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The Full Hunter’s Moon 2021: the World is Awakening to the Truth



Full Hunter’s Moon 2021 Image

The Full Hunter’s Moon 2021 appears on Wednesday, October 20. The upcoming Full Moon is often called the Drying Rice Moon, Falling Leaves Moon, Freezing Moon, Ice Moon, Migrating Moon. In this article, I will share with you what kind of energy, challenges, and spiritual lessons this Full Moon brings to us. Also, I’ll give you some helpful tips, recommendations, and spiritual practices that will help you balance this energetically powerful time so you can get the most out of it.

When Is The Full Hunter’s Moon 2021?

The Full Hunter’s Moon 2021 will reach peak illumination at 10:57 A.M. Eastern Time on Wednesday, October 20. It will be below the horizon at this time, so we will have to wait until sunset to watch it take its place in the sky. The Hunter’s Moon rises around the same time for several nights in a row, so start looking for it on Tuesday, October 19. As the Moon drifts over the horizon around sunset, it may appear larger and more orange. But don’t be fooled by the “Moon Illusion,” which makes the Moon looks bigger than it really is.

The Full Moon In Aries

According to Vedic astrology, the Full Moon takes place at 3 degrees of Aries. The Full Hunter’s Moon 2021 occurs on the Aries/Libra axis (the Moon in Aries, the Sun in Libra).

The Sun in Libra will give uncertainty, indecision, lack of desire for active actions. There may be a decline in mood, a tendency to depression, possible irresponsibility – the desire to neglect our duties. The good news is that the Sun in Libra does not give big negative results. The energy of the Sun in this position encourages us to realize our ambitions and increases selfishness in relationships.

The sign of Libra is a sign of negotiations, the most diplomatic sign, that smooths out all the problems. Therefore, we can expect that there will be a desire to take into account the interests of others, to negotiate.

It is important to take good care of your health. The Sun Libra may bring digestion problems, mood swings, and problems with the eyes.

Full Moon In Aries October 2021 Image

The Moon in Aries will give impulsive reactions, unpredictable actions, initiative behavior, and an active mind. Metaphorically, you can imagine the Moon in Aries as an active mother, acting for the benefit of her child quickly and decisively, sweeping away all obstacles on her path, ready to fight. The Moon in Aries can be also pictured as an angry tigress who can be calm as long as her tiger cub is not touched, but formidable and scary if her cub is in danger. These are the traits that will be activated by the Full Hunter’s Moon 2021.

Under the influence of the full moon, people can begin to act courageously and selflessly, forgetting about their own safety. It can be assumed that the full moon may provoke mass protests. To stay balanced during this time, it is important to ensure that such qualities as recklessness, aggressiveness, dominance, and selfishness do not get the better of you.

On the bright side, the full moon in Aries will give us good support, intuition, humanity, a sense of personal strength, and self-confidence. This is so much needed during the fall season.

The Full Moon In Ashwini Nakshatra

According to Vedic astrology, the Full Moon takes place in the lunar mansions of Ashwini Nakshatra. Let’s take a closer look at this lunar mansion and what kind of energy it represents.

Ashwini nakshatra notably carries the iconography of a horse’s head. This nakshatra is a symbol of new beginnings. Metaphorically speaking, it carries the energy of a baby who goes after what it wants without considering the inconveniences to others. Ashwini nakshatra may make people act childish, irresponsible, and inconsiderate. This nakshatra has a naturally inquisitive, borderline obsessive nature that refuses to quit until every stone is overturned or tree uprooted.

Ashwini also gives a great passion for shifting huge swathes of information and unearthing the “golden nuggets” of truth. It provides us with information filters so that we can quickly sift unadulterated items from the fabricated or mundane.

We can expect that people may start seeing the truth of what’s really going on in their lives and in the world, in general. However, their rush actions based on the discovered truth may lead them into trouble and cause more harm than good. Therefore, we have to remember the karmic lesson that Ashwini nakshatra is giving us with the Full Hunter’s Moon 2021 – to be patient and plan ahead instead of rushing off quickly.

This full moon may give you zeal and zest for revealing the truth you recently discovered. However, this is not the time for rush actions. It’s best to redirect your effort into something constructive like the projects you’re passionate about or positive changes in your life you always wanted to make.

