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Exposing the Fluoride Deception: Facts, Issues, and Tips



fluoride deception image

We all know most commercial tubes of toothpaste contain fluoride, right? Did you also know that since 1962 PHS (Public Health Service) recommended the addition of Fluoride in your tap water? Their reason is to reduce tooth decay! Is this factual or misleading? Let’s revisit the archives for some answers, shall we?

Fluoride 101: The Facts

Fluoride is very toxic and active biologically. It interferes with many basic biochemical processes like enzymes, proteins, and hydrogen bonds. So, it shouldn’t surprise us that there’s a wide range of health effects that are attributed to fluoride.

The fact remains that fluoride is very active ecologically. It was first championed in the 1950s by biochemists like James Sumner, who won a Nobel Prize for enzyme chemistry. 

However, these scientists were wrong to give fluoride “good PR” because of how much it has affected the health of millions of people in China, India, and several regions of Africa. Fluoride has even crippled some individuals, yet such incidents go under the radar. 

This is why we must ask ourselves, “Is there an adequate margin of safety between the fluoride doses that cause detrimental health effects?”

But before we get into the health effects, there’s a more pressing concern: 

Fluoride in bottled baby milk/water

bottle-fed milk image

According to research, babies in the US dependent on bottle-fed milk or water are getting 250 times higher doses of fluoride than those dependent on breast milk. That is extremely disturbing and leads us through the list of health concerns.

Fluoride-Related Health Issues

Let us begin with dental fluorosis. Fluoride causes discoloration and mottling of the tooth enamel. When this practice began in 1945, the promoters of fluoridation thought they could limit dental fluorosis to ten percent of children in its very mild form.

However, effects started showing sooner rather than later. 25% of children aged 12 to 15 across the country developed mild fluorosis. Their teeth cusps had little specs of opaque, white patches. Despite these worrying signs, the promoters tried to hide this data from dentists.

They thought 25% would be an acceptable trade-off for lowering tooth decay.

In 2010, however, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) told us that 41% of children aged 12 to 15 in the US had developed mild dental fluorosis. That’s a staggering 11% increase.

Shockingly, the fluorosis was not only mild. Another 3.6% of the children had moderate and severe fluorosis, which impacts up to 100% of the tooth surface, causing indentations and teeth chipping.

Therefore, that trade-off between reducing tooth decay and producing dental fluorosis but holding it only to ten percent was a failure.

When you see such statistics, it means that most children in the US are highly exposed to fluoride. The question now becomes what other tissues have been affected.

One Chinese study revealed that a 3-milligram exposure to fluoride per day increases hip fractures in the elderly. 

Another primary concern is the brain, especially among children. When a baby is conceived, the blood-brain barrier is usually underdeveloped. We think the blood-brain barrier keeps fluoride out of the brain most of the time. But for the first half year of the baby’s life, fluoride can get into the brain, and this is not the time that a baby should be exposed to fluoride at 250 times the level in mother’s milk.

Pineal Gland Calcification

how to decalcify the pineal gland image

A research study done in the 1990s found high concentrations of fluoride in the pineal glands of study participants. Fluoride from water accumulates in the pineal gland more than in any other part of the body. After accumulation it forms crystals, creating a hard shell called calcification.

By acting as our third eye, the pineal gland is our direct link to the spiritual world. However, a calcification process blocks it and makes it underperform. As a result, we become prone to premature aging, insulin resistance, stroke, cancer, and other ailments. More so, pineal gland calcification leads to a lower IQ, inability to produce melatonin, and spiritual disconnection.

‌The pineal gland is not the only part of the body that can become calcified. The crystals can also form in the heart valves, breast tissue, and joints. Often, calcification impairs the functioning of the affected organ.

Living in Denial

The fluoridating countries have failed to replicate scientific research on fluoride’s detrimental impacts. It’s not that difficult, and they could have done it quickly. The Department of Health and Human Services has adopted this “sacred policy” of denying and critiquing the methodologies but not attempting to reproduce the studies. They know that you won’t find it if you don’t look.

Hence, they’re using the absence of study to negate the lack of harm, which is absolutely ridiculous and utterly irresponsible. They give the impression that it’s more important to protect this practice than to protect the health of the people. It’s as if teeth have become more critical than other body parts like the brain.

Those concerned would like to get fluoride out of America, which would have national and international significance if they could pull that off. However, it will not happen overnight and may take decades to achieve the goal.

