5 Full Moon Effects on Empaths You Should Know About

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Empaths are highly sensitive people, prone to absorbing positive and negative energies from their surroundings. One such vibration is the full moon energy, occurring during a full moon phase. This energy influences human and animal behavior, including that of empaths. Yet, did you know that empaths can use the full moon energy to manifest great blessings in their lives? Indeed, by becoming conscious of their emotions, they can make conscious adjustments and navigate the full moon effects. So, what are the full moon effects on empaths? 

Understanding How the Full Moon Occurs

The full moon occurs after every 27.3 days. Here, the moon rotates on its axis, moving by 180 degrees from its new moon position, and aligning with the sun and earth. More so, the sun radiates most of the moon’s disk. And, when the sun illuminates the entire moon’s disk via a refracted light from the earth’s atmosphere, a lunar eclipse occurs. 

Influence of the Full Moon on Earth and Human Behavior

Since ancient times, human beings have observed how the full moon influences various aspects of our planet including: –

  • Fluctuating light levels
  • Changing tides
  • Animal migration and navigation, especially birds
  • Farming and fishing practices
  • Human reproduction, especially the menstruation cycle, fertility, and birth rates
  • People’s moods

The Full Moon Effects on Empaths

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These are the most common full moon effects on empaths you should watch out for: –

#1: Bringing to the Surface Any Shadow Emotions

Are you an empath with unresolved feelings or wounds that are yet to heal? The full moon energy will illuminate what you try so hard to bury and forget. It does this by heightening your senses and responses towards these shadow emotions. For example, do you have unresolved anger due to childhood trauma or neglect? The full moon energy may create an urge to protect a child in your neighborhood that you suspect is going through a similar experience. Likewise, you may get irritable with people who remind you of the abuser. 

#2: Intense Mood Swings 

According to astrology, the moon and sun are the celestial bodies associated with emotions and personality. And, during the full moon, these two bodies oppose each other. In turn, our feelings and character are at odds, triggering intense mood swings. The mood swings can be overwhelming to the empaths, making them spiral into fear, anxiety, or other negative emotions that they often suppress. 

For example, watching news of a road accident may trigger angry feelings toward drivers. This anger could be due to your past loss of a loved one through a tragic road accident. Yet, did you know that these mixed emotions unblock the stagnant spiritual development of an empath, allowing them to link up with higher spiritual realities?

#3: Heightened Spiritual Energy Disrupting Sleep Patterns

One of the advantages of the full moon effects on empaths is heightened spiritual energy. It is a spiritual overflow that charges up an empath’s meditation, crystal healing, and other spiritual practices. This individual is able to manifest more blessings during the full moon phase. For example, a medium empath experiences greater clarity during the full moon and easily connects to guidance from the spiritual world. However, this explosion of spiritual energy can overwhelm the empaths, making them struggle with sleep.

#4: Higher Intuition & Psychic Abilities 

Intense spiritual energy during the full moon helps empaths tune in to their intuition and psychic abilities. Here, the empaths can do divination, oracle cards readings, and journaling to rediscover their sole purposes and propel their spiritual journeys. 

#5: Greater Manifestation and Spiritual Awakening 

Are you an empath who focuses on certain aspects of your life during meditation and other spiritual practices? The full moon energy brings with it a manifestation of these aspects. Indeed, the full moon energy keeps you in alignment with your intentions. For example, at this time, empaths can focus on gratitude for their current blessings. This shift changes their vibrational state for more of these blessings to flow through. 

Getting Ready for the Full Moon 

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Note that the full moon effects on empaths are peak during the three days on and around the full moon date. At this time, the full moon energy heightens how the empaths feel, act, and react to those around them. Yet, empaths can use the full moon energy to manifest great blessings in their lives. Indeed, empaths can practice various rituals during the three days around the full moon to be ready for the full moon effect and navigate it effortlessly.

Here are some coping techniques for empaths: –

  1. Are you holding on to shadow emotions? Channel the full moon energy towards shadow work. Use this intense time to deal with those aspects of your life that you keep hidden. Ultimately, you want to let go of your guilt, anger and other negative emotions associated with your shadow emotions. That way, you are cleansing your energies and freeing yourself from the outcome of your past traumatic experiences
  2. Investigate the source of your mood swings, unblock the energy flow, and stay in the present. Here you want to discover the triggers to your mood swings, undergo a self-love cleansing ritual, and allow your core truth to emerge and shine.
  3. Use your heightened spiritual energy to activate your third eye. Take advantage of the lack of sleep to meditate and access higher divine guidance. 
  4. Focus on gratitude to improve your alignment for greater manifestation.


The full moon energy is a powerful force, affecting our planet and human behavior. More so, it heightens how an empath feels, acts, and reacts to others. During this period, empaths become aware of their shadow emotions, moods, intuition, and psychic abilities. Consequently, it is the ideal time for spiritual awakening through a greater manifestation. Empaths can also make conscious adjustments to their lifestyle as they prepare to navigate through the full moon phase. They do this through shadow work, practicing self-love rituals, meditating, and maintaining a gratitude journal. The coping strategies also help empaths tap into the full moon energy for a spiritual awakening.