Reiki Principles: Old Traditions From the New Perspective

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Reiki principles represent a mystical aspect of the art of managing the vital energy. They are a guide for our spiritual path. By integrating Reiki principles into our lives, we provide ourselves with everything we need for effective Reiki practice, spiritual development, and harmonious life.

Many Reiki practitioners get confused by the huge number of different versions and interpretations of the principles. Moreover, each master insists on the correctness of his version, which differs significantly from each other. Each master declares the authenticity, tradition and full compliance with the spirit of Mikao Usui of the principles he teaches his students. Thus, in modern reality, there is no single approach to the formulation of spiritual principles, nor to their understanding, which leads to the impossibility of their effective practical implementation.

The key point in understanding Reiki principles is the level of consciousness to which humanity comes in connection with the transition of the planet’s new frequencies of vibrations. Let me remind you that Mikao Usui did not develop these principles himself, but received them from Emperor Meiji, who ruled in Japan in the late XIX-early XX centuries. The vibrations of the planet of that time resonated with these principles. However, now, after more than a century, the spiritual principles of Reiki require adaptation to the energy of our time and modern society. That is why in this article I’m going to share with you new formulations of the traditional Reiki principles, adapted to a new level of human consciousness.

Traditional Reiki Principles vs. Modern Reiki Principles

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As you can see, the traditional Reiki principles bring our attention to the future moment. That’s why many Reiki practitioners can’t find a way to practice them in life. Our subconsciousness reads them literally “I will” is not NOW. On the contrary, the new modern principles are calling for focusing on the present moment “here and now”.

The phrase “just for today” is translated by our subconsciousness as the time limit. “Today” can be interpreted as “in an hour”, “in two hours”, “later today” etc. But when we use the phrase “here and now” our subconsciousness understands that we’re focusing our intention on the present moment.

In my opinion, these two adjustments are very important and bring us to the right mindset for Reiki principles practice.

Why Is It So Important to Practice Reiki Principles Consciously?

Not every Master talks about it, but you should know that each Reiki principle contains a hidden energy code aimed at the transformation of your consciousness. Unfortunately, not every Reiki practitioner knows how to activate these codes. Let me share with you the basic description of every code. Obviously, I can’t give you all the instructions for activating the codes within one article. But I will share with you a short explanation of each of them. Simply reading the explanation of these codes stimulates the energy movement towards the transformation of your consciousness, understanding the basic Universal Laws and the disclosure of your inner potential.

Code “Here And Now”

This code is contained in each Reiki principle. “Here and now” is not just an indication of the importance of the present moment, but a key to the mystery of spiritual awakening.

“Here and now” is the only reality. Only by being able to be “here and now”, we have the ability to control our lives and our reality. That is why every person needs a revival in “here and now” because it is the basis of true spiritual consciousness. It is the form of consciousness that leads not only the person but the whole world to the vibrations of healing, harmony, peace, and happiness.

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We need to make every moment of our lives complete. If you need to do something, do it right now. Do not wait for tomorrow or a better moment. Do it now!

We need to learn how to live “here and now” – in the present moment. Stop sacrificing your present for a better future. Tomorrow never comes. Tomorrow is always tomorrow. The future is illusory. By missing out on the joy of the present moment for the illusory future, you will always regret that you sacrificed that moment for something that never came. Then you’ll start to think that maybe there is still an opportunity to catch up in the future what you missed once in the past. Thus, the moment “here and now” is lost in the eternal struggle between the past and the future.

Reiki Principle #1: “Here and Now I’m Free From Anger”

This Code was partially reflected in the traditional version of the first Reiki principle. Mikao Usui said, “Just for today, I will NOT be angry”. However, the application of the traditional version of this principle can lead to negative consequences, because our subconscious mind does not perceive the word “NOT“. Therefore, when we focus on the statement “I will NOT be angry”, we direct our energy to attract anger.

The new energy code (Modern Reiki Principle) concentrates energy on the FREEDOM from anger. But what does it mean?

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Anger is a way of expressing aggressive energy. When we are told “do not be angry”, we are called to block the anger within ourselves. Instead, the opposite should be done – to experience the feeling of anger totally. We should find out answers on following questions:

  • For what purpose did our Higher Self give us this powerful energy?
  • What life lesson does the Universe want to teach us?
  • What do we need to see in ourselves, that we might not have noticed before?

And once you have found the answers to these questions you need to think about how you can express your anger through conscious actions.

