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Have You Ever Heard About Cat’s Magic? Here’s Something You Need To Know



I’m sure everyone knows that a cat is one of the most magical animals on Earth. Its aura is so great that it covers not only a specific person but also the entire family, home, and territory that a cat considers to be its property. Therefore, you need to understand that when a cat rubs against your legs, it’s not only trying to cuddle but it also means that it is sharing with you its magical, astral power. At the same time those, who alienates a cat, saying “Stop it! I have no time for you!”, simply refuses the positive energy and special cat magic that it wanted to share with them. Next time a cat will not offer such a man its astral power, and maybe even, conversely, it will take it away from a person.

First, let me share with you 4 ways to experience a cat’s magic!

1st Way To Experience Cat’s Magic – To Feel Its Protection

You should understand that the house it lives in is a sacred place for a cat. A cat not only protects the house from evil spirits and negative energy, but it also cleanses the energy of the house from it. This is especially useful for those who move into a new house in which someone has lived before.

Having discovered in the house evil spirits, the cat first watches it for a while, trying to determine its intentions. Making sure that this astral entity threatens its territory, the cat makes all attempts to expel it by means of a displacement of its energy field. And if it can’t do that, then it “draws” the evil spirit inside itself, and leads it out of the house.

cat's magic image

Therefore, if you see that your cat is constantly sitting in the same place of the house, in a tense position, obviously watching something, then you can be sure that there is an negative entity. If you want to help your cat get rid of the negative entities, read over the place any prayer or perform a cleansing ritual. If you do not know the prayers and do not know any magic cleansing technique, then in this case at least burn some incense or sage in this place. Sage is a very powerful tool that helps to expel negative spirits.

The presence of the cat will also protect you from any evil eye and spoilage. In this case at the moment of the alleged danger of damage or evil eye, or when you’re talking to a person you suspect in negative intention, you should keep your hands on the cat: place your left hand on the cat’s nape, and the right hand – on its tail. In this case, you will be in full contact with your cat, and your energy fields will close in a single circuit. This energetic unity with a cat will help will even help you keep a very strong magical attack from a sorcerer or witch.

2nd Way To Experience Cat’s Magic – To See Its Astral Abilities

All cats have very powerful astral abilities. Cats are so strong that they can easily drive out a ghost or astral body of the deceased of the house. For this reason, mages do not recommend keeping a cat in a room during the spiritual ritual. It can scare astral entities. Although in some cases the presence of cats in magical practices is highly encouraged.

3rd Way To Experience A Cat’s Magic – Let Your Cat Bring Cosmic Energy Into Your House

Since cats are conductors of cosmic energy, they can bring into your house abundance and prosperity for the whole family. Since cat likes to be in areas with a strong flow of energy (i.e. in the geopathogenic zones) and often chooses those places where a large number of negative energy is located. Therefore, cats can easily cleanse the space of the house from negative vibrations. In this case, the cat, figuratively speaking, works as a “vacuum cleaner”, taking on the negative energy and converting it into positive. We can say that if the trees transform harmful carbon dioxide into oxygen for us, the cats do the same work for humans, but in energy terms.

cat and woman magic image

This is due to the fact that the cat’s own biofield has a negative charge. Therefore the following ceremony is very popular in Russia: when people move to a new residence, they first let a cat enter new house. If the house is old, a cat takes away all negative energy, left from the previous owners. If the house is new, a cat charges it with positive energy.

4th Way To Experience A Cat’s Magic – Let Them Heal You

Cats are fantastic healers. They are intuitively attracted to ill places of your body. When you’re sick just watch what your cat will do. Most likely it will lie down on the ill part of your body. Be grateful – pet your cat and receive the healing.

Does Color Matter?

It does! Every cat comes to a person with its personal mission. Some cats are good protectors, others are great magicians! You can attract unexpected abundance and wealth after taking a kitten from the shelter just because a cat of this certain color attracts prosperity wherever it goes. Different colors represent different missions of cats. Let’s take a brief look at some of them!

Black Cat

black cat's magic image

It represents magic, occult power, protection! Despite all superstitions, cats of this color take away negative energy, take away trouble from households, grant wisdom and insight! In Britain black cat is considered a good omen.

