of this sector.

From an astrological point of view, each sector can be a source of positive or negative energy. And if a Christmas tree gets into a sector with negative energy, this energy gets activated and attracts all kinds of problems into your life. If the tree gets into the sector with positive energy, it gives the opposite effect – you attract luck, abundance, and well-being. All these astrological subtleties are calculated by Feng Shui masters.

Everything is important in Feng Shui Christmas tree placement: where the Christmas tree will be placed, how active the room will be where you place it, what color you choose for its decoration, what date and time you choose to install the Christmas tree. In short, each seemingly insignificant detail can have a huge impact on the energy of the house.

In this article, I will not delve into the complex Feng Shui formulas but instead, I will give you practical tips on how to activate the positive energy of your home and avoid the activation of negative energy.

Why Is It So Important Where the Christmas Lights Are?

How to choose eco-friendly christmas tree image

In terms of Feng Shui, there are two kinds of energy — Yin and Yang. Yang energy is active and live. If the Yang energy fills the favorable sector of your home, it activates the flow of positive energy and attracts good luck to you. For example, you can suddenly get a bonus, your salary can be raised, you may come up with a new great idea, etc.

However, if the Yang energy gets into the unfavorable sector, it activates all kinds of failures of your life – you can lose money, health, happiness, peace, and you can quarrel with loved ones, etc.

Following Feng Shui Christmas tree rules, will help you to attract good luck and improve your life.

Feng Shui Christmas Tree Placement in 2021

Energy changes every year. Therefore, the following recommendations were created by taking into account the energies of December 2021.

In order to determine which sector to put the Christmas tree in, you need to have a Bagua map of your house. If you don’t have a Bagua map and don’t know what it is, read my article “The Feng Shui Bagua Map”.

So, here are the main recommendations for Feng Shui Christmas tree placement in 2021!

Which Sector to Choose According to the Feng Shui Christmas Tree Placement Rules In 2021?

South sector of your house or South corner of your living room

feng shui christmas tree placement 2021 image

This is one of the best places for a Christmas tree this year! If it’s possible make sure to use this amazing opportunity to activate your good luck! By placing a Christmas tree here you are activating energy of wealth, prosperity, and good fortune. Every time you turn on Christmas lights here, you attract money and abundance into your house.

To activate this auspicious energy you need to decorate your Christmas tree with Christmas lights and yellow, beige, golden, or silver Christmas ornaments.

Don’t forget to say your intention to activate your good fortune and abundance before you start decorating your Christmas tree. You can even repeat abundance affirmations while decorating the tree.

West sector of your house or West corner of your living room

feng shui christmas tree placement 2020 tips image

This is another great place to install your Christmas tree!

The Christmas tree in this sector will activate success energy, may bring promotion, money-making opportunities, and even attract windfall.

To activate this auspicious energy, decorate your Christmas tree with Christmas lights and beige, gold, silver, white, or yellow Christmas ornaments.

Southwest sector of your house or Southwest corner of your living room

red christmas balls image

Your Southwest sector is a good place to install your Christmas tree.

By placing a Christmas tree here you are activating heavenly luck, attracting new opportunities and good fortune for the entire family!

To activate this auspicious energy you need to decorate your Christmas tree with Christmas lights and red, gold, or burgundy Christmas decorations.

Center sector of your house or central part of your living room

Green Feng Shui Christmas Tree Decorations Image

It’s good to install your Christmas tree in the central part of your house or living room this year. This sector brings completion and harmony luck in December 2021. Use this auspicious sector for your good fortune activation.

Activate this sector with lights, sounds, and socializing!

Decorate your Christmas tree in the Center sector with blue, green, or turquoise color ornaments.

Southeast sector of your house or Southeast part of your living room

white christmas tree image

This is not the best sector for installing your Christmas tree this year. However, you can still do it if you have no other options. In this case, make sure to decorate it with white, gold, or silver ornaments.

East sector of your house or East part of your living room

Silver And Gold Feng Shui Christmas Tree Decorations Image

This is not a good place for the Christmas tree this year. Ideally would be to find another place. However, if it’s impossible, make sure not to use any bright lights in this sector. It’s important to keep this sector peaceful and quiet.

You can decorate your Christmas tree with white, gold, silver, or blue ornaments.

Northeast sector of your house or Northeast part of your living room

blue christmas balls image

This is also a bad sector for installing your Christmas tree this year. Try to choose another place for your Christmas tree. But if this is the only place where you can install the tree, use blue, deep teal, or green ornaments for its decoration.

