Face Reading: Understanding Your Unique Facial Features

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Physiognomy and facial expression encompass all the characteristics of each distinct human face. Physiognomy, or the study of facial features, is not a separate branch of biology or psychology. However, it has long been a subject of interest to those seeking to differentiate and understand people’s faces. This subject has also fascinated people’s minds with recognizing facial emotions and little expressions. The ideal technique to study face reading is first to understand how to distinguish different facial characteristics and then tie them to their associated personality traits. 

In this article, we will discuss these distinct areas of physiognomy.

Basics to Face Reading

Physiognomy is an art of face reading based on the belief that the face is a portal to a person’s character. You can learn so much about people’s personalities just by being attentive to their facial features and expressions.

Facial Shape

Let’s start face reading by figuring out what the shape of your face signifies.

Round Face 

They are known as water-shaped because their faces are fleshy and plump. They are said to be compassionate and kind and full of intense sexual fantasies. These individuals will be a gem if you want a committed, long-term relationship.

Oblong Face

An oblong face is long and thin, often called a wood-shaped face. People with oblong faces tend to be physically fit or muscular. They are seen as being more hardworking, meticulous, and realistic. However, sometimes they can be narcissistic and may have toxic relationships.

Triangular Face

Triangular face shapes are often associated with a small body frame and intellectual conviction. According to Chinese face readers, they are regarded as imaginative but possess a fiery temperament. 

Square Face

Also known as the metal shape face, these individuals possess logical, analytical, and decisive minds. A square shape may also indicate aggression and dominance.

Rectangular Face

People with rectangular faces prefer to rule but with less vigor. They often succeed in business, sports, and politics while always being balanced. Sometimes, they are ambitious or sad.

Oval Face

An oval face expresses a relatively balanced, lovely, and charming temperament. Often, these individuals are the best diplomats or duplicates. Although they lack physical strength and are sometimes inactive, they can be deadly due to their temperamental weaknesses.


Abundance Haircuts In November 2020 Image

Blonde Hair

Blonde hair indicates a physical fragility and coldness. They may seem impressionable and carefree, but they are knowledgeable and have an excellent memory. Their hair color also symbolizes youth, and sometimes naive. 

Black Hair

A person with straight black hair seems serene. Curly black hair shows a joyful and affectionate person.

Brown Hair

People with brown hair have strong personalities and liberal beliefs. They are often indifferent. Brown hair also suggests vulnerability and a passionate character. 

Silky, dark brown hair reveals an alluring, seductive personality. These individuals are bright, like being among other people, and are proud and self-assured.

Coarse, brown hair hints at independence, lack of sensitivity, and indifference. They are trustworthy (good with money), responsible, and often more diligent than others.

Red Hair

Dark red-haired people are brave. Often they are skeptical, quarrelsome, and resentful. They are physically strong and almost savage in their power.

Bright red hair conveys intelligence, sensibility, and a clear soul. If the hair is silky, it indicates a caring, enthusiastic, and passionate personality. It might also demonstrate creativity, lyrical nature, romanticism, appreciation of the arts, and musical taste.

Pale red hair is fashionable, yet it lacks substance.

Face Hair

A man with a hairy face is emotional, intense, full of life, and enjoys outdoor activities and sports.

A smooth-faced man is crafty, diplomatic, brilliant, and astute in business. They are also intellectual with a domineering spirit.


Physiognomy ears image

Small ears signify respect, decency, love, shyness, and reservation. Long, narrow ears accentuate these traits.

Medium ears indicate energy and resolve, while thicker earlobes indicate heightened emotions.

Big ears and thick earlobes are indicators of rudeness and materialism.

Distanced ears reveal a thirst for cruelty and devastation, while a pair of vertical ears convey authority, boldness, and strength.

Normal ears do not extend over or below the brows and nose. People whose ears extend over their eyebrows seem to be furious, vengeful, and sometimes even criminal-minded.

Ears with detached earlobes from the head indicate generosity and a free spirit. Earlobes that are closed to the head are antithetical to these characteristics. A wide gap between the ears and eyes means intelligence and skill.


face reading forehead image

A high forehead indicates a person who loves to study and learn about new things. These people are well-trained, dedicated, and successful.

An intuitive disposition, equipped with inherent talent and creativity, is shown by a low and broad forehead. These folks are pretty spontaneous and often have a shining spirit. Instead of studying for information, they are more focused on impressions.

The ideal forehead is somewhat higher than average and has well-shaped brows. It indicates a good chance of long-term success.

An honest, sincere person has a square forehead. These traits are enhanced by straight brows but diminished by a loose forehead.

A forehead with deep lines (wrinkles) indicates someone who enjoys research and study, while a forehead without lines conveys sarcasm, selfishness, coldness, and sometimes lack of empathy.


Physiognomy eyes image

The eyes are the portal to a person’s soul. Therefore, it is very important to pay special attention to people’s eyes when you’re doing a face reading. Let’s dive into the basics of how to read people’s personalities by their eyes.

Eyes that shift in color and shade reflect creativity and lightness in the heart, yet honesty in the workplace. These individuals have vibrant, brave personalities.

People with large, round eyes tend to be artistic, spontaneous, creative, sensual, and loving. They are also sincere, naive, and straightforward, especially when there’s a considerable distance between their eyes. 

Closed eyelids suggest concentration, agitation, and a desire for change. 

Small-eyed show an artistic nature of a person. Often, this is an extraordinary person who is not always able to agree with someone else’s opinion and adapt to others. Rarely achieving success in their youth, they further realize themselves through hard work, colossal willpower, and diligence.

People that have distanced eyes are often impatient and often struggle to understand others. But if they are busy with monotonous or simple work, they can be excellent performers.

Men with eyes located close to each other are often fickle and tend to change jobs and professions. Women with such eyes tend to be jealous and conflicted. But such women are distinguished by the ability to understand people well and anticipate others’ actions.

Eyelids concealing the eyes indicate a sensual, romantic, and passionate person. Such a person may have a secret romance and may have a tendency to keep their relationship in secret.


face reading nose image

An aquiline nose indicates strength, grit, and pride.

If the nose is narrow, it suggests a person with a dictatorial character.

A straight, well-shaped nose demonstrates tolerance, friendliness, balance, elegance, and the ability to endure. It also conveys interest, coldness and indifference, and liberal views towards moral and social norms.

At all times, a nose with a hump was considered the nose of aristocrats and philosophers. A nose with a hump is endowed with people who are determined and brave. They tend to always think rationally and logically. They are ambitious and go for their personal happiness.

A person with a snub nose is very outgoing, charming, and energetic. A snub nose speaks of the calmness and eloquence of a person.

A large nose with a rounded tip shows a smart and creative person. They are kind, benevolent, and philanthropic.

A large and long nose indicates the waywardness and perseverance of a person. Most often, they love money and know how to make it. They also tend to be very strict with people around them, they are very demanding.

A person with a short nose is easily influenced. The approval of others is very important to them. They are also very open and sociable people. They have a flexible and rather soft character. But it is important to know that such people are also impulsive.

A person with a wide nose is emotional and loyal. Most often, these people are very charming and easygoing. These people are characterized by increased sexuality and a passion for various adventures.

Final Remarks

Once you have a basic understanding of face reading, you may utilize this understanding together with your intuition to determine what a particular facial feature may signify. Of course, this isn’t an exact science, so enjoy yourself.