Have You Ever Heard About Cat’s Magic? Here’s Something You Need To Know

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I’m sure everyone knows that a cat is one of the most magical animals on Earth. Its aura is so great that it covers not only a specific person but also the entire family, home, and territory that a cat considers to be its property. Therefore, you need to understand that when a cat rubs against your legs, it’s not only trying to cuddle but it also means that it is sharing with you its magical, astral power. At the same time those, who alienates a cat, saying “Stop it! I have no time for you!”, simply refuses the positive energy and special cat magic that it wanted to share with them. Next time a cat will not offer such a man its astral power, and maybe even, conversely, it will take it away from a person.

First, let me share with you 4 ways to experience a cat’s magic!

1st Way To Experience Cat’s Magic – To Feel Its Protection

You should understand that the house it lives in is a sacred place for a cat. A cat not only protects the house from evil spirits and negative energy, but it also cleanses the energy of the house from it. This is especially useful for those who move into a new house in which someone has lived before.

Having discovered in the house evil spirits, the cat first watches it for a while, trying to determine its intentions. Making sure that this astral entity threatens its territory, the cat makes all attempts to expel it by means of a displacement of its energy field. And if it can’t do that, then it “draws” the evil spirit inside itself, and leads it out of the house.

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Therefore, if you see that your cat is constantly sitting in the same place of the house, in a tense position, obviously watching something, then you can be sure that there is an negative entity. If you want to help your cat get rid of the negative entities, read over the place any prayer or perform a cleansing ritual. If you do not know the prayers and do not know any magic cleansing technique, then in this case at least burn some incense or sage in this place. Sage is a very powerful tool that helps to expel negative spirits.

The presence of the cat will also protect you from any evil eye and spoilage. In this case at the moment of the alleged danger of damage or evil eye, or when you’re talking to a person you suspect in negative intention, you should keep your hands on the cat: place your left hand on the cat’s nape, and the right hand – on its tail. In this case, you will be in full contact with your cat, and your energy fields will close in a single circuit. This energetic unity with a cat will help will even help you keep a very strong magical attack from a sorcerer or witch.

2nd Way To Experience Cat’s Magic – To See Its Astral Abilities

All cats have very powerful astral abilities. Cats are so strong that they can easily drive out a ghost or astral body of the deceased of the house. For this reason, mages do not recommend keeping a cat in a room during the spiritual ritual. It can scare astral entities. Although in some cases the presence of cats in magical practices is highly encouraged.

3rd Way To Experience A Cat’s Magic – Let Your Cat Bring Cosmic Energy Into Your House

Since cats are conductors of cosmic energy, they can bring into your house abundance and prosperity for the whole family. Since cat likes to be in areas with a strong flow of energy (i.e. in the geopathogenic zones) and often chooses those places where a large number of negative energy is located. Therefore, cats can easily cleanse the space of the house from negative vibrations. In this case, the cat, figuratively speaking, works as a “vacuum cleaner”, taking on the negative energy and converting it into positive. We can say that if the trees transform harmful carbon dioxide into oxygen for us, the cats do the same work for humans, but in energy terms.

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This is due to the fact that the cat’s own biofield has a negative charge. Therefore the following ceremony is very popular in Russia: when people move to a new residence, they first let a cat enter new house. If the house is old, a cat takes away all negative energy, left from the previous owners. If the house is new, a cat charges it with positive energy.

4th Way To Experience A Cat’s Magic – Let Them Heal You

Cats are fantastic healers. They are intuitively attracted to ill places of your body. When you’re sick just watch what your cat will do. Most likely it will lie down on the ill part of your body. Be grateful – pet your cat and receive the healing.

Does Color Matter?

It does! Every cat comes to a person with its personal mission. Some cats are good protectors, others are great magicians! You can attract unexpected abundance and wealth after taking a kitten from the shelter just because a cat of this certain color attracts prosperity wherever it goes. Different colors represent different missions of cats. Let’s take a brief look at some of them!

Black Cat

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It represents magic, occult power, protection! Despite all superstitions, cats of this color take away negative energy, take away trouble from households, grant wisdom and insight! In Britain black cat is considered a good omen.

Red Cat

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It is the classic satellite of witches, full of male power, the power of the Sun, the Yang energy. No matter what sex they are, representatives of this color carry the magic of wealth.

Blue (Gray, Smoky Gray) Cat

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Cats of this color are silent and secret. According to old Thailand tradition, a cat of this color should be given to a bride as a gift! And it makes complete sense! Cats of this shade bring love, happiness, luck, as well as emotional stability and sensual peace!

White Cats

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They are cats-sorcerers, creators of lunar magic, and powerful healers! White cats give people a sense of beauty and admiration, relieve tension, charge with health energy!

Colorpoint (Color of Siamese Cat)

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Cats with this color bred in Siamese temples were segregated from others protecting the purity of this color. Cats of this color bring fame and success, longevity, help in solar magic, Yang energy.

Calico (Tricolor) Cat

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This is the Supreme goddess’ cat. In classic tricolor, colors are combined white, red, and black. This color is associated with the three-faced Goddess. Calico cats bring good luck, keep the house and family from harm, bring happiness and well-being.

Two-color (Black And White, Orange And White, Gray And White) Cats

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Cats with this color give the energy of wisdom, understanding and common sense!

Tortoise Color Cats

This is the color of female magic because the breed genes of this color are inherited only by females. They represent pure magic, psychic abilities, and healing.

Golden, Golden-Brown Cats

They are revered temple cats. Cats with this color are playful, wise, Regal. They give grace, help to master the ancient wisdom, and solar magic.

Tabby (Striped) Cat

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It is a smiling Cheshire cat. It brings good luck, easy and fun attitude to situations (even the most critical), energizes people with a sense of humor and enthusiasm.