Health-related Issues

Ashwini Nakshatra may cause diseases of a Vata/Kapha nature, aggravated by damp or cold conditions. To keep yourself healthy, you need to stay active during the full moon period, avoiding prolonged periods of a sedentary posture. Ashwini nakshatra can also cause health issues related to the knees, head (cerebral hemispheres), and the soles of the feet.

How to Work With the Full Moon Energy?

Full Thunder Moon 2021 Image

If we do not live in the rhythm of the lunar cycle, we most likely will feel mood swings and fatigue during the Full Moon time. Moreover, our emotional and even physical condition may deteriorate. Therefore, it is very important to learn to live in harmony with the Moon, especially when it’s at the peak of its activity.

The Moon is in Aries is an unfavorable time for new beginnings. It is recommended to focus on small tasks that can be completed in one day, as well as to deal with current routine chores. It’s not worth talking to your superiors and changing your place of work during this phase of the Moon. This is not the best time for financial transactions and a difficult period for any communication.

Spend this time during the Full Moon doing some introspective work. Don’t let your energy run rampant with trying to make things happen. Time spent in silence, prayer, and meditation will be karmically rewarded. No matter what’s happening around you, stay calm, grounded, and centered.

For harmonizing the influence of the Moon on our lives, we can perform Moon practices and adjust our lifestyle to the Moon’s vibrations.

Spiritual Practices For the Full Hunter’s Moon 2021

#1: Filling Up With Lunar Energy

This practice is especially recommended for those who have mood swings and unbalanced emotions.

  1. Place a glass of clean water on the windowsill (or next to the window) so that the moonlight reflects in it. Leave it there for the night.
  2. In the morning, drink that Moon water on an empty stomach. Tell your gratitude to the Moon. Chant the Moon mantra: OM CHANDRAYA NAMAHA (108 times).

#2: Full Moon Mantra Chanting For Attracting Abundance

During the Full Moon, go outside (backyard or patio), stretch your hands up to the Moon. When looking at the Full Moon, set your intention to attract abundance into your life and repeat the following mantra for 12 minutes: OM SHRAAM SHREEM SHRAUM SAH CHANDRAMASE NAMAHA

The Bottom Line

The Full Hunter’s Moon 2021 will teach us how to be more patient and plan ahead instead of rushing off quickly. We may start waking up for the truth due to the information filters that Ashwini nakshatra gives us. However, our rush actions and the desire to “wake up” others may get us into trouble. Therefore, we have to remember that the truth we see right now is just a tiny drop from the ocean that we have yet to discover. For this reason, give yourself time to discover the “ocean” before you share the “drop” of the information you already know.

Katya Ki is the Founder of SOLANCHA Magazine, a Metaphysical Expert, a Reiki Master, and Human Rights Attorney. She has been studying Eastern metaphysics, cosmology, and esotericism for almost 20 years now. And she's still discovering new knowledge, which is hidden in ancient teachings. During her pilgrimage to the monastery of Saint Catherine in Egypt, she discovered the SOLANCHA System. This is how the SOLANCHA journey started!


Feng Shui Astrology For December 2021: The Month of the Metal Rat



Feng Shui Astrology for December 2021 Image

Feng Shui astrology is based on the Chinese calendar. The dates of the beginning and the end of the months are different from those generally accepted in the Gregorian calendar. According to the Chinese calendar, the eleventh month of the year starts on December 7th, 2021, and ends on January 5th, 2022. Therefore, all the recommendations are given in this article will be accurate until January 5th, 2022.

Feng Shui astrology believes that each month has its unique energy and character. Therefore, each month’s energy is expressed through one of the 12 Zodiac animals and connected to one of the 5 elements.

December 2021 is the month of the Metal Rat. In this article, I will share with you what kind of energy and events to expect in December 2021 and how to properly choose dates for different events.

Feng Shui Astrology for December 2021

The Energy of the Month of the Metal Rat

According to the Chinese calendar, December 2021 is ruled by the Metal Rat.

The Metal Rat is a mixture of Metal and Water elements, which is characterized by emotional vulnerability, and at the same time – a sharp mind, rigidity, power, stubbornness.

In Chinese mythology, the Metal Rat is an image of frozen cold metal. This energy brings difficulties in politics and global economics, and big health issues in December 2021. After all, the energies of this month are identical to the energies of 2020, when events related to COVID-19 began to occur in the world. This means that this month will reflect in miniature the very year that undoubtedly left a noticeable mark in history.

