Yoni Massage: The Key To A Woman’s Sexual And Spiritual Healing

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Sanskrit, Hinduism ancient language, refers to a vagina as Yoni. In their culture, Hindus uphold the vagina with great respect. The community practices a philosophy called Tantra which continues to emphasize the need to love and treat your yoni well. And that is how yoni massage was born.

Women are hormonal and emotional creatures, and these hormones clog up our vaginal tissue with a lot of tension and trauma. I am not suggesting that you go out there and get a vagina massage (well, maybe I am). But at the end of this article, trust me you’ll want to get down there and give her highness the treatment she deserves. I will teach you how to manipulate and relax your yoni muscles and fibers. And if you’re wondering why you need all this, read on because I will also let you in on the advantages of yoni massage.

How Is Yoni Massage Performed?

First and foremost, create an inviting yet relaxing atmosphere. Warm the room and burn a few sticks of incense. You could play soothing music as well. If you chose to receive yoni massage from your partner or a stranger (a professional to be specific), be open enough to trust them because you will be completely naked.

If you’re doing the massage by yourself at home, spread several absorbing towels on the bed or the surface you chose to lie on. These towels will take care of any excess massage oil and obviously the squint as you achieve multiple orgasms. Then stack some pillows beneath the towels such that when you lie down, you can see your vagina without straining.

Action Time

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I start with a few deep breaths to break the ice. And then I create a lovely image in my head to focus on. I love lazing on the beach watching the sunset, and this is my perfect image. The aim is to keep off any negative energy and attract positive thoughts.

I then loathe my body in coconut oil and initiate touch with gentle strokes all over my body systematically. I start with my hair, for example, and then caress my face, down to the neck and shoulders, my belly, hips, legs, and finally the toes. When my partner is in charge, these strokes are achieved effortlessly, but when I do it on my own, I realized there are areas I can’t reach like on my upper back. Ignore these areas and focus on the goal; the yoni.

Once you’ve sensitized 75% of your body, it’s time to go deeper. I then apply more pressure to my groin and pelvis in a circular motion and eventually go downwards as I massage the yoni externally. At this point, my body is still alert but somehow relaxed.


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Let me mention that throughout this massage you will experience intense pleasure and multiple orgasms. However, this is not its primary focus. Tantric Yoni massage aims at awakening a woman’s self-awareness, healing her body, and to help her find spiritual clarity. 

The next step is to push the middle finger in gently aiming for the G-spot. On your way in, be sure to massage the virginal walls and release any tension in the surrounding muscles. Don’t rush this process. Once you hit the G-spot, caress it up and down taking long sensual breaths in between. At this point, I am usually lost in my world of fantasy.

Alleviate blockages harmoniously. You will know if you’ve achieved this goal when you squirt. Don’t hold back, release that heavenly liquid. Stay in there until you feel your muscles have entirely given in and you have nothing more to release.

Find your way out systematically, caressing the vaginal walls as well to help them relax once again. Massage your hips and waistline and then stretch your legs up and down for the final relaxation.

Reach out for some dry blankets and cover yourself as you continue enjoying the music or take a nap. When you wake up, you will feel a new vibe full of energy. Take a shower and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

The Advantages of Yoni Massage

The massage reduces pelvic pain

The gentle touch of the pelvic muscle both from the inside and on the surface releases tension and consequently reducing pain. In addition to physical pain reduction, yoni massage is a successful therapy for painful menstrual cycles, painful sex, and endometriosis.

It improves lubrication

The massage enhances blood circulation around your vagina. As a result, the surrounding glands work better to release on-demand lube. This lubrication also helps your vagina during its self-cleaning process which protects you from opportunistic infections.

You feel alive and sexually attractive

Without a doubt, any massage awakens your body. However, yoni massage goes further to stimulate your sensual nerves. You become aware of the sexual power within you. And you also let go of any past tantric abuse.

The massage creates a stronger bond between you and your partner

If you allow your partner to be in control and offer you the massage, your souls tend to connect deeper. As a woman, you let your fears and doubts out once you give your man the authority to explore your body in spite of the irregularities. I’m talking about wrinkles, dry knuckles, hairy thighs, hidden dark spots, and the likes. You know what I mean?

Improves your libido

In as much as this exercise is not meant to stimulate a woman sexually, you can’t help it. It is very sensual and orgasmic. A single touch from my partner afterwards turns me on. Woe unto him if he wasn’t mentally prepared because I never take no for an answer.

Boosts your self-confidence

After a yoni massage session, I become more alert and appreciative of my sexuality as a woman. The process of exploring every muscle in my body, the contours, the silky soft skin, and the hairs fills me with positive energy and appreciation.


Yoni massage helps a woman to discover herself

I mentioned earlier that a yoni massage helps a woman to discover herself. While exploring your anatomy, pay attention to your nerves (the spots where you touch, and your hair stands). While some women have concentrated nerves in the perineum, others have theirs concentrated in the clitoris, and others near the cervix. This is the reason why some women achieve orgasm better during foreplay, while for others you have to penetrate, and some need longer shafts to feel pleasure.

Finally, there is no specific way to do a yoni massage as long as you stick to the basics. A visit to two or three yoni practitioners will give you different experiences, but the overall goal will be achieved.

The Bottom Line

As a spiritual and wellness teacher, I encourage people to connect with their spirits first, before trying to solve everyday problems. Yoni massage is not an exception. I practice it once every month, and since I started, my sexual awareness and spiritual growth have changed for the better. I am happier in my marriage, I look younger than my years, and my skin glows every day. So what are you waiting for? Prepare your session today!