Reiki Quotes: 20 Thought-Provoking And Inspirational Sayings

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For quite some time, Reiki has become increasingly popular. We, Reiki practitioners, already know what a magnificent impact Reiki has on our lives. But often we forget the importance of some Reiki aspects and values. To get you more inspired with Reiki and maybe make you re-think some aspects of your practice, we picked the most inspirational and thought-provoking Reiki quotes for you! Feel free to share them on social media with your friends!

Reiki Quotes


Reiki can never and will never belong to just one person or one organization. Reiki is the spiritual heritage of all humanity.” ~ Dr. Mikao Usui


“The Reiki system is based on a deep understanding of the structure of the Universe. According to Reiki teaching, all the processes taking place inside and around us are controlled by the matter of the highest order – the energy that has Consciousness – Qi. When you know how to manage your Qi, you acquire the ability to solve any problem and maximize your potential.” ~ Katya Ki


The real magic of Reiki does not lay in within your lineage, but how deep you go into your personal practice within the system of Reiki. You could have trained with Usui, but if you do not practice the methods what would the difference be!” ~ Frans Stiene


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“Reiki is a blessing: an instantaneously-conferred “Sacred Potential” – for Healing, Protection, and Spiritual Development.” ~ James Deacon


Reiki principles represent a mystical aspect of the art of managing vital energy. They are a guide for our spiritual path. By integrating Reiki principles into our lives, we provide ourselves with everything we need for effective Reiki practice, spiritual development, and harmonious life.” ~ Katya Ki


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“Your Reiki Power is like an aura, it’s a glow, and you are radiating out… no darkness can penetrate you.” ~ Hawayo Takata


“Each of us has the potential of being given a divine gift, which results in the body and soul becoming unified … a great many people will experience the blessings of the divine … Through it, the human being will first be made healthy, and then peace of mind and joy in life will be increased.” ~ Dr. Mikao Usui


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Reiki literally wakes up our divine essence so we can see our spirit behind the veils.” ~ Colleen Benelli


“The system of Reiki is about empowering people not taking power over them.” ~ Frans Stiene


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“You gradually change your perception of the world by developing your inner power through Reiki. Relationships with people improve, problems are resolved for the common good, and all problems disappear as you develop yourself spiritually. Choosing to practice Reiki, you find a great tool, to face even the most mundane issues with the confidence that everything will be resolved for the highest good.” ~ Katya Ki


Reiki is that sunshine that gently helps the petals of the heart chakra open up.” ~ Haripriya Suraj


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“To truly become more effective Reiki healers, we should not focus on developing our breathing. We should focus on developing our compassion.” ~ Kenji Hamamoto


“The secret art of inviting happiness. The miraculous medicine of all diseases. Just for today, do not anger. Do not worry and be filled with gratitude. Devote yourself to your work. Be kind to people. Every morning and evening, join your hands in prayer. Pray these words to your heart and chant these words with your mouth.” ~ Dr. Mikao Usui


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“By practicing Reiki, you’re opening an invisible door into a space of limitless possibilities.” ~ Katya Ki


“To be able to tap into the wholeness of Reiki (spiritual energy) we need to attain supreme enlightenment. For me, Reiki means to become one with the universe, no separation, therefore it is an ongoing journey, always discovering new depths. It never stops!” ~ Frans Stiene


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“Reiki is love, Love is wholeness,
Wholeness is balance,
Balance is well-being,
Well-being is freedom from disease.”
~ Dr. Mikao Usui


“It is very important to understand that the Attunement does not open and does not form any energy channels, as well as it does not connect a person to any kind of energy source. The Reiki Attunement reveals the energy potential and establishes a direct connection between a person and the Primary source of Reiki. Thus, people who have received the initiation, become a source of Reiki. Therefore, it is important to realize that a Reiki practitioner is not a conductor of divine Energy, but its source himself!” ~ Katya Ki


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“Reiki is compassion. Where there is no compassion. ‘Energy’ may flow, but it is not Reiki.” ~ James Deacon


“The 5 elements within the system of Reiki – the precepts, the meditations, the hands-on healing, the symbols and mantras, and the attunement/reiju – are all keys to unlock our innate compassion and wisdom.” ~ Frans Stiene


“Although most Reiki practitioners are mainly focused on the art of healing, Reiki’s main advantage is its multi-aspect nature. Practicing Reiki, everyone gets exactly what he needs at the moment: a businessman transforms Qi into money, an artist expresses Qi in art, a student – in studying, a cook – in the creation of a healthy dish. In other words, no matter what your Reiki goal is, by practicing Reiki you will always find a priceless gift – the ability to convert Qi into the enjoyment of life.” ~ Katya Ki

We hope you are inspired by these Reiki quotes as much as we are!

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