Red Cat

red cat's magic image

It is the classic satellite of witches, full of male power, the power of the Sun, the Yang energy. No matter what sex they are, representatives of this color carry the magic of wealth.

Blue (Gray, Smoky Gray) Cat

blue cat's magic image

Cats of this color are silent and secret. According to old Thailand tradition, a cat of this color should be given to a bride as a gift! And it makes complete sense! Cats of this shade bring love, happiness, luck, as well as emotional stability and sensual peace!

White Cats

white cat's magic image

They are cats-sorcerers, creators of lunar magic, and powerful healers! White cats give people a sense of beauty and admiration, relieve tension, charge with health energy!

Colorpoint (Color of Siamese Cat)

colorpoint cat's magic image

Cats with this color bred in Siamese temples were segregated from others protecting the purity of this color. Cats of this color bring fame and success, longevity, help in solar magic, Yang energy.

Calico (Tricolor) Cat

tricolor cat's magic image

This is the Supreme goddess’ cat. In classic tricolor, colors are combined white, red, and black. This color is associated with the three-faced Goddess. Calico cats bring good luck, keep the house and family from harm, bring happiness and well-being.

Two-color (Black And White, Orange And White, Gray And White) Cats

two-color cat's magic image

Cats with this color give the energy of wisdom, understanding and common sense!

Tortoise Color Cats

This is the color of female magic because the breed genes of this color are inherited only by females. They represent pure magic, psychic abilities, and healing.

Golden, Golden-Brown Cats

They are revered temple cats. Cats with this color are playful, wise, Regal. They give grace, help to master the ancient wisdom, and solar magic.

Tabby (Striped) Cat

tabby cat's magic image

It is a smiling Cheshire cat. It brings good luck, easy and fun attitude to situations (even the most critical), energizes people with a sense of humor and enthusiasm.



Katya Ki is the Founder of SOLANCHA Magazine, a Metaphysical Expert, a Reiki Master, and Human Rights Attorney. She has been studying Eastern metaphysics, cosmology, and esotericism for almost 20 years now. And she's still discovering new knowledge, which is hidden in ancient teachings. During her pilgrimage to the monastery of Saint Catherine in Egypt, she discovered the SOLANCHA System. This is how the SOLANCHA journey started!


Kundalini Awakening Symptoms Everyone Should Know



Kundalini awakening symptoms image

From Sanskrit, the word “Kundalini” can be translated as “twisted” (like a snake or a steel spring), and traditionally the snake is its symbol. In ancient Indian manuscripts, Kundalini is described as a form of biological energy dormant in the human body. It is regarded as the basis of life, as the main form of energy that can be concentrated in the brain, and without which neither genius nor inspiration can exist. If you are engaged in any spiritual practices, then you need to understand clearly what Kundalini is and what Kundalini awakening symptoms you may experience.

What is Kundalini?

According to the ancient texts, the Kundalini energy is present in the whole body but is concentrated mainly in the lower part of the spine, that is, in the genital area, transmitting vital energy to the offspring. This “snake energy” can be woken up, and through the spine and chakras transferred to the brain.

kundalini spine image

Kundalini is extraordinarily powerful. A key to eternal youth and flourishing mental abilities is hidden in it. Indian Kundalini specialist Gopi Krishna said that Kundalini, being awakened, can be a source of mental strength, genius, artistic talent, and scientific achievements. That is, all that is characteristic of a high level of consciousness. According to Gopi Krishna, the process of awakening and ascent of Kundalini expands the range of hidden human abilities.

In ancient manuscripts of Tibet, Egypt, and Greece, as well as in other cultures, there is evidence of the Kundalini Energy existence. Even the first Christians knew about its existence. The headdress of the Pharaoh, and feathered snakes from Mexico and South America – all indicate the acquaintance of the ancient initiates with the energy of the Kundalini snake.

No one can predict who, when, and how this energy will awaken. However, one should know that only people with a pure mind, heart, and body can experience the awakening. For the Kundalini awakening, you should have as few psychological and emotional conflicts as possible. Moreover, your body should be as free as possible from the blocks and tensions. It is also good to have fewer attachments and idealizations defined by everyday concerns.

Kundalini’s awakening can occur in the form of an unexpected surge, like a dam break, sharp and, above all, uncontrollable and therefore – dangerous. For the time being, this energy is in a kind of preserved, dormant state. However, under certain conditions, it begins a spontaneous awakening and rises from the spine to the head. During this process, the energy transforms the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual systems of the person experiencing its rising.

