What is a Spirit Guide? The Types and The Signs When They Try to Contact You

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Have you ever wondered what a spirit guide is? Who these spirits are, what they do, and how to communicate with them? Well, in this article, we will answer these questions and many more.

What Is a Spirit Guide?

A spirit guide is a disincarnate soul, who usually takes on the role of teacher, protector, or guide for incarnated souls. This soul may exist in what we call heaven or as a multi-dimensional being in another star system. More so, spirit guides can include deceased ancestors, enlightened individuals, angels, nature spirits, and even animals. They often team up with angels and other spiritual beings to guide, help and protect a living human being. They respond to our distress calls or help us coordinate our actions to achieve our soul purposes

Unlike deities that people worship or revere, spirit guides are ordinary souls just like us. They have a personality, a sense of humor, tastes, and communication styles just like us. 

What Do Spirit Guides Do?

We all have at least one spirit guide that knows and loves us. It exists as pure energy or light from the cosmic realm around you. Likewise, it can be an individual or spirit animal guiding and encouraging you to coordinate your goals. It follows you throughout your existence and can help a departed soul transition to the other side after death. It’s also important to note that, you may have other spirit guides coming in to help you at different stages of your life, depending on what goal you are focusing on at that time. 

6 Common Types of Spirit Guides

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#1: Archangels

Archangels are powerful spirit guides with a specialty like healing. They provoke massive shifts of energy.

#2: Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels are devoted spirit guides assigned exclusively to you.

#3: Helper Angels

Helper angels hover around to help any human in distress.

#4: Spirit Animals

Spirit animals appear in our visions, dreams, or everyday activities to teach us a relevant and vital lesson at different times.

#5: Ascended Masters

These are individuals like Buddha who have completed their reincarnation cycle.

#6: Departed Loved Ones

A soul of a departed loved one may join your spirit guide team to nurture your relationships or help you in any way necessary.

10 Signs a Spirit Guide is Trying to Communicate with You

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Spirit guides communicate with us in subtle, indirect ways to help us with certain aspects of our lives. By doing so, they deliver vital messages at the right time. For example, a spirit guide may telepathically whisper a word that provokes a life-changing thought or idea in you. Other spirit guides send divine signs repeatedly until you start to notice them. 

Let’s have a deeper look at these signs.

#1: Vivid Visions & Dreams

Do you get vivid visions when you dream or meditate? That could be a spirit guide trying to get your attention. See, dreams or meditation calm the mind, helping us align with the spiritual realm. At this stage, we become more receptive to divine signals. Consequently, spirit guides find it easier to connect with us. 

#2: Heightened Senses

Since spirit guides connect to us indirectly, they sharpen our senses, helping us catch their signals. Hence, you may notice that you now pick on new energies that you never thought existed. 

#3: Heightened Intuition

Spirit guides use our sixth sense to deliver messages to us. For example, if you are in danger, your gut feeling kicks in to propel you to take the appropriate steps to stay safe. Likewise, the intuitive messages can be telepathic voices in our heads. Attend to these messages as they may lead you to the answers you are seeking. 

#4: Spiritual Chills

Often, a spirit guide can send frequent chills throughout your body. Unlike the usual shivering, spiritual chills feel like an energy flow when meditating or undertaking any other spiritual practice. Also, you may experience these chills when you are deep into your thoughts or on the verge of sleeping. These are direct signs that your spirit guide is trying to reach out to you. 

#5: Phantom Touches or Caress

Are you seeking help or reassurance about a challenging phase in your life? Spirit guides can sense this yearning. In turn, they may touch you lightly to let you know that they are nearby. These phantom touches reassure you of someone from the mystical realm watching over you. 

#6: Random Electrical Interference

Are you experiencing an abnormal level of electronic disturbances in your home? Spirit guides may make your TV or microwave to malfunction, to try and catch your attention. Here, notice what was on display on the TV, or what you were preparing in the microwave. 

#7: Songs & Lyrics

Music is a universal language that breaks language barriers. More so, it vibrates at high frequencies, allowing spirit guides and angels to connect to the living human soul. If you find yourself getting carried away by a new song or lyrics in a foreign language, it could be a spirit guide trying to connect with you through it.   

#8: Sudden Overwhelming Scents

At times, spirit guides please and delight us through familiar aromas. For example, you may notice an overwhelming scent that brings back pleasant or reassuring childhood memories or a deceased loved one. Here, the spirit guide uses these scents to reassure and help us find inner peace. 

#9: Powerful Written Materials

Picture this: you meditate or pray over a demanding aspect of your life and then decide to watch your favorite movie before you sleep. Suddenly, you notice specific phrases that the actors use repeatedly. More so, these phrases seem to give you answers on what to do about your current situation. If you’re still wondering what a spirit guide is, well, that is your spirit guide in action. 

See, spirit guides can make words powerful, turning passages and writings into communication tools to guide us. In turn, you may bump into a quote, number, or word repeatedly. If you investigate, you will realize this written message is relevant to what you are going through at the moment. 

#10: Seeing Glowing Orbs

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Orbs look like dust particles floating in the air. More so, they vary in color, shape, and brightness. And they are not visible to the naked eye. Instead, orbs appear in photos or video recordings. Spiritual guides communicate through them to protect our loved ones and us.


So, what is a spirit guide to you? Be vigilant for the tell-tale signs that your spirit guide is talking to you. Still, despite the many ways spirit guides communicate with us, not all of us can notice these signs. It requires us to open up mentally and spiritually through such practices as guided meditation, spirit guide journaling, and spiritual rituals.