The Most Important Reason Why You Should Follow Your Heart

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Have you ever asked yourself why so many people suffer from heart disease? Why do so many people die of a heart attack? For a very long time, I could not find answers to these questions. But today I know why heart function is so important and so vulnerable. After all, it is the heart that is directly connected with our main mission on this planet. So why should you follow your heart and how is it connected with your health? Let me share with you my vision on this question!

Heart and the Universe

The heart is the only organ of the physical body that interacts with the Universe. All the information that the universe transmits to man is absorbed through the capillaries of mobile structures of red blood cells. Thus, blood is a kind of magnet that attracts information from the Universe.

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Any information coming from the Universe becomes known to our heart much faster than our brain. It takes about 6-8 seconds for the information to reach the brain. In other words, from the heart, the information has already been received, but it will reach the brain only in 6-8 seconds! These 6-8 seconds is a very long time for consciousness. But, when this information reaches the brain, it becomes the past for the heart, because during this time the heart has managed to shrink several times and send new information to the brain.

Two Kinds Of Consciousness

Each person has two kinds of the consciousness – the consciousness of the heart and consciousness of the brain. The activity of these consciousnesses is divided by the time interval, which is the most vulnerable moment for foreign penetration and manipulation. It is these 6-8 seconds that the Matrix uses to prevent the information that comes from our heart from entering our brain. It is during these 6-8 seconds that we are influenced with programs-stereotypes that block the information that our heart is trying to convey to us.

You should remember that it is through your heart that communication with God takes place. When you follow your heart, you can’t make mistakes!

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Our brain can trust only logically built information, which is based on the benefit and comfort. However, unfortunately, the desire for benefit and comfort leads us further and further from the Truth.

If we can control the information that the Matrix is trying to instill in us in those 6-8 seconds, we can hear the Voice of our heart, we can trust our intuition, we can establish a strong connection with our higher Self, our Spirit. And only then will we see the limitless potential of our potential. This is what we call “follow your heart”.

Heart and Emotions

When we experience negative emotions, the heart rate becomes uneven, and the connection between the heart and the brain is interrupted. The brain begins to lose the ability  to accept and recognize information coming from the heart. That is why, in those moments when we are overwhelmed with negative emotions, we often make wrong decisions, which we later regret.

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When we experience the fullness of love, our heart works in a harmonious rhythm that strengthens the connection between the heart and the brain. This harmonious rhythm contributes to making the right decisions. Because the heart and the brain work together.

Heart and Spirit

The heart is the entry point of the spirit into matter. Just think about it: during the intrauterine development, the heart is formed first and begins to beat before the appearance of the physical brain. Therefore, we can say that the heart is a portal to the Higher Divine Consciousness.

In addition, the heart is the strongest source of electricity in our body. And the power of this source is much more powerful than the power of the source of electricity within the brain.

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The bioelectric signal produced by the heart is so strong that it is emitted into space beyond the skin. Bioelectric devices record this signal at a distance of 2.5-3 meters from the body. And the center of this bioelectric field is the heart. I’m not talking about aura or subtle energies. I am talking about very dense electromagnetic frequencies.

The heart is the only organ of the human body that never rests and never stops during the whole time of human life. Just think about these words! Heart and Spirit are directly connected. So if you want to live in harmony with your spiritual mission you have to find a way to follow your heart.

Follow Your Heart And Radiate Love

We came to this planet in order to radiate love. It’s not a difficult task for our spirit, because it’s made out of pure love. But it’s much harder to love living in physical bodies. That’s why we have to remind ourselves that we came to Earth to get this invaluable experience, despite external stimuli. We have to learn how to manifest our divine essence through love for all beings.

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It’s easy to love when you have no external stimuli – when people around you are kind and calm. This easy way monks and hermits choose. But the real skill is not to isolate yourself from the imbalanced society, but to immerse yourself in it, and begin to radiate love from within it. True mastery is to see all the imperfections of the world, the rudeness, and aggression of people – and still continue to radiate love.

The Bottom Line

To follow your heart and radiate love seems very simple and obvious in theory. But in practice, it’s not easy to do. I know how difficult this is. When we meet face to face with negative people expressing aggression and anger, it is very difficult not to succumb to this provocation. It’s very difficult not to start talking to them in a language of anger and rudeness. It is not easy not to follow negative emotions and to not start screaming or crying.

When you’re facing difficult situations like this, keep in mind that when you reach the level of unconditional love and harmony, you become a Master. That’s what I call real mastery. True Masters are not the inhabitants of the monasteries, they are not hermits. True Masters of life are people who live among us and are able to show love and compassion, despite external stimuli. And as long as you strive for it, you are on the right path – the path of your heart!