What Is Kundalini Rising?

The process of Kundalini rising is an evolutionary process of transformation of the human personality. Your physical body, consciousness, and subconsciousness go through a big transformation. You’re changing your view and attitude toward life. Moreover, you’re developing unusual abilities.

kundalini yoga image

Kundalini is vital energy. Its thin stream always flows through us, through our bodies as long as we are alive. Some people have more of it, and they are successful in their life. And others have less of it, and they are less successful.

Kundalini needs to circulate freely in our bodies. But most people clog their path with various mental blocks, attachments, and conflict events that burden them. By eliminating these blocks, we free the path for the free flow of energy transformation. And when Kundalini flow can overcome these mental blocks it starts a rapid process of rising. And only then, when it clears us in its movement from the bottom up – it’s hot energy begins a cold downward flow from the top down, the flow of divine cosmic energy. That’s when the extraordinary miracles begin.

Kundalini awakening can be considered the most important and greatest event in the life of every person. Only from this moment does your true rebirth, awakening, and spiritualization begin. Only from this moment, a person starts the real path of improvement. And the beginning of the Kundalini rising is the first real step into a completely different, fabulous world of high energies, unusual phenomena, and new opportunities.

How Does Kundalini Awakening Happen?

Many spiritual practitioners have come up with different stages, or other indicators to specify their apparent progress in the process of evolution. However, it must be admitted that until you have experienced the transformation of personality in the fire of Kundalini, all other manifestations of enlightenment are only temporary success and lie only in the plane of the mind.

Some people can awaken the Kundalini energy consciously, following the methods developed by various spiritual schools. Others unconsciously, intuitively build their lives and change their views and beliefs by the Universal laws. Commonly, people experience spontaneous Kundalini awakening, even if they’ve never heard anything about it.

From Vedic texts, it is known that the flow of Kundalini energy rises through the energy channel located along the spine vertically. Until the awakening, this channel is usually closed. The fire of Kundalini gradually clears and opens this energy channel. As the Central channel is opened (cleaned), the Kundalini energy activates the chakras located along the spine, which, in turn, also begin to produce energy intensively. So it gradually opens up the entire Central channel and chakras.

chakra test image

When the Kundalini reaches the last and highest 7th chakra in the crown, you become ready to perceive the subtle and higher energies from the Cosmos. Each chakra can receive cosmic energy and send its own to Cosmos. You become able to assimilate cosmic energies, which immediately turn on the process of transformation. In the course of it, you acquire that great power for which anything is possible. By using this power you can do amazing things, which, from the point of view of the laws of the physical world, are considered miracles.

As your Kundalini awakens, you begin to experience a number of strange phenomena. That’s why you need to know what Kundalini awakening symptoms are.

Kundalini Awakening Symptoms

Body Symptoms

  • Involuntary twitching, trembling, vibration, spasms.
  • Muscle contractions, especially in the anus, abdomen, and throat.
  • Sudden movements of hands, feet, or head.
  • Twitching of the whole body when a strong flow of energy rises inside, starting from the toe, foot, or base of the spine.

Physical Symptoms

Physical Kundalini awakening symptoms are:

  • Feelings of ecstasy and bliss, average in intensity or strong, lasting several minutes or several months.
  • A feeling of intoxication, detachment, a slight feeling of being outside the body. Falling into a trance, a fixed gaze directed into space.
  • Heart rate increase.
  • The feeling like you’re touching the electrical outlet, tingling, itching.
  • Unbalance, tension, and pulsation, sometimes replaced by lethargy.
  • Nausea, abdominal pain.
  • Chest pain, like a heart attack.
kundalini awakening symptoms chest pain image
  • Persistent or temporary pain throughout the body that cannot be diagnosed.
  • Aching back pain and sharp pain along the spine.
  • Headaches, a feeling of buzz in the head, tingling, itching, or goosebumps on the scalp.
  • Electrical sensations in the head, feeling like the skull is opening.
  • Numbness of the arms and legs in General, or the hands or feet.
  • Pain or a feeling of electrical tingling in the big toes, darkening or falling off the toenail.
  • Intense sexual arousal, spontaneous orgasms experienced in the genital area or described as “covering the whole body” or “brain orgasms”.
  • Vibration and energy coming out of your ears.
  • The increased activity followed by exhaustion.
  • Hair stands on end.
  • Protruding the abdomen, as if during pregnancy.
  • Spontaneous filling of the lungs with air.
  • The taste of sweet nectar flowing from head to throat.