In the meantime, we should insist that the water department warn parents not to use fluoridated tap water to make up baby formula.

Addressing the Issue

We don’t think that fluoridation is necessarily the most critical issue. Other environmental and health problems are more important. But what makes fluoridation a case is a separation between natural science and public health policy. There’s no science without the truth. So, when “self-proclaimed” scientists don’t tell the truth, they are no longer scientists, and their certifications/licenses should be taken away.

Also, when we don’t have natural science supporting public health policy, we are sowing seeds for public distrust of the agencies protecting our health and environment.

Note: People who don’t trust their government will start asking questions.

People need to trust their government health agencies. The longer they persist in this crime of putting thimerosal into babies’ blood streams and forcing fluoridated water upon us, the less trust will be there.

Fluoridation emerged in the 1940s, and at that time, many industries faced lawsuits for fluoride pollution. In fact, in the 1930s, the Department of Agriculture said that fluoride had caused more damage to agriculture than any other pollutant.

Many lawsuits were being faced by the aluminum industry, the steel industry, ceramics, brickworks, the oil industry, and the nuclear industry. To extract uranium, you need a massive quantity of fluoride to make uranium hexafluoride gas. The gas then separates the isotopes into fissionable and non-fissionable uranium.

Monumental buildings were used in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, to do that. But in the process of generating this uranium hexafluoride, there was a lot of fluoride pollution in the area. The pollution decimated farmers’ peach orchards in New Jersey and near Delaware’s boundary, triggering legal action.

5 Tips to Reduce Fluoride Exposure

How to Reduce Fluoride Exposure Image

#1: Install Water Filters

To avoid fluoride from tap water, invest in water filters. However, keep in mind that not all water filters remove fluoride. There are three types of filters that can remove about 90% of the fluoride:

  1. reverse osmosis;
  2. deionizers (which use ion-exchange resins);
  3. activated alumina. 

#2: Invest in Water Distillation Unit

Another way to avoid fluoride from the tap water is to purchase a distillation unit. The distillation process removes most, if not all, of the fluoride from water.

#3: Avoid Flouride Toothpaste

Stop using fluoride toothpaste. Opt for herbal toothpaste that is free from sodium benzoate, fluoride, and PEG-60 ingredients. There are lots of fluoride-free kinds of toothpaste on the market.

#4: Stop Consuming Processed Food

When water is fluoridated, the beverages and foods that are made with the water are fluoridated too. The more processed a food is, the more fluoride it has. Therefore, it is essential to shift from processed food to fresh and organic. Also, avoid the consumption of processed beverages.

#5: Avoid Cooking Teflon-Coated Pans

Cooking with Teflon-coated pans can significantly increase the fluoride content of food. Switch to stainless steel pans instead.


10 High Vibrational Crystals For Raising Your Energy to a Whole New Level



High vibrational crystals image

Each crystal carries its unique energy and vibration. However, there are some crystals that vibrate at higher frequencies than others. These crystals are called high vibrational crystals. These crystals are equally great for balancing your chakras, spiritual healing, and even your physical health.

This article looks at some of the common high vibrational crystals and how transformative they can be.

Top 10 High Vibrational Crystals

#1: Rose Quartz

rose quartz gemstone

Rose quartz is a strong activator of the heart, which is responsible for love. In Chakra terms, we would say it is responsible for the fourth chakra, which entails love, intimate emotions, and feelings. The rose quartz brings positive feelings to any love relationship.

Additionally, rose quartz can help you overcome sadness, anger, and shame. All these negative feelings make your heart heavy. Rose quartz can help free you from these feelings. If you want to enhance self-love, platonic, romantic and even love for others, the energy of rose quartz will do the magic.

#2: Lapis Lazuli Crystals

lapis lazuli image

Lapis Lazuli is great for improving your thinking and psychic abilities. In addition, it helps promote your ability to speak your truth with grace. Simply put, it can give you the confidence for public speaking. This is an excellent combination for people struggling with speech. 

First, it will improve your cognitive process and how you articulate the words. It will also clear your mind from thoughts that hold you back. Holding a Lapis Lazuli stone in your left hand while practicing or giving a speech could easily make people recognize you as a great public speaker.

#3: Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz for Crown Chakra Healing image

This is a master of all high vibrational crystals. You can use it to achieve any spiritual healing you are after. Interestingly, you can use it to boost the powers of the other crystals.