Also, make sure not to use any Christmas lights in this sector. It’s important to keep this sector peaceful and quiet. No loud noise is allowed here. You see, the danger here is that if you activate this sector in December 2021, it could attract robbery, betrayal, and violence to your family. Therefore, make sure it’s not activated this month.

North sector of your house or North part of your living room

Christmas silver decorations image

This is not a good place for the Christmas tree this year. Ideally would be to find another place. However, if it’s impossible, make sure not to use any Christmas lights in this sector. Also, keep this sector peaceful and quiet. Decorate your Christmas tree with white, gold, silver, or blue color.

Northwest sector of your house or Northwest part of your living room

Feng Shui Christmas tree 2021 Image

This is the worst sector for placing the Christmas tree this year. Northwest brings misfortune in December 2021. It would be best to find another place for your tree. If it’s impossible then make sure not to use any Christmas lights in this sector. It’s important to keep this sector peaceful and quiet. No loud noise is allowed here.

You can decorate your Christmas tree with blue or deep teal ornaments.

When to Install the Christmas Tree?

The date and time you decided to install your Christmas tree also play a big role. There are four favorable dates in December when you can do it:

December 7th: 7-9 am; 7-9 pm; 11 pm (GMT)

December 11th: 7-9 am; 3-5 pm (GMT)

December 15th: 11 am – 1 pm (GMT)

December 19th: 3-5 am; 3-5 pm; 9-11 pm (GMT)

If you want to install your Christmas tree on another date, you can still do it but make sure you are doing it in a good mood and positive spirit.

The Bottom Line

It’s hard to imagine Christmas without a Christmas tree. It brings us joy, a festive mood, and anticipation of miracles in our homes. If you want the tree to become a real activator of happiness, abundance, success, and new opportunities feel free to use these simple yet powerful tips!

The best sectors to install the Christmas tree this year are South, West, Southwest, and Center. It’s very good to use lots of Christmas lights and decorations in these sectors, which will attract good luck and abundance into your house.

Happy Holidays!

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What Is Ensoulment? Blossoming into Alignment with the Universe

Who are you? Well, many aspects give us identity, including the body, mind, and our affiliations. Moreover, the soul is...

feng shui christmas tree placement in 2021 image feng shui christmas tree placement in 2021 image
Abundant Living2 days ago

Feng Shui Christmas Tree Placement in 2021 + Decoration Tips

Christmas is just around the corner, so it’s time to decorate your Christmas tree! In this article, I will share with...

Feng Shui Astrology for December 2021 Image Feng Shui Astrology for December 2021 Image
Astrology3 days ago

Feng Shui Astrology For December 2021: The Month of the Metal Rat

Feng Shui astrology is based on the Chinese calendar. The dates of the beginning and the end of the months are...

Horoscope for December 2021 Image Horoscope for December 2021 Image
Astrology6 days ago

The Most Accurate Horoscope for December 2021

This article will share with you the most accurate horoscope for December 2021 based on the Feng Shui flying stars chart. This horoscope includes predictions for different spheres...

Last Solar Eclipse 2021 Image Last Solar Eclipse 2021 Image
Astrology7 days ago

Last Solar Eclipse 2021: Intense Karmic Event on December 4th

The last Solar Eclipse 2021 comes to us on December 4th in the form of the new moon. New moon...

divine feminine awakening image divine feminine awakening image
Personal Development1 week ago

Divine Feminine Awakening: 6 Signs You’re Going Through One

The universe revolves around two polar energies that work to complement each other in harmony. Likewise, humans possess these two...

Abundance Haircuts In December 2021 Image Abundance Haircuts In December 2021 Image
Abundant Living2 weeks ago

Abundance Haircuts In December 2021: Good And Bad Days To Cut Your Hair

Abundance Haircuts is a little-known sutra that reveals the negative consequences of cutting your hair on the bad days and the incredible benefits of cutting it on...

Soul Exhaustion Image Soul Exhaustion Image
Awareness2 weeks ago

Soul Exhaustion: Why Are You Always Feeling Tired?

Did you know that feeling constantly exhausted is also a sign of a tired soul? Yes, despite having an active...

Signs You’re an Old Soul Image Signs You’re an Old Soul Image
Personal Development2 weeks ago

8 Signs You’re an Old Soul & What It Really Means

Suppose you didn’t know your current age; how old do you reckon you would be today? If you guessed a...


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