Diseases Or Pseudo Diseases

  • Imaginary heart attacks are usually a false alarm; complaints that the heart is not beating.
  • A person’s sincere belief that he or she is dying, accompanied by vague pains and complaints.
  • The manifestation of other hidden diseases: wandering pain, hyperemia, digestive problems, and other complaints about the various organs of the body, disappearing without any treatment.

Visual Symptoms

The variety of visual Kundalini awakening symptoms is striking: it’s like lightning rays of light in your head, visions, or hallucinations (by the way, they can be quite frightening!). There were cases when there was a small sparkling point in the Third eye area. Tibetan monks call it ”the seed of light”, but it is not necessary that it arises in the area of the forehead. The sparkling point can arise between you and the object, or arise during meditation, and even when you are in a normal state, and it does not matter — your eyes are open or closed at this moment.

kundalini awakening symptoms light image

You may also become extremely sensitive to light or experience sudden vision – all colors seem very bright. Some people even start being able to see the aura.

Other visual Kundalini awakening symptoms are burning eyes and twitching in the area between the eyebrows.

Temperature Change

One of the most common Kundalini awakening symptoms is a temperature change. The sensation of it occurs in the following ways:

  • Waves of heat, sometimes with sweating.
  • The heat may flow from the body or feel like intense burning.
  • Night sweating.
  • Waves of icy cold, sometimes followed by waves of heat.
  • Feelings of heat or cold in different parts of the body, especially in the hands or at the base of the spine.

Emotional Symptoms

Emotional Kundalini awakening symptoms are:

  • Depression.
  • Anxiety.
  • Anger.
  • Guilt.
  • Temporary confusion of thoughts and difficulties with the performance of work tasks.
  • Insomnia.
  • Uncharacteristic of the person’s strong sexual desire.
  • Temporary problems with sexual identity.
  • Visions or hearing sounds.
  • Disorderly thoughts, indecision,
  • Bombast and arrogance.
  • Easy entry into a trance or semi-conscious state.

Increased Psychic Or Empathic Abilities

  • A vision or a sense of aura.
  • Seeing and understanding the signs from the Universe.
  • The ability to heal certain diseases with the energy of hands.
  • Involuntary recollection of past life experiences.
  • A better understanding of spiritual Scriptures.
aura image
  • Feeling the ability to influence another person’s thoughts.
  • Instinctive-intuitive knowing what needs to be done.
  • A sense of the presence of a luminous being or teacher from another dimension.
  • Psychokinetic phenomena (interference in electrical devices, moving objects, destruction of objects, etc.).
  • Out-of-body experiences.
  • Extended panoramic perception of everything.


Another Kundalini awakening common symptom is a feeling like you’re outside of your own body. Sometimes this is manifested as a detachment from the daily routine or even detachment from everything material.


We all know that the food we eat affects not just our physical bodies and health but also our energy. That is why when we’re experiencing Kundalini awakening symptoms we also notice that our eating habits change dramatically. The most interesting thing is that the changes in our eating habits are effortless. They happen naturally. It feels like your body itself tells you what you need to eat.


It is the Kundalini that opens the gates of further human evolution and gives us the power to understand and fulfill our life’s mission. And if you are in the process of reading this article felt unusual or similar phenomena – do not be afraid of what is happening! Take everything as it is, do not resist what is happening. Now you know and understand what is happening or what may happen to you in the future. I hope that the knowledge contained in this article will give you confidence, protect you from possible troubles and open the door to a great future!


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Archetypal Astrology: Navigating Life With the Help of the Stars



Archetypal astrology image

The practice of astrology dates back thousands of years. Mesopotamia, India, China, and other regions all practiced astrology differently. Archetypal astrology is a specific branch of western astrology that focuses on the psycho-spiritual growth path of an individual as a story of their life. So instead of predicting what will happen outside a person’s life, we focus on what happens inside with a psychological view. In this article, we will share with you what archetypal astrology is and where it came from.

