9 Musthave Crystals For Pregnancy And Childbirth

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Crystals were given to mankind by Mother Earth to help in healing and generating love, abundance, and harmony. Besides that, crystals can have quite a magical and healing effect on pregnancy and childbirth. When a woman is expecting a child, she combines two lives, two hearts, and two minds. By using crystals during pregnancy, a woman is able to co-adjust her energy field with her child’s energy field. Through the use of crystals, pregnancy and childbirth can be a smooth and harmonious experience for both mom and baby. In this article, I will share with you 9 crystals for pregnancy and childbirth that will help you to overcome any difficulties and be in harmony with yourself and your baby.

How do crystals for pregnancy and childbirth work?

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First of all, it is necessary to understand that the energy of an unborn child and an adult have different frequencies. No matter what spiritual practices you do, or how pure your energy is, your child’s frequency will always be much higher.

This difference in frequency leads to unpleasant moments during pregnancy. Such as mood swings, nausea, dizziness, and cramps. And sometimes the difference is so huge that the child can no longer stay inside the mother, and chooses to leave her. This is how miscarriages happen. To prevent this, representatives of the mother of Earth – crystals – come to the aid.

Crystals have a distinct healing energy that emanates from the Earth. They are able to vibrate the energy fields of mother and child and help them to harmonize all the way from conception to childbirth. Crystals strengthen the bond between a mother and a child and increase the vibration of love.

How to choose crystals for pregnancy and childbirth?

You can trust your intuition and pick the crystal that resonates the most with you. Or you can read the description of the crystals for pregnancy and childbirth below and use a variety of them during your pregnancy.

1 Rose quartz

rose quartz gemstone

Traditionally, rose quartz is considered to be a conductor of love and happiness. Therefore, if you want to radiate love and envelop your baby with the energy of love, rose quartz is what you need! In addition, rose quartz helps to heal the mother after giving a birth. It removes stress, depression, and fears. In addition, it creates an ocean of love inside and around you.

2 Moonstone

polished moonstone imageThe energy of the Moon is associated with feminine energy. Therefore, if you want to be reunited with your divine femininity, be sure to wear moonstone. This crystal helps to get pregnant. You can buy a necklace of moonstone and charge it under the light of the Moon. Just leave the necklace on the windowsill under the moonlight for the night. The necklace will absorb the energy of the Moon and turn into a powerful talisman. In addition, moonstone stabilizes the hormones during pregnancy.

3 Jade

Jade ImageThis crystal helps to feel the nature of motherhood and prepare for this new role. In addition, jade reduces breast pain during pregnancy. And after giving a birth, it can help you to double the milk.

4 Black Onyx

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This crystal was used in many cultures to reduce pain during childbirth. It also helps to proceed the delivery much faster. In addition, black onyx is a powerful protection against negativity, it gives vitality and helps overcome emotional trauma.

5 Bloodstone

bloodstone imageThis crystal prevents miscarriage and helps to ease labor pain during childbirth. It also helps with revitalization when you feel exhausted. Bloodstone is a powerful healing crystal that gives you energy and strength.


Chrysocolla imageThis crystal gives an empowerment of divine feminine energy. It connects you to the Inner Goddess. Chrysocolla helps you to reduce mental tension. In addition, it alleviates the pain associated with labor and makes the childbirth easier.

7 Larimar

Larimar imageThis crystal helps to gain calm and serenity. It restores the nervous system, reduces stress and fear. Larimar helps to restore the divine feminine energy and connection with nature. It helps to get rid of post-natal depression and stress associated with parenting.

8 Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuli imageThis crystal helps to reveal the divine femininity, enhances intuition, relieves stress, brings harmony and peace. It helps the body to cope with physical activity associated with pregnancy, as well as with any difficulties during childbirth. In addition, Lapis Lazuli helps to lower blood pressure and overcome mood swings during pregnancy.

9 Amazonite

amazonite imageThis crystal helps to eliminate nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. In addition, amazonite helps mothers numb the pain of cramps. If you wear amazonite from the first days of pregnancy, you will probably never experience morning sickness or vomiting.

How to use crystals for pregnancy and childbirth?

You can wear crystals for pregnancy and childbirth as pendants, rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. Some women make a belt of crystals and start wearing it before conception throughout pregnancy.

First of all, after buying the crystal, you need to cleanse it. Leave it for 24 hours in a salt water. Then cleanse it with the incense. This is how the water-fire cleansing work.

Then place the crystal between your palms and say your intention. For example, it can be:

“This crystal helps me in a harmonious pregnancy. It protects me and my child from any adverse effects.”

Now your crystal is activated specifically for you and your child. It is ready to help you. Put it on and wear it throughout the pregnancy.

Do not forget to cleanse your crystals at the end of the day to remove the negative energy that they have absorbed. To cleanse crystals regularly is very important!

The Bottom Line

rose quartz imageCrystals are magical helpers, that can help you not only get pregnant and feel great during pregnancy but also safely give birth to new life. By surrounding yourself with the divine energy of Earth during pregnancy, you help your child feel welcomed and loved. He or she feels that the energy of our planet is very benevolent and affectionate. Thus, you help your baby be born without fears and injuries.

Be grateful that the Earth has given us this priceless gift and use it for the benefit of yourself and your children! Namaste!