The energy of the month is represented by the strong Water element. One of the strong qualities of the Water element is intelligence. Therefore, new scientific ideas may arise in December. Due to the combination of Water and Metal elements, tensions between countries may increase even more and confrontations within society may arise more often.

It is recommended to do things that would fill you with inspiration – express yourself in creativity, have fun, dance, or at least watch comedy movies more often. In general, try to increase your positive spirit as much as you can. This month can be quite dangerous for those with negative vibes. Increase the Fire element in your life by lighting candles during cold winter evenings, drinking more warm herbal teas, and filling your days with joy and laughter. This will help you to balance the elements in your life and enjoy the festive season.

Auspicious Days In December 2021

December 19th and 31st are good dates for getting rid of unnecessary old stuff, old paradigms, and negative thought patterns. These dates are suitable for cleansing procedures, the peaceful finishing of relationships. People will part on the positive side, and will not hold a grudge. These are also good dates for starting a diet. However, these dates are not suitable for those born in the year of the Sheep.

December 10th and 22nd, January 3rd are good dates for starting long-term affairs and for everything you would like to be doing for a long time and get stable long-term results. However, these dates are not suitable for those born in the year of the Dog.

December 26th is a favorable date for starting important things. Any action taken on this date will get a very good start and every chance of success. However, this date is not suitable for those born in the year of the Tiger.

Days With a Higher Risk of Getting Viruses And Other Contagious Diseases

December 15th and 27th  – during these dates it’s easier to get a disease, which is especially important at the current time. Therefore, make sure you’re being extra cautious during these days, as there is an increased risk of getting infections and viruses!

Inauspicious Days In December 2021

December 12th, 13th, 24th, and 25th are unfavorable dates to start important things. They bring difficulties, obstacles, and problems.

December 17th and 29th are not suitable dates for a lot of activity, organizing important events, or starting medical treatment. But you can use these dates to complete old cases.

December 14th and 16th are “No Wealth Days“. These dates are not suitable for starting a business, making investments, or signing financial agreements.

December 20th is a “separating day”. It is better to avoid fateful actions, especially such as a wedding or moving to a new house on this day.

Feng Shui Astrology For December 2021: Check Out Your Bagua Sectors

bagua image

If you are new to Bagua, make sure to read my articles:

Feng Shui Bagua: 8 Aspirations

The Feng Shui Bagua Map: How to Use It?

According to Feng Shui astrology, each of the 9 sectors of your house is under the influence of a certain type of energy. This energy changes from month to month, from year to year. In this particular article, I will not be talking about the annual chart but focusing on the energy influence of the month.

Now let me share with you Feng Shui Astrology for December 2021!


The romance and literary star flies into the center bringing good fortune to all residents and all homes. If you activate the positive energies of the center, your home will bring you productivity and the ability to successfully conclude things. To activate the positive influence of this sector, display the Sum-of-Ten Amulet in the central part of your house.

Those looking for love can use the beneficial energies of this sector to attract romance into their lives. For doing this, display the Rabbit in the Moon Love Enhancer in the center of your house.


This sector brings illness energy to its residents. Pregnant women, older people, and those having chronic health issues should move out of this sector for the month if possible. To protect yourself from dangerous illness energy, display a pair of Garuda Wu Lou by your bedside if your bedroom is located in the North sector or if your house faces North.


The misfortune star flies into Northwest this month. This causes all kinds of problems, including betrayal, money loss, and health problems to everyone who lives in Northwest rooms or whose house faces Northwest. There is a risk of additional expenses caused by accidents and unexpected incidences. To protect yourself from unfortunate energies, display the 5 Element Pagoda in the Northwest sector of your house and office. Also, carry the 5 Element Pagoda Amulet throughout December 2021!


This sector brings danger to its residents in December 2021! It brings accidents, violence, risk of money loss, and betrayals. At work, office politics can become a problem if your office is located in the Northeast corner. Be careful of the people you are working with this month. To suppress the negative influence of this sector, place the Anti-Robbery Plaque here and carry the Kuan Kung on Horseback Anti-Betrayal Amulet.


Feng Shui astrology for December 2021 promises health problems to those who reside in the East sector of the house. Energy levels take a dip and occupants become susceptible to illness. To suppress the illness energies, display the Wu Lou with Joyous Cranes here. Carry the Stay Healthy Amulet if your bedroom is located here.