Understanding Archetypal Astrology

Do you struggle to find motivation within yourself? Do you always wonder if the path you’re on today is the right one? Well, archetypal astrology takes an in-depth look at your birth chart to identify how your past relates to your current state. 

For example, we ask questions such as:

  • Who are your parents? 
  • Who are the people you met along the way?
  • What were the events that shaped you?

When you look at the answers to these and more questions, our astrological birth charts show us our past struggles so we can eventually gain meaning from them, draw inspiration, and move forward. 

The History

Archetypal astrology developed as a result of clinical research in psychedelic therapy. Psychedelic medicine was used to alter the human consciousness to allow the person to experience an inner realm that was as vast as the outer realm. It induced a feeling of the person not being limited to the physical form. 

As our scientific view started to shift, our inner child began to get detached from the outer world. For example, previously, some communities believed that thunder was a projection of an angry god. However, today, we all know that mindset is merely a projection of our thoughts and what we choose to believe. The scientists then borrowed an astrology birth chart to help them clarify the results they were getting in their research. 

Understanding Your Birth Chart

astrological birth chart image

Each individual has a different and unique birth chart, including twins. In astrology, we look at the ten major planets – Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. These planets reflect differently in each area of your life, including major relationship shifts, during nurturing (motherhood), self-growth, finances, careers, etc. 

For example, Saturn gives structure and order. So if your Saturn is active during motherhood, you are most likely to be the super organized mom who never runs out of groceries. 

Mars talks about our willpower which includes how we approach life. For example, our ability to be angry. If Mars shows up during courtship, for example, you might come across as a very strong team player (you’re always the first to suggest the next date) or the opposite.

The Key Areas to Look at When Reading Your Birth Chart

Exact Birth Time

The time you were born determines your rising sign. Think of the horoscopes here. It’s the character that people first see when they meet you. And this might not necessarily reflect your dominant personality. It’s just that it has a way of showing up first. For example, if you are a Scorpio rising, you would be very guarded – polite yet mysterious. Similarly, if you were an Aries rising, you’d be in people’s faces and present – the go-getter. 

Relating Archetypes in your Astrology Chart

planetary mantras jyotish image

We have discussed the Jungian archetypes before. So how do these relate to astrology? We will discuss this with practical examples. Now we’ve discussed the rising? Let’s look at the Moon. The Moon is our emotional nature. How you try to get your needs met in a manipulative way. For example, if the moon is in your Gemini, it could mean intellectual manipulation. Then we have the shadow self. We cannot kill the darker Self, but we can always mask it.  

The Sun describes the Self – the divine will that we all seek. It magnifies or suppresses our true persona.

Each planetary archetype has unique traits, as detailed below. 

  • Mars is the creator 
  • Venus is the lover
  • Mercury is the trickster
  • Jupiter is the seeker or the explorer 
  • Neptune is pure or innocent
  • Uranus is the rebel or the freedom seeker
  • Pluto is the magician
  • Saturn is the sage


Why Do We Look at The Stars?

Since time immemorial, before the evolution of humanity, our ancestors relied on the stars for directions. We even read about the three Wise men who followed a star to guide them to where Jesus was born, right? These stars also had several stories told about them. For example, in mythology, Aries, the Greek god of war, had uncontrollable anger. The same anger is seen within the sign of Aries to date. Did you know ship captains also study the stars to help navigate? 

In addition to direction, the stars also helped our ancestors predict the season. Winter is fast approaching when the Orion constellation is brightest in the sky. And that’s how they planned the yearly calendar to know when to plant or stock up for hibernation. 

Gradually, astrology was born. And today, we are relating our archetypes to astrology to help analyze our past and hopefully connect it to our present. Astrology can be a tool we use to create the path we want, and it can also be used to create a more harmonious and peaceful self within ourselves and between other people and us. This way, we can transcend the physical level of our conscious awareness to higher levels. 

The Bottom Line

Nothing happens by coincidence. We illuminate energy from within us that eventually impacts our outer environment, just like our external environment impacts our inner energies. Archetypal astrology is an amazing tool for our spiritual growth. When you notice something unique around you, look closely. It could be a sign to deliver a message to you about yourself or your current path, or the immediate world around you. Remember that what happens ultimately narrows down to your choices to act upon the messages or ignore them. Otherwise, the universe is still in motion, and its vibrations continue to manifest all the time. 