However, it also has particular properties, such as clearing your mind or brain. If you have many things stressing you up, the healing power of clear quartz can do the cleansing job for you. It will help you get rid of all the trauma residue holding you back. Similarly, if you cannot seem to let go of the burden in your life, clear quartz can help you out. 

They are also suitable for meditation and manifestation, making wishes come true.

#4: Black Obsidian

black obsidian Image

If you want to absorb negative energy from your surroundings, a black obsidian crystal will do a great job. This rock has the power to cleanse you and your environment from any hostile powers and energy. The psychic prowess of this crystal will shield your house from any evil or negative energy. 

Also, if you are searching for a way to connect more to the planet or are after inner peace, Black Obsidian will help you do that. Have a black obsidian rock under your pillow when you go to bed. This will help you decompress and feel more grounded.

If you would like it to absorb negative energy from your surroundings, hold it in your palm and let it stay there for some time.

#5: Malachite

Malachite Image

This is your go-to stone if you are looking for ways to connect to the planet. Also, if your goal is to balance your Heart Chakra (Anahata), consider getting Malachite for your meditation sessions. Malachite is instrumental in eliminating anger, sadness, residual emotions, and shame accumulated over the years. If you have negative feelings that keep holding you back from going after a better life, Malachite can help you let go.

Think of it as a tool that can help eliminate past trauma and burden residues. You will also love that it boosts your urge to spend time in nature. This, on its own, is already a winning factor for your overall mental and physical well-being.

#6: Amethyst 

amethyst image

This powerful crystal has for a long time been used for magical rituals. It is instrumental in Crown chakra balancing. This makes it perfect for people seeking to connect to their Divine Sources. Using it showers you with spiritual wisdom and deeper inner peace and serenity.

If you need spiritual healing, the spiritual intelligence you will get from amethyst will serve you right.

#7: Citrine

Citrine image

This rock is perfect for attracting financial abundance. Citrine is also excellent for Sacral Chakra healing. Sacral Chakra hosts sexual energy. If you want to multiply your income, gain financial independence, or boost your sexual energy and creativity, it is all in the citrine. 

If you use it, you will learn to:

  • Embrace changes that will soon turn into money moves;
  • Make things happen in business;
  • Succeed in the corporate world;
  • Take leadership roles gracefully;
  • Boost your creativity in money multiplication or wealth making.

#8: Selenite

Selenite Sahasrara Healing Crystal image

Selenite is recognized as one of the most powerful high vibrational crystals, thanks to its high frequency. It is an excellent way-opener. If you are caught in a rut that is not coming to an end, feeling stuck or blocked, selenite can help eliminate residual energies blocking your way.

Also, if you want to go a step higher in your manifestation, selenite’s high operational energy will get you there. For instance, if you have been manifesting something for a long time, selenite will be a great friend in that journey.

#9: Kyanite

high vibrational crystals Kyanite image

This crystal has a calm and dreamy color. This is why it is also called the dreamy crystal. It helps us tap into our Third eye chakra. Kyanite comes with strong healing properties. 

It also gives you:

  • Prophetic dreams, revelations, and visions just as a third perspective to things happening in your life;
  • The power to get into a meditative state quickly;
  • More success with your meditation. 

#10: Smoky Quartz

high vibrational crystals Smoky Quartz image

This crystal is best for those seeking improved psychic protection. With it, you can achieve grounding and guidance in the spiritual world. This is why it has been used in mystic rituals. 

Also, this crystal is for you if you want to boost your psychic prowess. It will help take your telepathy and intuition to a whole new level.

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Dopamine Fasting: Powerful Detox For Your Brain



brain detox dopamine fasting image

Dopamine fasting has recently been gaining a lot of traction. Many people who have done it say it is an excellent way to eliminate bad habits. However, one thing that stands out in the dopamine fasting school of thought is that its proponents do not define clearly what it entails. For some proponents, the practice entails taking a break from addictive technologies like your smartphone, the internet, video games, or streaming sites such as Netflix.

For others, dopamine fasting includes taking a break from the delicious foods you like and other habits such as shopping or gambling. Some extreme proponents state that dopamine fasting eliminates unnecessary conversations or even eye contact. Simply put, it may include everything that gives you instant yet temporary pleasure.

Why is Dopamine Fasting Important? 

 At first glance, many people would say cutting down these technologies is good as it will reduce dopamine in the body, which is entirely wrong. I mean, for what good is it if dopamine is a naturally occurring body neurotransmitter?

