The December New Moon: Here’s How It Will Affect Us

September 2021 New Moon Image

The Moon is waning to a new moon on December 23rd at 2:16 am a.m. PT (5:17 a.m. EST). This is when the Moon is lost in the glare of the Sun and completely invisible. The December new moon is a powerful time that can give impetus to our spiritual development and personal evolution. I will share everything you need to know about this new moon in this article.

The New Moon In Vedic Astrology

In Vedic astrology, the new moon is called Amavasya. It is the time when the Moon and the Sun line up.

According to Vedic astrologyShukla paksha, the brightest part of the lunar month begins with Amavasya, when one can count on the indulgence and benefits of the gods. It is recommended to dedicate the new moon to spiritual practices, offerings, and prayers. It is also considered a favorable period for completing previously started projects, cleaning, and charity.

Amavasya is considered the most favorable period to engage in your personal development; spend this day in meditation and prayers.

It is said that any activity related to material affairs will not bring any benefits on this day. However, any spiritual practice you engage in will multiply its benefits when performed during Amavasya. The same can be said about charity and donations done during Amavasya – you will be generously rewarded for your acts of kindness.

The November New Moon

According to Jyotish (Vedic astrology), the December new moon occurs in Sagittarius. The new moon in this constellation increases optimism and sharpens the desire for success, which often gives a tendency to exaggerate our capabilities and strengths.

There is a tendency to take risks and demonstrate courage. During this time, it is easy to captivate us and infect us with enthusiasm, but this enthusiasm is short-lived and superficial.

The need for movement is increasing. Any kind of restriction is not going to be accepted, especially by children. This trend can be observed in one way or another throughout the lunar month, until the next new moon on January 21, 2023.

The lesson of this lunar month is to rationally assess your capabilities. Stay away from making unreasonable promises.

Also, this is a good lunar month to clarify your role in the world and society, search for a spiritual teacher, and to study philosophical and spiritual systems.

The New Moon In Mula Nakshatra

According to Vedic astrology, the November new moon takes place in the lunar mansion of Mula Nakshatra.

Mula Nakshatra is one of the more destructive, radical, intense, and sharp lunar mansions. This nakshatra may initiate situations that are drastic in nature or that provoke discomfort, but, at the same time, the energy of nakshatra will also reveal or address root causes and motivations.

Mula nakshatra has a passionate nature and motivates people to get to the bottom of things. Therefore, this new moon may activate this exact desire in many people – to investigate and search for truth. And when we’re doing this, we have to be very careful not to get trapped by circumstances and get caught up in blaming others or the environment. If we lose the balance and objective judgment during this time, we can mirror the negative energy we’re radiating and face big losses and attract really bad situations.

Another great lesson Mula Nakshatra teaches us is non-attachment. Use this time to self-reflect and realize what the biggest attachments in your life are. You could be attached to the place you live in – your town, your house, etc. Or, maybe you’re attached to the people you love? Some of us can still be attached to money or material possessions. Take your time to think about it and work through it.

Mula Nakshatra also deals with cruelty, pain, betrayal, and resentment. Watch out because you can also face many losses, starting with material things and ending with people you love. So, make sure you learn that lesson of non-attachment.

Those of us who learn the lessons that Mula Nakshatra offers us will transform our experiences into enlightenment and reach a deep level of self-realization. Remember that no matter how hard the karmic lessons can be, we can always benefit from them because there are spiritual gifts hidden in any challenging experience.

Dos and Don’ts During the December New Moon

Amavasya is one of the best days for donations. When you’re making donations during the new moon, the beneficial effect of it is greatly enhanced, and your negative karma gets purified.

Our emotions play a very important role during the new moon. If you are happy on this day, you will become even happier; if you are unhappy – you will become unhappier. Any of our qualities are strengthened on this day. Therefore, the new moon is a very important time for spiritual seekers since the effect of any puja or recited mantra becomes even stronger on this day.

Amavasya is a great time for new beginnings. This is the time to discard old habits and thoughts, all failures, and embrace the new experience that the new moon promises us.

Favorable activities during Amavasya:

  • Completing tasks
  • Paying off debts
  • Throwing away the old and unnecessary things
  • Fasting
  • Giving donations and gifts
  • Meeting with your parents or other family members
  • Performing any spiritual practices
  • House cleaning (it will help you to clean not only the space around you but also your mind)
  • Honoring deceased ancestors (you can just think about them or look at their pictures)
  • Doing charity (you can donate anything except money)
  • Tuning in to harmony and love
  • Forgiving yourself and others

Unfavorable activities during Amavasya:

  • Making important purchases
  • Getting married
  • Making important appointments
  • Start training
  • Making promises
  • Surgeries
  • Start building a house, or enter the house
  • Making final decisions
  • Taking trips, business trips, travel
  • Making repairs, renovations
  • Appointing important meetings that can affect the execution of transactions, the conduct of business, etc.
  • Making money transactions (investing money, transferring large sums, borrowing or lending);
  • Overworking

Manifesting On New Moon

Vision Board Template Manifesting Image

It’s very beneficial to use positive affirmations during the new moon. During this time, affirmations have a special power – they make your positive thoughts and intentions grow and gain strength more quickly. That is why such practices as creating a vision board or Reiki wish box will be particularly effective on the new moon.

Here are some examples of the high-vibe affirmations you can practice on the New Moon:

  • Love is my inspiration, my conversation, and my life! Peace is my natural state! Gratitude is my way of seeing and being! The face of God greets me everywhere I go!
  • Every cell of my body temple celebrates health and wholeness!
  • All my relationships match the high vibration of unconditional love!
  • Positive thoughts revitalize my body temple!
  • Abundance blesses every aspect of my life!
  • I am guided, governed, and gifted by the eternal presence of Spirit within me! The high frequency of divine love resounds through all of my relationships! Excellence is encoded in my soul and evident in my expression! A consciousness of awe and wonder makes things possible in my life!
  • My commitment to peace, love, and kindness raises the vibrations of the planet!
  • The sweet water of appreciation bathes everything I do!

The Moon Mantra

During the New Moon, it’s beneficial to chant the Moon mantra “Om Chandraya Namaha” 108 times. This powerful mantra vibrates with the energy of the Moon. Chanting this beautiful mantra will help you see things more clearly and look beyond “illusions” to see the deeper meaning in things and the truth that lies within.

Buddha Shakyamuni Mantra

It is very beneficial to chant the Buddha Shakyamuni mantra during the new moon. Recite “Om Muni Muni Maha Muniye Soha” 3, 7, 21, or 108 times. When chanting the mantra, visualize how the Divine Light purifies all your subtle bodies and frees your consciousness from outdated programs.

Chanting the Buddha Shakyamuni mantra brings a change in our consciousness, helps to reach enlightenment, inspires us with new ideas, and gives us confidence in our abilities. Also, it relieves uncertainty and distorted perceptions of reality.