Feng Shui Astrology for December 2021 promises recognition and mentor luck to homes facing the West and individuals residing in the West sector of the house. This indicates windfall luck! The West sector brings heaven’s blessings and new opportunities to its residents. Moreover, it brings mentor and benefactor luck by attracting helpful people into your life. To activate the positive influences of this sector, display the Celestial Water Dragon here.


Feng Shui Astrology for December 2021 promises a prosperous month to those residing in the South sector. People whose homes are facing South, whose front doors are located in the South, who have a bedroom or on office desk here will benefit from the auspicious energies of this sector in December 2021! To activate for money luck, display the 100 Blessings Energetic Deer in the South sector of your house.

However, this sector also may bring disagreements, conflicts, and some stressful legal problems. To subtle quarrelsome energies, display a pair of Peace & Harmony Apples here. 


Feng Shui astrology for December 2021 promises a quarrelsome month to those who spend too much time in the Southeast sector and whose bedrooms are located here. This sector brings disagreements, conflicts, and some stressful legal problems. To subtle quarrelsome energies, display a pair of Magical Cosmic Apple here. Try not to spend too much time here. Keep this sector as quiet as possible. Avoid chatting or using this sector as your main dining area.


This sector is bringing winning luck and career success to those spending much time in this part of the home or office. This sector will bring improvement in career prospects and will enhance the luck of new opportunities. To activate, display the Flag of Victory here.

Feng Shui Astrology For December 2021: Bonus Tip

For sectors of the home where good energy resides, it is excellent to activate with plenty of noisy activity. Have the radio, TV, or fan placed here to churn up the energy so there is a good level of noise. Also, it is very favorable to install brighter lights in these sectors. Moving the energy in these ways will encourage yang chi to manifest to your advantage.

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The Most Accurate Horoscope for December 2021



Horoscope for December 2021 Image

This article will share with you the most accurate horoscope for December 2021 based on the Feng Shui flying stars chart. This horoscope includes predictions for different spheres of life and Chinese zodiac signs and very important tips for protection from negative influences of the month and the activation of positive events and good luck.

Most Accurate Horoscope Based On Chinese Zodiac Signs

I believe that the Chinese Horoscope is one of the most accurate horoscopes you can use for correcting the energy of the month in your favor. I follow its recommendations every month and it helps me to not only attract positive events into my life but also to prevent unfortunate ones.

I often hear that if you focus on positive things in life and follow the law of attraction rules, astrology doesn’t affect you. Yes, a positive mindset is very crucial; however, according to Eastern teachings, there are three kinds of luck that affect each of us:

  1. human luck;
  2. earth luck;
  3. heaven luck.

Your positive mindset is your human luck which is just 33% of your total luck score. Your heaven luck (another 33%) comes from astrology. And your earth luck (33%) depends on Feng Shui and the energy you surround yourself with.

Of course, you can rely on your human luck and believe that your positive mindset can help you overcome all the obstacles. However, let’s say something negative happened and somebody yelled at you or your husband/wife cheated on you or somebody you love died. How many of us can stay 100% calm and positive in situations like this? You see when you allow yourself to react to a negative situation in a negative way you lose your human luck. Now you can rely only on your heaven and earth luck.

Ok, now let’s take a look at your earth luck. Is your house 100% balanced? Is it 100% clean and free of blockages? Does it have all the remedies and protection from negative energy? If your answer is “no”, well, you can’t really rely on your earth luck. And now all that is left is your heaven luck that depends on astrology.

With the help of Chinese astrology, you can fix your situation, protect yourself from the negative influences of the month, and activate good luck! All you need to know is what type of energy rules the month and how to deal with it.

It can be quite dangerous to play around with the energy of the month. After reading my monthly horoscope articles, people who have started to religiously follow all of the Feng Shui recommendations noticed big improvements in their lives. Today I want to share with you these priceless recommendations for December 2021. I’m asking you to take everything you’ll read below seriously. It’s especially important to get all the protection tools for the month because they are literally life saviors!

For reading your Horoscope for December 2021, all you need to know is your Chinese zodiac sign. To do this, you just need to find your date of birth in the Hundred Year Calendar (click here)!

Horoscope For December 2021

RAT (1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020)

rat zodiac sign image

Horoscope for December 2021 promises a prosperous month to those born in the year of the Rat. You will notice a significant improvement in your luck. There will be new opportunities to improve your career or business prospects in December. However, pace yourself so that you don’t burn out in the process of pursuing your new passions with your newfound enthusiasm. To activate new opportunities, display the 9 Phoenix Plaque in your living space. Also, remember to protect your health by carrying the Stay Healthy Amulet at all times.

