In-depth Understanding Of The Yoni Egg Exercises

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Yoni egg exercises might be a new term for some women. Naturally, the human body is an intricate system. Many people remain virtually oblivious of their bodies-especially how everything works. Simply put, we are mostly unaware of how our bodies function. And one organ that has remained shrouded in mystery for the majority is the vagina.

Due to the conservatism of many societies in the world, discussing the vagina is viewed as an abominable act. However, understanding your body as a woman – especially your sexuality is very rewarding. It is an integral part of providing fulfillment. Let me point out that for those who have set aside time to understand themselves better, the results are liberating.

The Origin of Yoni Eggs

divine feminine artistic imageMost civilizations over the millennia comprised of liberalization of the perceived societal norms. Many people, especially in the East, got to demystify their bodies with regards to sexuality. Though there still isn’t a clear understanding of the history of the yoni eggs, the general agreement is that they originated from ancient China. They were mainly used by the royals and the affluent members of the society.

Yoni is a Sanskrit word that refers to the vagina. Many women in the Eastern cultures, especially in Asia have been practicing yoni egg exercises for centuries. The same communities also practice yoni steam. For them, it is a way to heal the vagina and to also improve sexual performance by strengthening vaginal muscles.

Lately, however, with access to information as well global interactions, these practices have spread all over the world. At this point, let me bring to your attention that the vagina is comprised of several muscles. And just like other body muscles, exercising them increases blood flow, improves their strength, and also enhances your ability to control them. This is a pivotal ingredient in improving your sexual satisfaction.

What Are Yoni Eggs?

Yoni eggs are gemstones with an egg-like shape. The eggs are manufactured from different gems including quartz, aventurine, jade, and amethyst. These minerals have different qualities as well as healing abilities.

For this reason, it is essential to understand the properties of these stones and consequently find out which yoni egg best suits your needs. However, if you’re a beginner, you may opt for rose quartz or jade stones. These are milder and more tolerant for most women.

The eggs come in different sizes: small, medium, and large. For best results with yoni egg exercises, you should go for the size that best fits your vagina. By this I mean, you should feel the egg suffocating your vagina.

The small size is for those who are tight down there. For the majority, the medium yoni egg will do. The large yoni eggs are appropriate for ladies who have gone through multiple vaginal births. Naturally, these births expand your virginal muscles over time.

Taking Care of Yoni Eggs

yoni egg imageHygiene is paramount for your vagina to remain healthy. You should make sure that the egg is frequently cleaned especially before and after yoni egg exercises. When cleaning, avoid using soap. The chemicals in them might cause imbalances in your vaginal pH levels. They also interfere with the vaginal bacteria leading to irritations and possibly infections.

Instead of using soap, boil the egg in water for about 5 minutes. Ensure that the egg is completely submerged in the water to clean it all around. Pat it dry and store the egg in a clean and safe place to prevent it from falling. The last thing you need is to break your precious gem.

Getting ready for your yoni egg exercises

Similar to a yoni massage, yoni egg exercises promote both mental and physical wellness. Therefore, before embarking on the practices, ensure you are as relaxed as possible. Take some deep breaths to enhance calmness. Put on comfortable clothing. The clothes shouldn’t be too tight on you. You may also opt to do the exercises naked. Whichever option you prefer, ensure it is comfy.

Prepare the place where you will be lying. If it’s on the floor, get a mat and some cushions for utmost comfort. Grab your egg and ensure that it is clean. I cannot emphasize enough why that egg needs to be clean. If need be, boil it again and submerge it in cold water to ensure it has completely cooled down before using.

Some sellers will sell yoni eggs with a string which is attached to the pointy side of the egg. The string is meant to facilitate smooth discharge of the egg from the vagina after the exercise. However, if your egg does not have a string, just buy non-wax dental floss from your chemist about the length of your forearm. Then tie it on the egg with a secure knot.

The exercises

Get into a comfortable position lying back with your knees bent up. Apply some lubricant on the egg. Then press the large end of the yoni egg into the opening of your vagina. And with a little push, slip the egg into the inside of your vagina.

  1. Start in base position with your back on the floor. Then bend your knees. Try squeezing the egg with your vaginal muscles in pulses lasting about 5 seconds. As you press the egg, inhale. Then, while exhaling, release the muscles. Repeat this for about eight times. The effect of this exercise is that it works to relieve the tension around the vagina.
  2. Do the second exercise while in a ‘bridge position’. In other words, while still lying on your back, lift up your hips as far as you can. Do this while you inhale. Count to five while squeezing the egg in this position and then let your body fall back to the floor gradually while you release the egg. Your hips should end on the floor. Ensure that you release the egg each time by relaxing your vaginal muscles. Repeat this procedure for about seven times.
  3. For the third exercise, adopt a kneeling position. While kneeling on the floor, place your hands on your thighs. Straighten your back. While in this position, inhale and squeeze the egg. Then exhale and release the egg as you allow your body to return to a straight position.


Sometimes I don’t have the luxury to do all these activities lying down. I do them as I go about my daily routines. My vaginal muscles hold the egg comfortably; at times I even forget I’m walking with it. On the other hand, I don’t advocate for my weird behavior. It is advisable to dedicate some time to concentrate on the yoni egg exercises solely.

Moving on, calmly relax your pelvic muscles and ensure you’re comfortable with the egg in your vagina. For your first exercise, comfort is not exactly what you’re looking for. Everything will feel awkward in there for lack of a better word. But it gets better with time.

The Benefits of the Yoni Egg Exercises

A key advantage of the yoni egg exercises is that they help you gain control of your vaginal muscles and by extension enhance your sexual pleasure. They also strengthen these muscles together with your pelvic floor muscles.

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Secondly, yoni egg exercises increase blood supply to the vaginal region. You feel improved sensitivity. This helps to improve the strength and frequency of climaxing, in addition to experiencing multiple orgasms.

The practice creates a bond between yourself, your vagina, and your sexuality. Yoni egg exercises provide you with a way of understanding yourself better – especially your sexuality. Understanding yourself enhances happiness as well as being comfortable and confident with you and your sex life.

The Bottom Line

The ancient Chinese came up with an incredible way for us women to get to know ourselves. The results are indisputable. Maybe you are just getting started with your sexuality and yoni egg exercises are on your to-do list. But as long as you stick to the basics, you will never look back. After all, it’s never too late.