Something You’re Missing In Your Law of Attraction Practice

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People used to think that luck and failure always follow each other like black and white stripes. If something very good happens to them, then after the joyful event troubles always come. Happiness replaces sadness, sadness turns into delight, and then something so terrible happens that a person falls into depression.

In the same way your mood changes. One moment you’re very inspired and motivated, next moment you’re feeling apathy that you do not want anything at all.

It would seem that the law of attraction should work. If we enjoy life, why does our delight attract trouble? If we enjoy our work, why does our passion for it eventually cause apathy? However, the law of attraction is not that simple. The fact is that in our world, in addition to the law of attraction, there are other laws that we need to obey. These laws do not contradict the law of attraction but rather complement it. One such law is the Law of balance.

How Does The Law Of Balance Work?

Every time a happy event happens in life, we experience joy. But, as a rule, the feeling of this kind of joy is not harmonious, because it creates an excess of creative energy. Any excess energy creates an imbalance that the universe immediately tries to balance.

For example, many people say that if a person is successful in his career, then, as a rule, he is not very lucky in love. If you look at the statistics, probably this is how it is. It can be easily explained logically. If you invest all your energy into your career and enjoy it. You may ask: “and what’s wrong with this?” There is nothing wrong with this, as long as you do not create attachments and do not fall into dependence on your success. As soon as you begin to invest all your energy in one direction, creating an imbalance, your reality immediately switches from positive to negative.

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The energy of luck is formed as a cluster of favorable timelines. When you get on one of these timelines, you can by inertia, slide to other favorable timelines, jumping over adverse circumstances. But, if after your success you experience negative troubles, it means that you got attached to your success and thus created an energy excess. This energy excess will be eliminated by some unpleasant event.

If you want to constantly be in resonance with the energy of good luck, you need to find balance.

Does Destiny Affect Us?

People think that “the wave” of luck comes and goes according to our destiny. But in fact, it doesn’t move. We’re moving, but not our luck! It is us, moving along timelines, choosing all the circumstances that fill our lives. Luck is always stationary. So only we can decide whether to let luck come into our lives or not.

Your Main Problem In Your Law Of Attraction Practice Is Your Attachment

As I already said,  your attachment creates an excess of energy, which is always balanced by the manifestation of some unpleasant event in your life. Thus, your attachment to the fact that you at all costs need to earn more money, will definitely throw you to the timeline on which it is impossible to do so. Or, for example, when a woman desperately wants to marry “a fairy Prince”, she begins to be attached to the result. This attachment will “take” her to the timeline, where she will either stay single forever or marry a man who will disappoint her and she will be suffering in this marriage all her life. You see the very idea of attachment has an underlining emotion of fear of not maintaining or gaining your desired outcome. This is where the excess of energy comes from thus creating the imbalance.

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So there is seemingly a paradoxical situation – how to create the life of your dreams without being attached to the result? Well, in my experience, it’s not easy. Because it is necessary to find a balance, a middle way between “indifference” and “attachment to the result.” Indifference will never lead you to success, as well as your attachment to the result. That’s why it’s very important to stay inspired by your goal but at the same time do not get attached to it.

Three Methods To Remove Your Attachment

The Law of Attraction teaches us how to attract the desirable result by expressing our intentions. That’s why we all are very well aware that in order to achieve our goals we should follow our hearts and stay focused on what our hearts desire. This part shouldn’t be a big problem for you to accomplish. But the difficulties come when we become so passionate about our goals we also get attached to them, the outcome and thus stop enjoying our lives. To overcome these difficulties I want to share with you three methods that I personally use.

Method 1: Remove the focus of your attention from yourself as an artist, as well as from your final goal

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To do this, move all your attention to the process of performing the action. In this case, there is a feeling that you are not such an important person (so the ego is eliminated), and the work that you do is also not very important (so your attachment to the result is eliminated). And by focusing on the process, not on the goal, you’re switching your attention to the present moment. Thus, by destroying illusions such as ego, affection, and anxiety, you become a Creator. You no longer worry about what people will think about you, whether you will be able to do everything in a perfect way, whether your work will bring the expected success. You just create and enjoy the process.

Method 2: Never show off

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Every time you tell someone about your stunning results, you create energy excess. This energy excess will necessarily be eliminated by the Universe to establish balance. And, most likely, it will happen through the attraction of adverse events, troubles, challenges, etc. into your life. And all this negativity will be the equivalent of your positive emotion that you felt when you boasted, but in opposite way. Therefore, never boast of anything, even if you feel that you deserve praise. And especially do not boast of what you do not have yet.

Method 3: Take any of your achievements as an easy occurrence of resonance with the surrounding world

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And it is this resonance that helps you achieve your goals without much difficulty-quickly and easily! Do not fight with the world for receiving what you want. The Universe will gladly give you anything you want if you have no pressure. Energy flows smoothly and easily. Do not try to force it to move the way you want. Just relax and enjoy the process of achieving your goals.