OX (1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021)

ox zodiac sign image

For those born in the year of the Ox, December is the month to lie low and avoid any monetary risks! This is the month when you have to watch your back and be vigilant about who you trust. At the workplace, office politics come to the fore and competition intensifies. Make sure you carry the Kwan Kung Anti-Betrayal Amulet and display an image of Kwan Kung on your work desk to suppress the negative energies of the month. While there are opportunities to make money in December 2021, the risk level is high. Safeguard your investments by keeping the Wealth Coin Amulet close to you. Also, try not to attract too much attention to yourself this month; toxic jealousies could arise. It is also essential to be more alert when it comes to personal safety against snatch thieves and petty crime.

TIGER (1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010)

tiger zodiac sign image

Those born in the year of the Tiger should be extra cautious this month. Relationships can become strained. Beware shifting alliances. Many people around you may be secretly envious of your success. Make sure you protect yourself by carrying the Hamsa Hand Anti-Gossip Amulet. There are also indications of mishaps or accidents for the Tiger this month. To protect yourself, carry the 28 Hums Protection Lotus Amulet. Tigers in business should carry the White Tiger Lunar Mansions Harmonising Amulet for making the right decisions at the right time.

RABBIT (1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011)

rabbit zodiac sign image

Those born in the year of the Rabbit have to watch out for their health. Your energy levels take a dip. Try to avoid crowded places and large events this month since there is a high risk of getting a viral disease. To protect your health, carry the Stay Healthy Amulet or wear the Medicine Buddha Amulet. Also, display the Green Wu Lou with Joyous Crane in the East sector of your house or office. This powerful Feng Shui talisman will boost your creativity and productivity so that you will be able to do more with less effort and time.

DRAGON (1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012)

dragon zodiac sign image

Horoscope for December 2021 promises a quarrelsome time to those born in the year of the Dragon. The energies of the month will make you more irritable and also more irritating to others. Your relationships come under strain. This is not a good time to push your point too hard. Your hot-headed side could get you in trouble this month. It’s best to stay away from any arguments or conflict situations. To protect the important relationships in your life, display the Magical Cosmic Apple in the Southeast sector of your home.

SNAKE (1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013)

snake zodiac sign image

Horoscope for December 2021 promises a stressful and quarrelsome time to those born in the year of the Snake. The energies of the month will make you notice that the people around you are less cooperative. Try to be more accommodating and look for the path of least resistance when it comes to conflict. This is not the time to fight. Try your best to avoid any conflicts and don’t allow yourself to get involved in scandals. Work at easing the conflict energies plaguing you by placing the Magical Cosmic Apple in the Southeast sector of your living room. Wearing red color will also help you to suppress the quarrelsome energies of December.

HORSE (1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014)

horse zodiac sign image

Horoscope for December 2021 promises a great month to those born in the year of the Horse. This month, wealth and a windfall are coming your way. The energies of the month indicate improvements in career prospects and monetary gain. To activate prosperity energies, display the Money Tree in the South sector of your house or where you can see it daily. This powerful Feng Shui talisman will help you to receive the blessings of wealth and prosperity.

SHEEP (1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015)

sheep zodiac sign image

Those born in the year of the Sheep are having a lucky month. The energies of December 2021 are bringing you improvement in career prospects, monetary gains, and happiness. If you get involved in any kind of competitive situation this month, you are likely to come out on top. Your luck is very strong this month and you have the added advantage of wielding great influence. People listen to what you have to say. Try to use this lucky time to propagate changes you want to see in your life and in the world. To activate your good fortune this month, display the Victory Banner on your work desk. To maintain peace and harmony while competing, and to suppress any feelings of jealousy towards you, carry the Evil Eye Amulet.

MONKEY (1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016)

monkey zodiac sign image

Horoscope for December 2021 promises a fabulous month to those born in the year of the Monkey. You have competitive luck on your side, so whether at work, in business, in school, or in sport, you enjoy a distinct edge. Make the most of this luck to go after the things you really want. Activate your good luck by displaying the Victory Banner on your work desk. To activate your wealth and investments luck, carry the Winning Hand Wealth Talisman.