Reiki Principle #2: “Here and Now I’m Free From Worry”

This code is reflected in the traditional version of the second Reiki principle, which says: “Just for today, I will not worry!”. However, concentrating on the statement “WILL NOT worry”, we are growing more anxiety within. Therefore, it is necessary to concentrate on the freedom from worry.

Worrying, like anger, is based on fear. People obsessed with worrying are afraid of losing control of a situation that may be dangerous or inconvenient for them. Therefore, you can get rid of the anxiety only by realizing the cause of your fear.

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For activating the energy of this Principle you can use the following affirmations for your everyday practice:

  • “Here and now I am free from worry!»
  • “Only good things can happen to me and my family!»
  • “Here and now I am absolutely calm!»
  • “I live in a perfect world where everything is good!»
  • “Here and now the Universe takes care of me!»
  • “I trust the Universe, I trust myself and I move forward!»

Reiki Principle #3: “Here And Now I Am Grateful”

One of the most important Universal Laws is the Law of Gratitude. Most people neglect it, and some do not even know about its existence. Why is this Law so important? Because when it is violated, there is a disharmony between what you receive and what you give. Energy stops moving. It stagnates and eventually turns into a kind of “energy swamp”. Over time, your dreams, material well-being, health, success, relationships with people start drowning in this swamp. Your life begins to lose its brightness and gradually fades away, turning into a routine, which is just a reflection of “energy swamp”.

Gratitude creates trust with the flow of life.

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By showing gratitude, we recognize the greatness of the Creative power of the Universe, and at the same time, the divine spark of this Power within ourselves.

There are so many things in the world that we should be grateful for: the blue sky above our heads, the air we breathe, the birds’ singing we can enjoy, the beauty of the flowers, the purring of a kitten… and you can go on forever! Each of us can make a list of what gives him a sense of joy and happiness. However, in the daily hustle and bustle, people often stop noticing these gifts and appreciate them. Instead of this, they take all the gifts from the Universe for granted.

Instead of always rushing somewhere in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, stop for a moment, look around, and you will find that you have many reasons for gratitude. Start writing your “Gratitude Diary” every evening. Write down everything you are grateful for and read it out loud. These actions will easily set the energy of your life in motion and you will be able to get out of the “energy swamp”.

Reiki Principle #4: Here And Now I Work Honestly

“Work” in the spiritual sense is, first of all, work on self-development and moral improvement, which is a spiritual path. Such work is not limited by the time frame, it endless. Having embarked on the path of spirituality, you have taken responsibility for your life and its quality. Now your main goal is continuous self-improvement. Work on yourself does not imply excessive work, torture of the physical body or rigid austerity.

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As we know, in the past in order to achieve spiritual development people sacrifice the material side of life. That was an imbalanced path to spirituality. Because spiritual and material sides of life should be balanced, like Yin and Yang. The whole purpose of life on this planet is to learn how to live in the material world according to spiritual principles. We shouldn’t sacrifice one for another. Instead of that, we should find the balance between material and spiritual components of life.

We should learn how to take our spiritual “work” as serious as we do our regular work.

Reiki Principle #5: Here And Now I express Love And Kindness To Everybody

Unfortunately, nowadays most people have a misleading understanding of what love is. The modern conception of love is built on the basic needs of the human ego. It is the ego that demands love. But the very understanding of love from the ego perspective is illusory.

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From the ego perspective, people think that if you give love, you must get something back. Therefore, most people tend to give love on the condition that they receive love back. No one in this world wants unrequited love, it only causes disappointment, sadness, tears, and other negative emotions. In other words, the original motivation has the opposite to love intention – to give in order to receive. However, putting love on “the commodity exchange relations” level is the frequency of very low vibrations that lead to the degradation of human society.

The main problem of modern society is the consumer attitude towards love. This is a result of the disconnection with the higher self. A man has forgotten that the source of love is within himself, not outside. Of course, everyone is able to Express his love in the material world, but one should not confuse the external manifestations of love with the true source within each living being.

The Bottom Line

Reiki principles are not just beliefs. We should integrate them into our everyday lives. We should practice what we believe in. Start with just trying to be present in each moment. Live here and now! Then let your anger and worry go, free yourself from negative emotions. Be grateful for every little thing in your life. Express love and kindness, and you will see that they come back to you doubled. Practice Reiki principles every day – this is the self-work you committed to do when you received your first Reiki Attunement. And do this self-work honestly – since this is the fourth Reiki principle!