6 Herbs to Enhance Psychic Abilities

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We have several herbs to enhance psychic abilities. Some are all around us while others are rare. Forget about the general herbs everyone keeps talking about. In this article, I will share with you real herbs to enhance psychic abilities with deep-rooted histories to support their uses. However, you must possess some form of empathy for you to be a successful psychic. So first, let us understand how psychics work.

What is Cold Reading?

Briefly, psychic healing involves an exchange of energy. The troubled patient transfers their negative energy to a psychic and in return, the psychic transfers their healing energy to them. That is why after a session with a psychic most people say they feel lighter and relieved.

Psychics connect to your emotions through the energy you radiate. It doesn’t always have to be negative energy. Sometimes a psychic reads a happy occurrence in your life if that is what you transmit to them.

The whole psychic phenomenon is somehow supported by science (for ye that don’t believe). According to science, energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only change its form. Therefore, psychics are people who transform and balance these energies.

Psychic healers use 3 approaches:

Some can only apply one method while others are skilled in all three.

Whichever approach you use, you can always use these special herbs to enhance psychic abilities.

The Six Herbs to Enhance Psychic Abilities

You don’t have to be a psychic to use these herbs. Sometimes we just need a little help to enhance our intuition. You need herbs that induce neurogenesis and those that calm you down.


Mugwort Image

This is considered a special herb. In the days of St. John the Baptist, the plant was worn to drive out demons and protect against possession by evil forces. In ancient China, Mugwort branches were hung to keep away evil spirits during the Dragon Festival. Japanese used them to exorcize spirits of diseases.

In modern day, a pillow stuffed with Mugwort induces prophetic dreams. We also burn this herb during scrying rituals and drink a honey-mugwort concoction before divination. Should I say more?

This herb has all the qualities you need in herbs to enhance psychic abilities. And the fact that it is always associated with strong protection against negative energies, gives you the upper hand when dealing with stronger forces.


turmeric powder image

Turmeric contains Curcumin, which is the ingredient responsible for the yellow color. It is known to have strong neurogenic effects. In addition, this herb is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound.

Research has proven that turmeric enhances cognitive performance. Curcumin is also used in antidepressants. And as a psychic, isn’t this exactly what you need (more concentration with zero stress)?


Ginseng Image

Both the American version and the traditional Chinese Gingsen increase neurogenesis by inducing the generation of neurons from stem cells. The herb also promotes cognitive function and enhances memory. Finally, it also contains compounds that protect the brain, act as antidepressants, and with anti-inflammatory effects.


lavender image

This one soothes angry spirits. Do you see how you battle clients with traumatizing pasts? Lavender will re-align your chakras and direct you on the right path.


plantain image

Well, this is not your everyday herb. In fact, unless you grew up in the village, you’ll rarely come across this herb in the cities. Plantain leaves have been used for centuries to cure headaches and protect against snakebites. For this reason, this herb is also called snakeweed.

As a psychic, you can use these herbs to enhance psychic abilities. First, plantain creates short-lived invisibility. You can literally pass by its weedy bushes without noticing it. If you are path walking, you can harness this power.

The herb also contains regenerative properties. It is believed to bring flesh back to life (healing wounds). You can heal your cells and recover the energy lost after a psychic session with this herb.


This herb encourages relaxation by slowing your breathing. After inhaling it, you will experience deep slow breathes that calm you and release past traumas or preoccupations. As a result, your mind becomes clear and free to soar.

Other than the above herbs, Blueberries, Omega-3s supplements and, and Green Tea are also effective at enhancing psychic abilities.

How to Use These Herbs

Some herbs can be chewed directly from the farm while others require special application techniques. Below are the common ways we apply the 6 herbs to enhance psychic abilities.

Using diffusers

These gadgets work best if your herbs are in the form of oil or a fine powder. Mix the herb with water and switch on the diffuser. Close all the windows and doors, and inhale that air for 30 minutes or so depending on how concentrated the water was.

The advantage of diffusers over other methods is that you experience the effect almost immediately. In addition, since you’re breathing moist air, your airways are unblocked and the sinuses connected to your brain cleared. Clarity enhances your psychic abilities.

Burning as Incense

incense sticks Image

This works best for dried herbs. However, you can also mix coal or wood shavings with oils or paste from fresh herbs and burn them. To make it easier, buy incense smoke ovens.

Using Herb Scented Candles

You can buy candles that contain your herbs of choice and burn them overnight. However, most candles have a weak throw while others use a much-diluted base. You can try making candles at home and infuse them with your herbs instead.


oil massage image

Most aromatherapy oils are infused with herbs. Use these oils to massage pressure points especially those located towards your neck and head to enhance clarity.

Use in Food and Drinks

Herbal teas are a common application of herbs. We also use other herbs such as turmeric in food and condiments as well as cakes and pastries.

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The most effective approach is to first release the aroma and the oils in these herbs before mixing them with food. Roast dry seeds in a hot dry pan until they start to splatter. For the leafy herbs, crush them using a mortar and pestle.

In Conclusion

Before you settle on a few herbs to enhance psychic abilities, remember that Psychic healing is influenced by being in harmony with yourself. If Lavender, for example, gives you a headache, you cannot use it in your psychic practice. Nevertheless, try all the above herbs to enhance psychic abilities and settle on the one with the greatest impact.