ROOSTER (1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017)

rooster zodiac sign image

Those born in the year of the Rooster are enjoying a prosperous and successful month. This is the time when you can achieve success in whatever you set out to do. The energies of the month attract helpful people into your life, suggesting that if you face any obstacles on your path to success, someone will show up to help you through. To attract new opportunities, carry the Heavenly Star Amulet. Display the Supremacy of Heaven Plate in a prominent part of your home. It will invite the energy of success, prosperity, wealth, enchantment, and longevity into your life. Also, it is powerful protection for your house from any negativity.

DOG (1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018)

dog zodiac sign image

The energies of December 2021 bring a string of obstacles and problems to those born in the year of the Dog. If you were born in the year of the Dog, get ready to take some proactive steps to mitigate problems that may crop up while you are on holiday or trying to relax. To protect yourself from the negative influences of the month and suppress the misfortunes, carry the “5 Element Pagoda with Om Ah Hum” Amulet. There is also a risk of getting sick for the Dogs. Therefore, make sure you’re carrying the Stay Healthy Amulet at all times.

BOAR (1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019)

boar zodiac sign image

December 2021 brings obstacles and other bothersome episodes to those born in the year of the Boar. It is essential to use extra protection this month if you were born in the year of the Boar. Carry the Heart Sutra Pagoda Amulet. Display the White Wu Lou with Joyous Cranes by your bedside to protect yourself against illness. You should also carry the 28 Hums Protection Wheel Amulet to shield against any kind of physical or spiritual harm.

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Last Solar Eclipse 2021: Intense Karmic Event on December 4th



Last Solar Eclipse 2021 Image

The last Solar Eclipse 2021 comes to us on December 4th in the form of the new moon. New moon eclipses are known for bringing sudden new beginnings and unexpected news. This Solar Eclipse is going to unravel our deepest and most psychological issues that have been buried underneath for a very long time. In this article, I will share with you what to expect from the last Solar Eclipse 2021 and what to do to soften its impact on your life.

The Last Solar Eclipse 2021

The December 4th event will be a Total Solar Eclipse when the Moon moves between the Sun and Earth, casting a shadow on Earth, blocking the Sun’s light in some areas. A Total Solar Eclipse occurs when the Sun, Moon, and Earth are aligned directly. People in the path of a total solar eclipse can see the Sun’s corona, the outer atmosphere, which is otherwise usually obscured by the bright face of the Sun.

Solar eclipse 2021 will be partially visible from parts of South Australia, South Africa, South America, the Pacific, the Atlantic, Indian Ocean. Meanwhile, the total phase of the last Solar Eclipse 2021 will be only seen in Antarctica. 

How Will the Last Solar Eclipse 2021 Affect Us?

Rahu and Ketu Astrological events in September Image

According to Vedic astrology, a Solar eclipse always occurs at the new moon, when the lunar node of Rahu (or Ketu) is located close to the Sun (up to 12 degrees). Thus, when a Solar eclipse occurs, Rahu passes between the Sun and the Moon. It is because of the influence of Rahu that Vedic astrologers do not recommend looking at the Solar eclipse. The fact is that Rahu, mixing with the energy of the Sun, affects our subconscious and imprints negative thoughtforms in it, under the influence of which we may unconsciously become involved in a chain of adverse events.

In addition, it is important to know that at the moment of the eclipse, our thoughts and desires are tracked. The most negative of our thoughts and the most selfish of our desires are transmitted to the cosmos and very quickly grasped by Rahu. Thus, in the future, these thoughts and desires will be materialized, and we will bear karmic responsibility for this. Therefore, at the moment of the eclipse, it is important to be mindful of our thoughts, desires, and actions. It is best to focus on spiritual practices, reading sacred texts, chanting mantras, and praying.

The part of the Earth where the eclipse is visible falls under the influence of Rahu. This means that in these territories, unfavorable events may occur and the karmic lessons that Rahu brings will be activated.

The Sun represents the vital energy – prana. It controls immunity, intelligence, activity, and digestion. In physiology, the Sun represents the structure of the thalamus and the nucleus of each cell.

The Sun also represents human vitality, health, joy, and optimism. Therefore, during the eclipse, you may feel weak and discouraged, digestive problems may arise. In order to minimize the negative impact of the eclipse, it is best to avoid things that consume a lot of energy. Try to spend this day in solitude, away from crowded places.

