How To Set Up New Year Resolutions With A Reiki Wish Box

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Every person has goals and desires. However, in order for making our wishes come true, it is necessary to charge them with energy. Only energetically strong wishes have the ability to turn into intentions and to be realized. Today I want to share with you one of my favorite ways of charging wishes with energy – creating Reiki Wish Box.

This technique helps in the minimum time spent on one session, to charge with energy as many goals and desires as you want.

Creating Reiki Wish Box

In order to create Reiki Wish Box, first of all, you need to buy a box. The best for this purpose is a natural stone box, as a stone has the ability to keep the energy inside the box for a very long time. When choosing a stone, pay attention to its properties.

If you don’t have the opportunity to buy a box made of natural stone, you can use a wooden box. However, in this case, I recommend you to put a natural crystal in it so that it keeps the energy inside the box.

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It is not recommended to use boxes made of plastic, glass (as such a box loses energy) and metal (as the metal absorbs energy).

Before you use the box, do not forget to cleanse its energy. You can do this by using the following methods:

1. Wash the bix with sea salt water (if its material allows you to do so).

2. Fumigate the box with incense.

3. Cleanse the box with Reiki energy. To do this invite Reiki with the intention of cleansing the box. Then hold it between your palms for 10 minutes.

Putting Intentions In Reiki Wish Box

Once you have cleansed Reiki Wish Box you can put your wishes and goals in it. To do this, write down on small pieces of paper everything you want to attract into your life. Just make your wish-notes correctly: they should be formulated in the present time and in the implemented form (as if they have already come true).

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And one more recommendation about the preparation of wish-notes: do not ask the Universe for the specific material things or events. Don’t bargain with the Universe! After all, it is much more interesting to cooperate with the Universe, giving it the right to solve all situations in the most favorable way for you. With the help of your wish-notes, you simply set the direction in which you want to move. And then, leave the Universe the right to guide you on what route to move in the direction you’ve already set (that is, how to achieve the desired).

Examples of correctly formulated desires:

“I am confident about my present and future. I am happy with my work – it immensely pleases me day by day in moral, interpersonal, material and all other aspects! I found myself and my purpose! I feel good and calm! I am happy and harmonious!”

“My house is filled only with positive and harmonious energy, it is very cozy, comfortable and harmonious for me and my family.”

In the same way, you can make wish-notes about personal relationships, health, finances, etc.

How To Work With Reiki Wish Box?

Put all your wish-notes in Reiki Wish Box.

Invite Reiki energy with the following intention:

“I invite Reiki to assist me in making my wishes and goals come true, and in order to charge with energy everything that is important to me.”

Place Reiki Wish Box between your palms and charge it with Reiki energy for 10-15 minutes. While charging Reiki Wish Box, repeat all your goals and intentions in your mind.

After finishing the session say your gratitude to the Universe, Reiki, Reiki Masters and Teachers, and yourself.

Practice Schedule

The first 7 days perform this practice every day. Then perform it once a week.

Periodically review your wish-notes, replace them with more relevant and be ready for MIRACLES!