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Personal Development

Face Reading: Understanding Your Unique Facial Features



Face Reading Image

Physiognomy and facial expression encompass all the characteristics of each distinct human face. Physiognomy, or the study of facial features, is not a separate branch of biology or psychology. However, it has long been a subject of interest to those seeking to differentiate and understand people’s faces. This subject has also fascinated people’s minds with recognizing facial emotions and little expressions. The ideal technique to study face reading is first to understand how to distinguish different facial characteristics and then tie them to their associated personality traits. 

In this article, we will discuss these distinct areas of physiognomy.

Basics to Face Reading

Physiognomy is an art of face reading based on the belief that the face is a portal to a person’s character. You can learn so much about people’s personalities just by being attentive to their facial features and expressions.

Facial Shape

Let’s start face reading by figuring out what the shape of your face signifies.

Round Face 

They are known as water-shaped because their faces are fleshy and plump. They are said to be compassionate and kind and full of intense sexual fantasies. These individuals will be a gem if you want a committed, long-term relationship.

Oblong Face

An oblong face is long and thin, often called a wood-shaped face. People with oblong faces tend to be physically fit or muscular. They are seen as being more hardworking, meticulous, and realistic. However, sometimes they can be narcissistic and may have toxic relationships.

Triangular Face

Triangular face shapes are often associated with a small body frame and intellectual conviction. According to Chinese face readers, they are regarded as imaginative but possess a fiery temperament. 

Square Face

Also known as the metal shape face, these individuals possess logical, analytical, and decisive minds. A square shape may also indicate aggression and dominance.

Rectangular Face

People with rectangular faces prefer to rule but with less vigor. They often succeed in business, sports, and politics while always being balanced. Sometimes, they are ambitious or sad.

Oval Face

An oval face expresses a relatively balanced, lovely, and charming temperament. Often, these individuals are the best diplomats or duplicates. Although they lack physical strength and are sometimes inactive, they can be deadly due to their temperamental weaknesses.


Abundance Haircuts In November 2020 Image

Blonde Hair

Blonde hair indicates a physical fragility and coldness. They may seem impressionable and carefree, but they are knowledgeable and have an excellent memory. Their hair color also symbolizes youth, and sometimes naive. 

Black Hair

A person with straight black hair seems serene. Curly black hair shows a joyful and affectionate person.

Brown Hair

People with brown hair have strong personalities and liberal beliefs. They are often indifferent. Brown hair also suggests vulnerability and a passionate character. 

Silky, dark brown hair reveals an alluring, seductive personality. These individuals are bright, like being among other people, and are proud and self-assured.

Coarse, brown hair hints at independence, lack of sensitivity, and indifference. They are trustworthy (good with money), responsible, and often more diligent than others.

Red Hair

Dark red-haired people are brave. Often they are skeptical, quarrelsome, and resentful. They are physically strong and almost savage in their power.

Bright red hair conveys intelligence, sensibility, and a clear soul. If the hair is silky, it indicates a caring, enthusiastic, and passionate personality. It might also demonstrate creativity, lyrical nature, romanticism, appreciation of the arts, and musical taste.

Pale red hair is fashionable, yet it lacks substance.

Face Hair

A man with a hairy face is emotional, intense, full of life, and enjoys outdoor activities and sports.

A smooth-faced man is crafty, diplomatic, brilliant, and astute in business. They are also intellectual with a domineering spirit.


Physiognomy ears image

Small ears signify respect, decency, love, shyness, and reservation. Long, narrow ears accentuate these traits.

Medium ears indicate energy and resolve, while thicker earlobes indicate heightened emotions.

Big ears and thick earlobes are indicators of rudeness and materialism.

Distanced ears reveal a thirst for cruelty and devastation, while a pair of vertical ears convey authority, boldness, and strength.

Normal ears do not extend over or below the brows and nose. People whose ears extend over their eyebrows seem to be furious, vengeful, and sometimes even criminal-minded.

Ears with detached earlobes from the head indicate generosity and a free spirit. Earlobes that are closed to the head are antithetical to these characteristics. A wide gap between the ears and eyes means intelligence and skill.


face reading forehead image

A high forehead indicates a person who loves to study and learn about new things. These people are well-trained, dedicated, and successful.

