Intense Personality: 10 Signs You Could Have One

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Do you know of anyone who is always deep in the way they speak and act? These are highly sensitive people (HSPs) with an overwhelming inner drive, brutally honest, sincere, and devoted to whatever they set their minds to accomplish.

If this description resonates with you, you could be having an intense personality trait.

Like, you find yourself with rooted thoughts, questioning every aspect of your life, and with a strong desire to discover your destiny. And, you are also an empath, and melancholic, or choleric.

This quick guide lists the 10 common behaviors that make this personality trait stand out: –

The Signs

#1: Brutally Honest

Intense people express their opinions and thoughts the way they are. In turn, they are loved and hated by those around them in equal measure. Think of that person who is blunt, saying hurtful things to their partners.

To them, honesty supersedes emotional feelings. And due to this brutal honesty, some intense persons may become cruel and emotionally abuse those close to them.

#2: Opens Up Easily

How long does it take you to open up to strangers? Or rather, what does it take for you to open up to a stranger? Well, psychologists estimate that an intense person will open up to a stranger within two minutes of their meet-up. All that is needed is for the intense person to develop some trust in the stranger. For example, this person is the first to start a conversation in a stalled lift.

#3: Intense Eye Contact

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Do you often look at someone and get the feeling that they are looking deep into your soul? These are intense persons, processing lots of inner thoughts and emotions as they gaze at you. They can infer your mental state by locking a gaze with you. At this point, this eye contact often makes others uncomfortable.

#4: Intense Verbal and Body Language

An intense person chooses words carefully to express their thoughts with lots of emotions. It is a descriptive language that becomes their identity. More so, their body language speaks volumes about how they think of those around them. Typical clues include facial expressions and unique postures as they switch from one voice tone to another

#5: Extreme Highs and Lows

Often, people with intense personalities see their lives as riding on a rollercoaster. There will also be days of feeling sudden sadness and happiness, all at the same time. Others struggle with irregular sleeping patterns. When these erratic mood swings get out of hand, the individual may develop unhealthy habits like drugs and alcohol abuse to cope.

#6: Narrow Social Networks

Social media networking platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Twitter encourage participants to share their deep emotions. Yet, someone with an intense personality fears getting their intensity diluted. Consequently, these persons only connect with others if they have no other alternative. And, when they join community groups, they become silent spectators instead of contributors.

#7: Cherish Meaningful Conversations

It is rare to find an intense person in small talk. To them, these idle conversations have no impact hence, a waste of time. Instead, they plan meet-ups weeks or even months before in advance. Then, they express their ideas with a passion to the other persons. By the end of the conversation, the intense person comes up with an action plan beneficial for all.

#8: Clingy in Relationships

When dating a person with an intense personality, they will tend to be overly clingy to you. For example, it could be a spouse who is always asking for reassurance, a son or daughter who wants to stay in contact with parents, or a friend who seems to depend on you for their emotional wellbeing. They will be happy if you are happy and get moody when they sense you ignore them. In some extreme cases, this clingy person wants to touch you all the time.

#9: Questions Everything

Are you the type of person who asks “too many” questions? Or, do you have a friend or loved one who will ask one question after another endlessly? Like a curious child, a person with an intense personality hates making assumptions. In turn, they want to paint the bigger picture by getting as many direct answers about their situations as possible.

#10: Passionate Lovers

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Finally, anyone with an intense personality trait believes in romance and keeping the flame burning in a long-term sexual relationship. Unlike couples who settle and take each other for granted after the wedding or birth of their children, the intense person is constantly in a honeymoon mood.

The same applies to this individual who has a passion for a hobby or business venture. They are always seeking ways to improve or be their best in the relationship.

Implications of the Intense Personality Trait

What does having an intense personality trait imply to you or your loved ones? First, we need to view our personality trait as a gift and then, use it to impact others.

For example,

  • Advocate For the Rights of Others

As an intensely emotional person, you find it hard to hide your thoughts when you notice injustices going on in your community. In turn, you voice your opinions without sugarcoating them.

It is this brutal honesty about topics that the majority shy away from that makes others uneasy around you. Hence, be ready to look and sound different. Yet, view this uniqueness as your chance to be a voice for the voiceless in your neighborhood.

  • Uniting Others through Art and Music

If you enjoy expressing your emotional intensity through art and music, use these two avenues to tell a story about your community to the rest of the world. For example, market your home city as a hidden tourist gem. Secondly, come up with powerful artistic work that shows the possibilities of enemies working together.


Does your intense personality intimidate those around you? Living as an emotionally intense person makes you stand out in the crowd. There will be those who hate you and those who love you. Hence, appreciating your trait as a gift in disguise allows you to accept yourself and live a better life. The above guide will help you to identify if you have an intense personality.