Symptoms of Psychic Abilities: 13 Signs You Might Be Psychic

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Scientific studies of the human brain and body have not yet yielded actual results and explanations for why some people are given to see prophetic dreams, communicate with the spirits, foresee the future or feel the energy of places and people. However, many argue that everyone has these abilities to some extent. So, what are the symptoms of psychic abilities and how can we know if we actually have them? In this article, I will share with you the most common symptoms of psychic abilities.

13 Symptoms of Psychic Abilities

#1 Prophetic Dreams

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Do your dreams tend to come true? Then you are very likely to have the gift of clairvoyance. Many people with psychic abilities see visions from past or future events. Usually, such dreams are bright, colorful and very similar to reality. Also, often it’s hard to forget about such dreams and you keep thinking about them all day long after awakening.

If you tend to have prophetic dreams, try to always write them down in your dream diary. It will help you to take your gift under control and develop your psychic abilities.

#2 Good Imagination

People with psychic abilities can often imagine the appearance of a person by his/her voice, manner of speaking, handwriting, or photo.

If you think you have this ability, try to do an easy test. When you are talking to a stranger on the phone, try to imagine how this person looks like. Write down the description of the appearance and qualities of this person in a journal. Then try to find his/her picture online or meet with him/her to check whether your description is true.

#3 Strong Manifesting Ability

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Have you noticed that every time you think of someone you “accidentally” meet this person? Or when you want something it just comes to you easily? For example, you are curious about the score of the last game, and all of a sudden you hear the conversation of two people right in front of you discussing the score. Or your dream is to visit Paris, and suddenly your boss sends you there for a business trip. If such coincidences occur frequently, it is the symptom of a very powerful manifesting ability.

#4 Deja Vu

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Are you often overwhelmed by the feeling that events are repeated, that you have already been here, talked to this person, thought about the same thing as now, experienced exactly the same sensations as at this moment, but you realize that this could not be? It can be a symptom of psychic abilities.

#5 Healing Touch

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If you have been able to ease the pain for yourself or others with the touch of your hands, without using any medication, it is a sign that you have the gift of healing.

If you want to develop this ability you can start practicing Reiki. Consistent Reiki healing sessions will increase your healing abilities and make you a powerful healer.

#6 Empathy

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Have you noticed that it’s very easy for you to take other people’s pain on yourself? Do you feel other people’s suffering as your own? If you are transmitting the emotions of another person, if you feel with every fiber of your soul what is happening in another person’s soul, it means that you have empathic abilities. You can be a psychic or intuitive empath. All you need to do is to learn how to protect yourself and how to use your gift for helping others without damaging yourself.

#7 The Ability To Communicate With Animals

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If animals are very sensitive about your energy then you may have psychic abilities. They may show aggression, fear or, on the contrary, obvious sympathy and desire to always be next to you. If you noticed that your pet understands you without words or guesses about your intentions before you begin to implement them, it can be a sign of your psychic abilities.

To test this ability just observe how pets react to you. You can also try to send a command to your pet telepathically and watch what happens!

#8 Clairvoyance

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Some people get the information they need, out of nowhere, from the depths of the subconscious or from above. The information comes to them suddenly with no logic behind it. For example, they may get an insight that there’s an ice cream stand around the corner. Or they may get a feeling that the important meeting will be canceled. They can easily guess somebody’s name or the gender of a baby that was just conceived.

If things like this happen to you quite often, you probably have a gift of clairvoyance.

#9 Luck

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If you consider yourself lucky, and there are often situations when it seems that the guardian angel saved and protected you, then this also a sign that you have psychic abilities. You see, it’s not an easy thing to always attract good luck and have heavenly support. If you have it then it means you came to this world with a special mission. Use your luck properly and don’t forget to tell gratitude for every good thing that happens to you! The more grateful you are, the more good events you attract into your life.

#10 You Can Predict Bad Things

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One of the most common symptoms of psychic abilities is the ability to predict that something bad is about to happen. Some people can feel it with their heart when the heartbeat is raising or becomes stronger. Others may feel it with their skin when suddenly they feel jimjams or goosebumps. When they feel it they know something bad is about to happen with the people they know. This is also a manifestation of clairvoyance.

#11 Fear Of Open Doors

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If you have goosebumps when you are in an apartment with an open door, then perhaps it is not a phobia, but an internal unconscious fear of losing energy that should be concentrated in one place. Only very sensitive intuitive people can feel how their energy is going away when they are sitting in a room with an open door. You could notice that no psychic readings are ever performed in a room with an open door. And there is a reason for that.

#12 The Ability To See Aura

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If you are able to see the aura of people, animals or plants then you are definitely experiencing one of the symptoms of psychic abilities.

#13 Receiving Signs From Above

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Have you noticed that the Universe from time to time sends you clues in the form of numbers, names, colors, accidentally heard phrases? If you pay attention to these signs and can recognize them then it can be a sign you have a special connection with the Divine.

The Bottom Line

There are different symptoms of psychic abilities. It’s hard to find a psychic who would have them all. But if you can resonate with at least 5-6 of the above symptoms it is almost certain you have been awarded the gift of a psychic, and you should think about developing it.