How To Read Incense Smoke? Libanomancy Knows The Answer

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The burning of incense is a very common practice that has existed for centuries. Healers, yogis, representatives of different spiritual teachings, confessions, and religions use incense for various purposes: meditation, concentration, rituals, purification of the energy of space, etc. However, not everyone knows that incense (or rather their smoke) can tell a lot and give answers to important questions. In this article, we will share with you how to read incense smoke.

What Is Libanomancy?

Libanomancy is divination by observing and interpreting burning incense smoke as well as its ash. Like most other divination methods, a specific question must be asked during Libanomancy. Incense smoke gives the answer to the question that must be correctly interpreted.

Libanomic texts refer to the ancient Babylonian period, approximately dated to 2000-1600 BC. Over time, this method of divination began to decline, but the knowledge was preserved by the diviners. From Mesopotamia, libanomancy was spread in Egypt and later became known in Europe.

The Burning Of Incense

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Incense plays the role of a conductor that connects our material world with the subtle world. The smoke that comes from the burning of incense is a symbolic conversation with the “subtle world”. However, the subtle world language is not so simple. Therefore in order to understand it, we need to learn how to interpret its mysterious messages.

Incense smoke can help you:

  1. Recognize if the energy of the room is clean
  2. Find yes/no answers to your questions
  3. Show good or bad omens
  4. Find out if you will succeed

In order to read incense smoke, you need to light the incense and watch how the smoke behaves.

How To Read Incense Smoke to Determine The Purity of the Energy Of The Space?

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In order to determine the purity of the energy of the space, you need to pay attention to how the smoke from the burning incense behaves.

When you begin to cleanse the energy with incense you can observe that the smoke goes up in a long thin flow. This is because the smoke is pushed out by the energy density.

As you keep cleansing the energy of the space, you will start noticing that the smoke from the thin flow is turning into a smoke cloud that fills the entire room. A cloud of smoke indicates that space is cleansed, the energy becomes lighter, allowing the smoke to soar.

Using this method of smoke interpretation, you can easily determine how the process of energy cleansing is going on, whether it is necessary to continue or the energy of the room is already purified.

How To Read Incense Smoke To Get The Yes/No Answer To Your Question?

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Light the incense with the intention of getting an answer to your question. Concentrate your thoughts on the question, relax and pay attention to the incense smoke.

If the smoke goes straight up, it does not deviate to the left and right then the answer is definitely “Yes”.

When the smoke began to break up in uneven pieces then the answer is definitely “No”.

If the smoke is branching rings then the answer is “Yes”, but the situation will not quite go the way you wanted it to. This shape of smoke can also portend an incredible rise and success in all areas of life.

Another way to get the yes/no answer is to say the intention:

“If the answer to my question is “Yes”, then let the smoke rise towards me. If the answer to my question is “No”, then let the smoke rise away from me.”

Now watch how the smoke behaves.

How To Read Incense Smoke To Find Out Whether You Will Succeed?

If the smoke goes to the right, you will succeed and you will be lucky.

When the smoke goes to the left, you will not succeed and can lose something or someone.

If the smoke clots, you will succeed, will enjoy the profit, and luck is by your side.

When the upper part of the smoke is cut off, it portends difficulties.

How To See Good Or Bad Omens In Incense Smoke?

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If the top of the smoke gathers like a date palm and is thin at its base, it foreshadows trouble.

When a flow of smoke going upward is decomposed into two, three or more flows, but they are all smooth and beautiful, then two, three or more people will participate in the situation. If the strip of smoke consisting of three broken streams then the conflict between these people will happen.

When the smoke has broken into two even or uneven strips you will face a conflict or disease.

If the smoke deviates to the right then it’s a good sign.

When the smoke deviates to the left then it’s a bad sign.

If there are many broken corners, geometric shapes with broken edges then it’s a sign of a danger coming your way.

Other Symbols That Can Be Seen In The Smoke

Numbers can symbolize the dates then the events will occur or a number of days left before something will happen.

The Infinity symbol appears in the smoke when you about to face big changes in your life.

Faces should be interpreted by intuition.

Fork, knife or trident symbolize danger coming your way.


When reading smoke, the most important thing to remember is to have a clear question and an open mind. For those who have never read smoke, the first attempts can be difficult – sometimes it’s quite difficult to clearly see the symbols and signs that the smoke draws.

However, the more you practice the incense smoke readings, the more clearly you will see all the signs and symbols that the smoke reveals and the better you will hear the voice of your intuition.