During an eclipse, Rahu overrides all the benevolent qualities of the Sun. Therefore, during the eclipse (as well as a few days before and after the eclipse), people may experience a decline in strength, poor health, bad digestion, and problems with the cardiovascular system. Rahu tends to obscure consciousness, so people can find themselves in mental states that are not typical for them: there may be more stress, distraction, unfounded experiences, anxietynegative thoughts, and conflicts.

The Last Solar Eclipse 2021 is going to unravel our deepest and psychological issues that have been buried underneath for a very long time. The intensity of emotions will be at an all-time high. Because of this, violent events can result globally throughout the month of December. There will be a feeling of insecurity and because of this people can take actions that will not only cause others harm but will cause themselves harm as well.

Solar Eclipse in Jyeshta Nakshatra

The last Solar Eclipse 2021 occurs in the lunar mansion of Jyeshta Nakshatra.

Jyeshta Nakshatra is all about power, leadership, and ego. The energy of this nakshatra makes it difficult for people to let go of their pride and ego and makes them rebel against dharma or righteousness.

The symbol of this nakshatra is a circular amulet or a round earring which signifies the phase that what goes around comes around. This nakshatra teaches us to be mindful of what we say and what we do.

Jyeshta nakshatra may make us magnify our troubles and problems in life, therefore, try to stay patient and turn your attention inward. By turning your mind inwards, you will be able to tap into the transformative energy of this nakshatra and use its energy to move forward in life in the right direction.

During the last Solar Eclipse 2021, our own sense of right and wrong could be flawed. Therefore, try not to get stuck in your ideas and opinions, forcing them on others. It’s most likely, your opinions are going to change a lot during this time.

Also, beware of jealousy and betrayal that can surface up during this time. Cultivate purity of intention, action, and speech that is so much needed during this time.

Dos For This Eclipse

Solar Eclipse Image

#1: Fasting

Vedic astrologers suggest fasting at least 12 hours before the Solar eclipse. There is an exception for people with health problems, elderly people, and kids – these categories of people may not fast but should at least refrain from food during the exact eclipse time.

The period of 12 hours before the solar eclipse is considered an inauspicious time before the eclipse. Therefore, refraining from eating anything during this time is considered to be beneficial.

#2: Charity

Any charity and donations during the eclipse time are considered to be auspicious and help to purify your karma.

#3: Bath

Taking a bath / a shower during the eclipse helps to cleanse your aura and get rid of any negative energy accumulated in your energy body.

#4: Yoga & Meditation

Practicing yoga or/and meditation during the eclipse period will help you to develop mental strength and soften the influence of the negative effect of the eclipse.

#5: Mantra

Mantra for Solar Eclipse:

Bhaskaraya Vidmahe
Mahadyutikaraya Dhimahi
Tanno Adityah Pracodayat

Asvadhvajaya Vidmahe
Padmahastaya dhimahi
Tannah Suryah Pracodayat

Japakusuma Sankasam
Kasyapeyam mahadyutim
Tamorim Sarva papaghnam
Pranatosmi Divakaram

Don’ts For This Solar Eclipse

  • Don’t look at the eclipse!!!
  • Avoid traveling, and if possible, do not leave your home during the eclipse period.
  • Avoid eating and cooking any meal until the eclipse ends. Do not eat food that is exposed to the eclipse, cook fresh food after the eclipse.
  • Avoid combing your hair, brushing your teeth, washing clothes, etc.
  • Sleeping should also be avoided during the eclipse.
  • Don’t plan anything important on the day of the eclipse.
  • If possible, try to avoid any meetings on this day.
  • Avoid taking risky steps, being exposed to the excitement, making large spontaneous purchases or investments, taking loans.
  • Don’t initiate a divorce, legal proceedings, or disputes over the property during the eclipse period.
  • Avoid talking badly or gossiping about someone.
  • Avoid any kind of violence: verbal, psychological, or physical.
  • Avoid having sex.

The Bottom Line

Vedic astrologers recommend not to look at the solar eclipse. At this time, it is better to be at home, close the windows and curtains. Do not consume any food or drink during the eclipse. After the eclipse, it is advisable to take a shower or bath, or at least rinse your hands and wash your face. Be careful with your desires during the eclipse period. During this period, any spontaneous actions can create problems. Maintain your awareness and try to keep your focus on spirituality during the eclipse. This will help you to get into resonance with the cosmic energies and align yourself with the higher forces of the universe. Remember that spirituality is the best protection against any temptations of the ego and negative astrological events.

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