Before we dig deeper into it, you need to know that dopamine fasting is not aimed at lowering dopamine levels in the body. It is meant to reduce impulsive behaviors that are rewarded by a dopamine rush. Think of it as an act of avoiding cues that trigger impulsive behaviors.

What’s The Thinking Behind a Dopamine Fasting?

dopamine fasting image

Dopamine fasting can trace its roots to cognitive behavioral therapy. The idea behind it is to become less dominated by harmful stimuli such as the sound of your phone’s notification or the scent of your favorite dessert.

We live in a world where texts, funny videos, and the internet, in general, provide us with a short-lived charge. We, therefore, keep going around in circles trying to get the recharge, which ends up in an addiction. 

Unfortunately, the reward ends as soon as you stop the activity. For instance, the excitement of scrolling through your social media ends as soon as you put your face down. The thinking behind dopamine fasting was to let the mind take a break from being around such instantly rewarding yet unhealthy stimuli. 

This makes you wonder; what do you obtain doing the ‘natural things’ rather than the dopamine stimulating activities? Well, it is about getting the long-lived gratification the universe offers us. This way, you will forget the torture of going round and round seeking short-lived gratification. 

Benefits of Dopamine Fasting

Many people have confessed that dopamine fasting was a critical practice that helped them get over:

  • Excessive and emotional eating
  • Internet addiction 
  • Porn addiction and masturbation
  • Thrill and novelty seeking 
  • Shopping and gambling
  • Recreational drugs. 

Remember that these behaviors or small pleasures are not necessarily reinforced by dopamine. Dopamine is just a chemical that may control your addiction to these behaviors. 

Signs That You Need a Dopamine Fast to Control a Particular Behavior

social media detox image

Picture this: You are working on your computer, and your phone is on your desk. No matter how hard you try to commit yourself, you cannot resist it; you want to pick it up and check or scroll through your social media

You might have realized it is bad behavior that affects your day-to-day life. For instance, it may be the reason you are always behind schedule. You already know its effect on your life, but you cannot control yourself. You promise to keep off social media and your phone every other morning, but you just cannot. It is now like a drug.

If this is your situation with your phone, dopamine fasting may be helpful.

Here are clear signs that you need to make good use of dopamine fasting:

  • You have a specific behavior that bothers you
  • The behavior limits your performance at work or just in life
  • You have tried cutting down this behavior without success
  • You know how much better you can do in life if you get rid of that behavior.

How Do You Start a Dopamine Fast?

 If you are a beginner in dopamine fasting, the following steps will be an excellent start for you:

  • Point out one behavior you are struggling with. It becomes challenging to work on several behaviors at a go. It may feel torturous to abstain from everything you like all at a go.
  • Abstain from the behavior for an hour a day, then two, three, and so on.
  • Keep adding the hours and taking breaks in between. When you feel ready, take a day away from that small pleasure.
  • You can then go for two days, three, and eventually a week.

If you keep doing these, you will soon realize that you will be free from the addiction. Now you will only consume the small pleasures when you want to.

Effects of Dopamine Fasting

Many people seek ways to eliminate some behaviors, such as phone addiction. One main query is whether dopamine fasting can help cure phone addiction. The answer will depend on how you take things. Deep down, you know that things such as gambling or being on your phone all day are not healthy for your body and mind, but you cannot control yourself.

The thing with dopamine fasting is it helps you develop self-discipline and self-control. There is no better tool to help combat minor addictions, such as developing self-discipline. You will, however, not develop it in a day. Be patient and consistent with yourself. You will finally get there.

Other than developing self-discipline, dopamine fasting can help with your mental clarity. Learning to abstain from things that bring instant yet temporal gratification is a sure way to make you more focused.

For instance, if you learn to keep off your phone during work hours, your mind will be clear and set on achieving your goals. Or, if you develop the self-control to step away from desserts at parties, your mind will stay focused on attaining your weight loss goals.

With mental clarity, you will stay focused and energized to work towards your goals.

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Radical Self-Care: The Essential Step On Your Self-Healing Journey



Radical self-care image

Radical self-care is about focusing on yourself before worrying about other people. We are often told, “you cannot pour from an empty cup” How about half a cup? With radical self-care, your cup needs to overflow before you start pouring it into other people’s cups.