An intuitive disposition, equipped with inherent talent and creativity, is shown by a low and broad forehead. These folks are pretty spontaneous and often have a shining spirit. Instead of studying for information, they are more focused on impressions.

The ideal forehead is somewhat higher than average and has well-shaped brows. It indicates a good chance of long-term success.

An honest, sincere person has a square forehead. These traits are enhanced by straight brows but diminished by a loose forehead.

A forehead with deep lines (wrinkles) indicates someone who enjoys research and study, while a forehead without lines conveys sarcasm, selfishness, coldness, and sometimes lack of empathy.


Physiognomy eyes image

The eyes are the portal to a person’s soul. Therefore, it is very important to pay special attention to people’s eyes when you’re doing a face reading. Let’s dive into the basics of how to read people’s personalities by their eyes.

Eyes that shift in color and shade reflect creativity and lightness in the heart, yet honesty in the workplace. These individuals have vibrant, brave personalities.

People with large, round eyes tend to be artistic, spontaneous, creative, sensual, and loving. They are also sincere, naive, and straightforward, especially when there’s a considerable distance between their eyes. 

Closed eyelids suggest concentration, agitation, and a desire for change. 

Small-eyed show an artistic nature of a person. Often, this is an extraordinary person who is not always able to agree with someone else’s opinion and adapt to others. Rarely achieving success in their youth, they further realize themselves through hard work, colossal willpower, and diligence.

People that have distanced eyes are often impatient and often struggle to understand others. But if they are busy with monotonous or simple work, they can be excellent performers.

Men with eyes located close to each other are often fickle and tend to change jobs and professions. Women with such eyes tend to be jealous and conflicted. But such women are distinguished by the ability to understand people well and anticipate others’ actions.

Eyelids concealing the eyes indicate a sensual, romantic, and passionate person. Such a person may have a secret romance and may have a tendency to keep their relationship in secret.


face reading nose image

An aquiline nose indicates strength, grit, and pride.

If the nose is narrow, it suggests a person with a dictatorial character.

A straight, well-shaped nose demonstrates tolerance, friendliness, balance, elegance, and the ability to endure. It also conveys interest, coldness and indifference, and liberal views towards moral and social norms.

At all times, a nose with a hump was considered the nose of aristocrats and philosophers. A nose with a hump is endowed with people who are determined and brave. They tend to always think rationally and logically. They are ambitious and go for their personal happiness.

A person with a snub nose is very outgoing, charming, and energetic. A snub nose speaks of the calmness and eloquence of a person.

A large nose with a rounded tip shows a smart and creative person. They are kind, benevolent, and philanthropic.

A large and long nose indicates the waywardness and perseverance of a person. Most often, they love money and know how to make it. They also tend to be very strict with people around them, they are very demanding.

A person with a short nose is easily influenced. The approval of others is very important to them. They are also very open and sociable people. They have a flexible and rather soft character. But it is important to know that such people are also impulsive.

A person with a wide nose is emotional and loyal. Most often, these people are very charming and easygoing. These people are characterized by increased sexuality and a passion for various adventures.

Final Remarks

Once you have a basic understanding of face reading, you may utilize this understanding together with your intuition to determine what a particular facial feature may signify. Of course, this isn’t an exact science, so enjoy yourself.

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Kundalini awakening symptoms image Kundalini awakening symptoms image
Awareness2 days ago

Kundalini Awakening Symptoms Everyone Should Know

From Sanskrit, the word “Kundalini” can be translated as “twisted” (like a snake or a steel spring), and traditionally the...

fluoride deception image fluoride deception image
Health1 week ago

Exposing the Fluoride Deception: Facts, Issues, and Tips

We all know most commercial tubes of toothpaste contain fluoride, right? Did you also know that since 1962 PHS (Public...

pineal gland image pineal gland image
Awareness1 week ago

Pineal Gland: Unblocking the Gateway to Expanded Consciousness

Yogis believe that the space between the eyebrows is very important. And that explains why this space is marked with...

