Is It Safe To Practice Magic From a Karmic Perspective?

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I think it is very important to talk about this topic because there are so many people who want to practice magic. It’s getting so popular that people are already building businesses around it. But, unfortunately, not everyone understands, what it is and what consequences can be triggered from its unconscious practice.

Magic is a change of reality with your intention.

In the modern world, it is considered that there are two kinds of magic: white and black. But hardly anyone mentions the third type, which is its Highest form. Let’s talk about each of these kinds!

What Is Black Magic?

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Interestingly many people who think that they’re practicing white magic,  are practicing black magic instead. It happens simply because a lot of people just don’t realize what they’re doing and don’t understand the difference between these two kinds.

That’s why before practicing any kind of magic you should clearly understand what each kind means.

Black magic is a violent change of reality under the influence of egoistic intention, using an external source of power.

It involves energy theft – that is, getting energy from the outside to manifest the desired result. For doing this people usually use magical objects and rituals.

Black magicians don’t necessarily have a high spiritual development. Usually, it is enough to master the algorithm of energy theft. It is the most primitive form of magic that anyone can master in no time.

Black magic always creates karmic consequences, because it is always aimed at blocking the free flow of life. This drains not only the person but also the energy of the whole planet. In addition, it provokes environmental disturbances and disasters due to the depletion of the environment and violation of the energy flows of the Earth. In other words, it can be compared with energy parasitism.

What’s The Difference Between Black And White Magic?

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Magic would not be considered white if it serves the satisfaction of individual will and uses the energy from the outside. It does not matter how good it may seem.

White magic acts only through the revelation of the inner potential. It connects the person with his inner Source and requires self-transformation. That is, the white mage is able to change the surrounding reality only through internal changes.

The first thing white magician does is inner-transformation – removing the subconscious blocks and changing some inner qualities in order to resonate with the new desired reality. These blocks and negative qualities prevent him from getting the desired result. In other words, the white magician does everything possible to get rid of what separates him from his desired life.

The second step the white magician does is the expression of his pure intention. This intention shouldn’t be focused on the forcible change of reality but on switching the reality he doesn’t like to another desired one. He can do it only if he has enough inner power and energy. He isn’t using energy from the outside, nor stealing it from other people or egregores.

Black magicians don’t use internal power. That is, they direct all energy to external changes. At the same time, they don’t take into account the transformation of consciousness and the improvement of internal qualities.

How Does White Magic Work? Does It Create Karma?

White magic involves the creation of the desired reality by indirect means.

An indirect approach involves the free development of life, but it eliminates the factors that hinder the implementation of the desired result. Change happens not by force as in black magic, but indirect – as a result of shifting the focus.

We can activate certain qualities within ourselves simply by using our attention. These internal qualities begin to emit vibrations that provoke changes in our environment. That is, it is the internal transformation that triggers the process of changing the external reality. Not the other way around!

White magic promotes self-development and self-improvement. If you obey all its principles, you will not create negative karma.

The magic of the Highest Order

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The third type of magic is its Highest form. This kind is directed at the creation of a new reality together with the Divine Spirit by Divine intention. It has nothing to do with egocentric desires. People who practice it, do it for the Highest good of the whole Universe.

By practicing the Magic of the Highest Order, we merge with God. In this state, we begin to realize that there is no need for any changes. We see the Highest purpose of everything that happens in the world. We do not see the need to change anything in outer space. We’re just doing a correction of what’s already exist. We are improving the beauty of life by its constant updating.

The magic of the Highest order involves joint energy work with the Higher powers.

Currently, there are only a few people on our planet who may be called Magicians of the Highest order. Nowadays, most people who practice magic are more focused on their selfish desires and needs of their ego.