Understanding the Magic of Synchronicity: A Wink From The Universe

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The universe speaks to humans in mysterious ways. However, we often confuse ourselves in the paths we choose. But, when we remain calm and positive, the universe connects to us and provides an answer to our questions and wishes. Again, these answers are not always portrayed in a way we expect or in the circumstances, we are used to. And that is where I’m basing this article. Are they a mere coincidence or the magic of synchronicity?

What is Synchronicity?

Let me answer this with an example. Say you have prepared for an interview very well. You’ve attended two sets of preliminary tests and passed. Now the next step would be a referral from the employees working in that company.

Suddenly out of the blues, your childhood friend calls just to check up on you. And guess what, they are working for the same company. Amid the chit chatter, you start discussing your current situation, and boom, he is ready to refer you to the hiring manager. It sounds like a coincidence, right? Yet it is a turning point in your life.

Well, this is what we call Synchronicity or divine intervention. It happens every day. But the human mind has to be conscious enough to understand it.

During a life crisis, Synchronicity is a ray of hope.

But does synchronicity occur often?

Sure. The magic of Synchronicity occurs very often to many people. 55% of the people have reported the occurrence of synchronicity at least once in their lifetime while more than 20% say that it occurs to them at least once in a month.

Is Synchronicity Always About Choosing A Path?

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Sometimes these meaningful coincidences occur often, and they don’t have to mean anything. You can get a call from someone, for example, that you thought of or spoke about yesterday. This may not be a life-changing experience, but it sure confirms that the world is small and you are connected to someone, without even speaking or seeing them in person.

The other day this comedy about Synchronicity lit up social media;

A person who usually wakes up early in the morning every day, was tired and slept longer than usual on this particular day. So, he woke up at 9. He looked at the calendar and the date was 9/9/99. Shortly after, he received his utility bill, which was $99. He then went to the bus stop and saw a bus number 9 just arriving.

Suddenly he realized the synchronicity and withdrew all his cumulated savings, which amounted to $9999 and went to a horse race betting. He bet the entire savings amount on horse number 9.

Do you know what happened next?

I guess not. Well, the horse came 9th place at the end of the race.

Maybe this synchronicity was trying to teach the man a lesson about his betting idea for succeeding in life. Likewise, synchronicity is not always meant to make you choose a path. It probably occurs to remind you that the universe is watching you, or to say you are not alone.

Based on research done on people who faced synchronicity in their lifetime, more than half of these people always felt like the universe had a bigger plan in their life. More than a quarter of them always felt that people are all connected to some level. And, 2% of the people have felt nothing and learned nothing through the synchronicity they faced. In which category do you belong?

How to Interpret Synchronicity in Life

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The above meaningful coincidence examples have two different outcomes. So how do you interpret synchronicity? Usually we base the occurrence of the synchronicity on the crisis that a person is facing. In the Horse race example, the person didn’t understand the synchronicity. He jumped to a conclusion all of a sudden and went for betting. Instead, he could have thought more deeply about the turn of events and try to co-relate with his life slowly.

Like this sequence of occurrence could be some event that happened 9 days before or 9 hours earlier or at the age of 9. A person has to follow the instinct, correlate the incidents in life, or the next phase of life, which he is confused about, and figure it out. That is the deeper meaning of connecting to the universe and being watchful.

Other times, the synchronizing events occur to calm a person or to alert them. Like when you are ready to make a decision in your relationship (to either fight or break up) and then, suddenly, your favorite song plays on radio to cheer you up and make you smile.

Synchronicity and animals

People with pets at home share many experiences about their synchronizing events. Like when the dogs won’t allow their owner to leave the house on time, the owner misses their bus, and then the bus crashes in an accident. See where I am headed?

Take Home Points

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There are many examples of synchronicity, which turn into a life-changing event.

1. Work on your emotions

The key to experience meaningful coincidences is staying positive and calm, and enjoying every moment in life. The more stable your mind and heart is the more miracles you experience in life.

2. Get rid of negativity

Some people keep complaining about their shortcomings in life. Like not driving their dream car or living in a big mansion, yet they fail to notice that they have a loving family to treasure at the moment, for example. If that defines you, purpose to let go of such negativity and try to focus in the present moment. Only then can you experience inner-peace.

3. Appreciate what you already have

When you start to count your blessings, the universe begins to realign in the same path and you attract even more blessings. More Synchronizing events show up. They tend to form a pattern of events aligned to your manifestation. And with a clear mind, you find it easier to interpret such events.

4. Believe that you can achieve more

As you grow deeper spiritually, you’re also able to manifest synchronicity in the lives of others especially those closely connected to you such as your family. Remember, if you want to truly experience the magic of synchronicity, just stay connected to the universe and believe you are worthy of its abundance.