Why You Should Use Spray Supplements and Vitamins

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The use of Spray Supplements and Vitamins have become increasingly popular. This is because our bodies have complex muscles that require various nutrients to function well. The nutrient can either be macro or micro. Macro-nutrients are those we require in large amounts, and they can be easily consumed by the food we eat. Examples of these are carbs, proteins, fats, and lipids.

On the other hand, micro-nutrients are those that are required in small amounts. Missing them in our regular diets is easy. Examples of these are vitamins and minerals. Vitamins are either fat or water soluble. These properties make it hard to have proper nutritional levels of vitamins in our bodies. Urine removes excess water-soluble vitamins and we need to take them daily.

Fat-soluble vitamins also pose serious problems when consumed in large amounts. Use vitamin supplements to ensure you get the optimum amount of vitamins and reduce wastage.

Do spray supplements and vitamins have any side effects?

Everything under the sun has its own set of pros and cons. This does not mean that we should accept anything on the market based on the benefits it offers to us. It is good and wise to know the cons of whatever you might be using so that you can know how to cautiously deal with it. In respect to the spray supplements and vitamins; there are some side effects associated with their use and these might include the following:

Some of the challenges associated with high vitamins intake

  • A headache, although it is not severe and in any case is easy to treat
  • Nausea
  • Weight loss
  • Birth defects
  • Excess Vitamin A can cause liver toxicity
  • Consumption of excess Vitamin C can cause increased iron absorption and kidney stones
  • Excess Vitamin B-6 can cause nerve damage
  • Vitamin D can cause irregular heart rhythms and lead to calcium deposits

What is the best solution then?

It is hard to get all the vitamins we require on a daily basis from the diet. It is also not healthy to consume them in large amounts since they will end up as waste or cause other problems in our bodies. The best solution to this is the use of vitamin supplements. These supplements are sold as either;

Among all these; spray supplements and vitamins are the most popular due to some reasons we will cover after looking at how they work and how safe they are to our bodies. However, for a quick mention, these sprays have the least secondary components.

What are their benefits? How do they help?

Taking spray supplements and vitamins will be essential and effective to our health in the following ways:

  • Vitamin deficiencies can lead to serious health problems and diseases like pellagra and poor eyesight. Taking spray supplements and vitamins reduce these risks to negligible levels.
  • They eliminate the swallowing part altogether. This means they are more efficient in terms of use. No water needed to take them.
  • They address more specific problems. For example, Instavit has a line of sprays that address sleep problems and immunity. ‘Better You’ is famously known for their magnesium spray supplements and vitamins.
  • Nutrition guru, Brooke Alpert and medical physician Susan Blum agree that spray supplements and vitamins are absorbed in the body in a super way. The body absorbs them effectively and in the short time possible.
  • They save you dollars: You can end up wasting your time and money if you follow the vitamin dieting program but you can’t go wrong with supplements. It is easy to flush the good stuff you consume without even knowing it especially when vitamins are concerned.
  • Some people have difficulties activating the majority of the B vitamins, and most spray supplements provide the activated forms of vitamins B

How do they work?

Among all the types of vitamin supplements, spray supplements and vitamins are the most popular due to the way they work. Their main mode of absorption is either through the skin or the digestive tract and more so the tongue. By using those two absorption methods, they bypass the digestion process. For example, a pill requires breaking down in the body and then waits for the system to distribute it to the various parts of the body.

The body’s metabolic processes have their own inefficiencies, and there are probabilities of improper absorption. With the spray supplements and vitamins, there is 100% efficiency in absorption, and this occurs within the shortest time possible.

How fast do they work?

These spray supplements and vitamins are effective, and they work very fast. Also, they are more affordable. They are in the pure state since they contain no fillers or binder agents. They are mostly in an active state. The same aspect also makes their absorption fast. Spray supplements and vitamins are directly absorbed into the system when taken through the skin or the tongue.

Any type of supplement takes at least 2-4 weeks to start working. In the case of minerals, more than 90 days might be required before seeing the effects of the dose. However, don’t confuse these long durations with inefficiencies. Always take the recommended daily intake of spray supplements and vitamins as prescribed.

The final take

We cannot conclude this section without pointing out some few things. Irrespective of how easy it is to get and use the spray supplements and vitamins, it is always advisable to seek medical advice before starting to use any of them. In most of the times, the proportion of vitamins we need is in line with our daily caloric requirements. If you copy another person’s strategy, you might only end up passing expensive urine.

There can’t be any fixed ratio of vitamins supplements and vitamins for all of us. In any case, you should also be cautious to avoid consuming more than you require. They might end up as wastage or cause you more harm than good. What you take your supplements with also matters. If you take them with caffeinated drinks, this greatly hampers their absorption.