Detox Water: Best Recipes For Body Cleanse

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Your diet can’t be effective without a competent body cleanse. Detox water is a perfect way to clean your intestine from toxins. In this article we will talk about what detox water is, how it helps you with your body cleanse,  how to drink it, what battles to use for storing it, and we also share our favorite recipes.

Why do we need detox?

When your body releases toxins regularly it helps you not just with your weight loss, but also gives you good health, and productive functioning of metabolism and digestion. As a result, detox leads to healthy skin and hair, increases efficiency and improves mental clarity.

Detox process includes several interrelated actions: diet, physical activity, and healthy eating. Detox is like “a day off” for your digestive system. During detox days food should be replaced with drinks. It gives a break to your body, so it can rest and heal itself.

Water benefits

Water Splash In Glass ImageWater is the life-giving substance to man, it has a powerful Wellness resource, so cleansing with water is the most effective thing you can do.

The benefits of water are that it:

  • strengthens your immune system;
  • boosts your metabolism;
  • has a positive effect on your skin – helps fight certain skin diseases;
  • helps to reduce your weight by removing toxins;
  • stimulates your body activity;
  • nourishes the cells with energy.

When you start doing a detox program regularly and properly, you will feel a surge of strength, lightness of the body, full of optimism and energized.

How to make detox water

For making detox water you will need 1 quart cold water, fruit and/or vegetables (see our chart below).

Choose your combination of fruit and/or vegetables from our chart below. Combine them with water and chill overnight, or drink after brief resting period.

Detox water recipes

SOLANCHA Chart of Detox Recipes