Eye Makeup Based On The Law Of Attraction

Eye makeup based on the law of attraction

eyeliner imageDid you know that eye makeup can actually help you attract different kinds of luck? When I heard about it from my teacher Lillian Too I was pretty surprised. It is unbelievable but you can actually magnetize and attract luck simply by choosing the right colors of eyeshadows and eyeliner. And depending on the color you choose you can attract wealth, wisdom, spiritual development, harmony etc.

By using modern makeup ‘magic’ you are utilizing the law of attraction principles that exist within the frequency of colors that can help you to improve your life! These secrets are utilized by Feng Shui Experts. Today I am going to share with you some secret eye makeup tips you didn’t know about.

Secret 1

First of all, it is very good to emphasize your eyes with dark colored pencil, because it attracts luck.

Secret 2

You can use dark green eyeshadows (or eyeliner) if you want to attract energy growth.

Secret 3

Deep blue eyeshadows (or eyeliner) will be a good choice if you need to attract wealth and abundance into your life.

Secret 4

Another good color is dark brown. Use this color if you need some help to capture the wisdom of good decision-making.

Secret 5

Use magic of purple eyeshadows if you want to connect with the cosmic and spiritual energies around you.

Secret 6

Dark grey eyeshadows are also a very good choice. They will help you to enhance your inner power.

Use your intention for creating eye makeup ‘magic’!

Remember to put your intention in your eye makeup! Be creative and positive! Makeup ‘magic’ can be a very powerful tool for manifesting and attracting anything you want!