With typical self-care, you can get all the pampering you want while still conforming to the pressure of caring for others. However, radical self-care is about prioritizing your mental well-being before anything or anyone else. There are a lot of conceptualized self-care practices you will have to unlearn if you are to get into radical self-care.

Radical self-care is here to stay. Looking at what the world today has become, the sooner you embrace it, the easier it will become for you to deal with stress facing you from all the spheres of life.

6 Ways to Practice Radical Self-Care

The definition of self-care has always been reduced to something like taking a bubble bath. This is still a great way to relax and be in your zone. But what next after the bubble bath? In the stressful world, we live in, where life feels like grinding 24/7, you have to go beyond bubble baths, pedicures, and manicures.

 Here are great radical self-care tips to keep your mental well-being at its optimum.

#1: Be kind and gentle to yourself

self-love and self-care image

We are faced with daily harshness in life. Sometimes, things get tough, and the only option feels like giving up. An excellent way out is to always speak positive things to yourself. Encourage yourself through daily affirmations.  

For example, if your boss constantly puts you down, daily affirmations can significantly boost your day. Stand before a mirror every day and compliment yourself. Write on sticky notes and hang them in places you will see daily. Do not beat yourself too much, especially for things you cannot control.

#2: Practice mindfulness

Take time and be in the present. Let go of the multi-tasking that we seemingly have to do in the current day. Switch off your devices and stay in a quiet place and focus on the moment. Let go of the regrets and worries of the future.

You can achieve mindfulness through meditation or breathing exercises. Mindfulness is great for your mental health, relationships, and even your attitude towards life.

#3: Stay away from social media for some time

The happiness social media gives us is short-lived. People spend hours and hours scrolling down Instagram only to end up unhappy. With everyone making significant strides on social media, it becomes difficult not to compare ourselves to them.

Another great self–care tactic is to have enough restful sleep. How often have you been on social media until late into the night? It can be difficult to disconnect from social media, but your mental wellbeing will appreciate you right back at the end of the day.

Being away from social media will help you:

  • Eliminate the fear of missing out;
  • Sleep longer and better;
  • Curb the pressure that comes after comparing ourselves to others.

For more, read our article Social Media Detox: Effective Tips & Amazing Benefits For Your Mental Health.

#4: Take a sabbatical

mental health tips image

Take a long break from your studies or work and focus on yourself. We bumped into a group of mental health enthusiasts who went to Costa Rica for their sabbatical leave. In Costa Rica, they spend all their time in nature and even eat fresh farm produce. Their time out was crowned with the fresh air and serenity of the place.

No, you do not have to go to Costa Rica. But taking a leave and relaxing while focusing on your mental wellness will do things you thought you would never achieve. In your sabbatical, you can choose to follow your passion, travel, or focus on one thing at a time, for instance, your children or talent.

#5: Get quality sleep

We have heard so many people glorifying how little they sleep. It is unfortunate, especially now that this is becoming a norm. Not getting enough sleep is gradually killing you both mentally and physically. If you do not get enough restful sleep, your body will sooner or later force you to take the needed rest.

Not sleeping enough also results in a lot of mental and physical health problems. If you genuinely care about yourself, you will sleep enough to keep health issues at bay. Good quality sleep is also a mood lifter. Keep away all sleep distractions and ensure you sleep at least 8 hours every night.

#6: Let go of all the guilt

In your radical self-care journey, you will experience feelings of guilt. If you have been working or saving money so hard, you will feel you do not deserve all the good things. It is just how people have been conditioned. You deserve a soft and peaceful life for yourself. Go for options that will make your life simpler and worth living.

Do not ignore signs of depression and stress, do all it takes to remove stressors from your life. Start by noting where you learned to put people’s emotions before yourself. Also, note down instances where you prioritize other people at the expense of yourself. Gradually let go of the behavior and ensure you are always on top of your priority list.

The Bottom Line

Intuition quotes image

The goal of radical self-care is to fully replenish you before turning to other people. The good thing about this is that while you replenish yourself, you are not depleting anybody’s resources. You, therefore, can go on and on with your radical self-care without affecting anyone around you.

This practice is good for truly replenishing your soul, body, and mind. With radical self-care, you protect your overall well-being. The good thing is that the effects are long-lasting and will always reflect your daily mental health and happiness.

Your mental health matters the most, and not just on special days when you decide to treat yourself well. Go strong on radical self-care and ensure your mental well-being is always at its optimal.

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