Fawn Trauma Response Image Fawn Trauma Response Image
Healing2 weeks ago

Fawn Trauma Response: Unlearn the People-Pleasing Behavior 

Fawning is about being big on pleasing people and engaging in pacifying behaviors. In fawn trauma response, the victim prioritizes...

father wound image father wound image
Healing1 month ago

7 Symptoms of a Father Wound and How You Can Heal It

Was your father present in your life growing up? How would you describe your relationship with him? Was it the...

Diet in Meditation and Yoga Asana Image Diet in Meditation and Yoga Asana Image
Health1 month ago

Importance of Diet in Meditation and Yoga Asana

Most of us are well versed in the idea of yoga and meditation as effective interventions for maintaining good health....

Transgenerational Trauma Image Transgenerational Trauma Image
Healing2 months ago

What Is Transgenerational Trauma? The Signs & Solutions

What is that one thing you can think of passed down to you or your parents from your ancestors? It...

unblocking chakras for beginners cheat sheets image unblocking chakras for beginners cheat sheets image
Healing2 months ago

Unblocking Chakras for Beginners: a Detailed Guide

Different cultures identify seven energy centers of the body, often referred to as chakras. They pinpoint ways to balance or...

shadow archetype image shadow archetype image
Healing2 months ago

Meet Your Shadow Archetype: The Dark Side of Your Personality

Let’s face it. In every story, there is a hero and a villain. In your narration, you are both; the...

mother wound healing image mother wound healing image
Healing3 months ago

Mother Wound Healing: Breaking The Chains of Generational Trauma 

We all need mother wound healing. See, the mother-daughter bond is one of the most powerful ever. It may be...



Archetypal astrology image Archetypal astrology image
Astrology3 days ago

Archetypal Astrology: Navigating Life With the Help of the Stars

The practice of astrology dates back thousands of years. Mesopotamia, India, China, and other regions all practiced astrology differently. Archetypal...

Face Reading Image Face Reading Image
Personal Development4 days ago

Face Reading: Understanding Your Unique Facial Features

Physiognomy and facial expression encompass all the characteristics of each distinct human face. Physiognomy, or the study of facial features,...

Soul Exhaustion Image Soul Exhaustion Image
Awareness5 days ago

Soul Exhaustion: Why Are You Always Feeling Tired?

Did you know that feeling constantly exhausted is also a sign of a tired soul? Yes, despite having an active...

Signs You’re an Old Soul Image Signs You’re an Old Soul Image
Personal Development1 week ago

8 Signs You’re an Old Soul & What It Really Means

Suppose you didn’t know your current age; how old do you reckon you would be today? If you guessed a...

The Full Harvest Moon 2021 image The Full Harvest Moon 2021 image
Astrology2 weeks ago

The August Full Moon Brings Global Hypnosis, the World is Under a Spell

The full moon rises on Thursday, August 11th. According to Jyotish (Vedic astrology), it occurs in the sign of Capricorn....

Feng Shui Astrology for August Image Feng Shui Astrology for August Image
Astrology2 weeks ago

Feng Shui Astrology For August 2022: What to Expect This Month?

Feng Shui astrology is based on the Chinese calendar. The dates of the beginning and the end of the months are...

The Most Accurate Horoscope for August 2022 Image The Most Accurate Horoscope for August 2022 Image
Astrology3 weeks ago

The Most Accurate Horoscope for August 2022

This article will share the most accurate horoscope for August 2022 based on the Feng Shui flying stars chart. The horoscope includes predictions for different spheres of life...

Hungry Ghost Month Image Hungry Ghost Month Image
Astrology3 weeks ago

Hungry Ghost Month 2022 Is Coming: Here’s Your Survival Guide

In Chinese culture, the seventh month of the Chinese calendar is regarded as the Hungry Ghost Month. It is believed that during...

Jupiter Retrograde 2021 Image Jupiter Retrograde 2021 Image
Astrology3 weeks ago

Jupiter Retrograde 2022: What to Expect According to Vedic Astrology?

On July 28th, Jupiter enters its retrograde phase, which will last until November 23rd, 2022. Jupiter’s retrograde motion will encourage us to...

Abundance Haircuts In August 2021 Image Abundance Haircuts In August 2021 Image
Abundant Living3 weeks ago

Abundance Haircuts In August 2022: Good And Bad Days To Cut Your Hair

Abundance Haircuts is a sutra based on the Tibetan calendar. It reveals the negative consequences of cutting your hair on the bad days and the incredible...


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