Getting A Body Piercing? Here Is Something You Need To Know

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Body piercings are one of many fashion influences that have become very popular today. But are they really good for us? Or are we just unconsciously supporting this modern fashion? Let’s try to find out the truth!

Body piercing history

Since ancient times, people have pierced their body as a sign of belonging to a particular tribe or cult, status or hierarchical differences. Often the people of the lower hierarchy, and especially women, wore a body piercing as a sign of lifelong slavery.

During the early days of Christianity in Europe and the Middle East, metal rings in the ears, lips, nose, and metal bracelets – were the signs of slavery or of belonging to the lower classes. Slaves and people of the lower classes wore this insignia.  That was their obligation.

Modern world religions say that man must not “destroy God’s Temple where the Holy Spirit lives”. They also state that our bodies are that temple.

You shall not make any cuts in your body for the dead nor make any tattoo marks on yourselves: I am the LORD. (Leviticus 19:28).

“So Jacob said to his household and to all who were with him, “Get rid of the foreign gods you have with you, and purify yourselves and change your clothes. Then come, let us go up to Bethel, where I will build an altar to God, who answered me in the day of my distress and who has been with me wherever I have gone.” (Genesis 35:2-4).

So the Bible says that any punctures of the body are equal to the inscriptions on the temple wall. They do not decorate the temple but defile it and God that lives there as well.

According to the Koran, a body piercing is a change of Allah’s creation. So wearing ornaments in different parts of the body is strictly prohibited:

No change should there be in the creation of Allah.” (Quran, 30:30)

Body piercing from an energy perspective

In the modern world, piercings have become a fashion. Everyone from the very material to the very spiritual seems to embrace this piercing fashion. We, tribe creatures, always repeat after each other. Especially, when someone we highly respect does something, we unconsciously do the same. This is how everyone from celebrities, spiritual leaders, and self-proclaimed gurus manipulate us. How many spiritual leaders have a body piercing? A lot! And here is another question for you to think about. If a body piercing is such a dangerous thing to do then why do many celebrities and spiritual leaders pierce their bodies? Perhaps we can find the answer to this question if we look at body piercings from an energy perspective.

When a person has a desire to pierce his body, it is caused by a subconscious desire to join to a specific egregore. Body piercing is a sign of belonging to different spiritual streams. So by piercing his body a person karmically binds himself to the spiritual egregore forever. And the egregore’s main goal is to collect as much energy as possible to maintain its life.

Through the holes of a body, an egregore can take a person’s energy. But, through these holes in people’s bodies, an egregore can also give energy. That is why so many spiritual leaders do a piercing and tattoos. But to get the energy a person should completely dedicate himself to the service of this egregore which could be seen as a kind of spiritual slavery. If a person tries to change the direction in his spiritual development or spend less time on serving, the egregore will immediately take it’s energy back.

Body piercing from prana perspective

There are many important energy points in a human body, which concentrate prana. Among them, there are 108 deadly points. These points have important value for life and are responsible for certain processes and organs in the human body. By stimulating these points we can obtain positive effects on the body. However, prolonged wearing of jewelry in these points leads to a very negative effect. It creates a constant irritation of an organ, which gradually creates a loss of energy.

Also, keep in your mind that even the most experienced piercing master can not 100% determine the location of important points on your body.

But when the disease manifests itself, usually we treat the result. It never pops into our minds that the reason for the disease might be created by piercing.

Piercing and energy bodies

You should remember that any physical damage to your physical body affects your energy bodies. It prevents the free and harmonious flow of energy through your body. It is dangerous because internal organs can’t get enough energy anymore and this is how the diseases are created.

For example, eyebrow piercing affects your vision (and psychic abilities). Ear piercing affects kidneys’ function. Belly button piercing affects the deterioration of the bowel and pancreatic gland.

You should also remember that the belly button is your physical and energetic center. It is a “portal” to your energetic body and a location of your inner strength. There are 84 energetic channels concentrated. A belly button is your connection with Divine Mother, and with your family. When you pierce your belly button, you cut all these channels and connections. Just think about this!

I want to remind you that the belly button piercing was an attribute of concubines in harems. This is how their energy channels were blocked, which disconnected them from the Source of inner strength.

A person who walks the path of self-development is very sensitive to the state of his or her energy. Blocking the energy channels by foreign objects leads to an interruption of the free flow of energy and the accumulation of it in the lower chakras.

At the same time chakras’ misbalance sooner or later makes a person more focused on low and basic human needs – food, sex, pleasure, and also to excessive activity of the Ego. Their energy will not rise to the higher centers, which would entail a stop in spiritual development.

What can we do if we already have a body piercing?

Most people I know have body piercing. Even I, myself, have my ears pierced. So is there a way to overpass a negative effect of a body piercing?

First of all, you should remove the jewelry from the puncture. Remember, the longer you’re wearing jewelry the bigger irritation of an organ you create. So by removing piercing jewelry, you help your body to get the harmonious flow of energy circulating through it.

Secondary, you can heal yourself by doing any kind of energy practices (like Reiki, for example). It is a good idea to give yourself healing sessions to fill the puncture with energy and heal it completely.

I hope this information was helpful! Namaste!