Dark Feminine Energy: Exploring the Shadow Side of Femininity

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Whenever we talk about Divine Feminine Energy, ideas of creation, rebirth, compassion, and nurturing come to mind. It is powerful motherly energy existing in all beings. However, there is a destructive side of the sacred feminine energy; the dark feminine energy. 

Let’s discuss it further:

Understanding Dark Feminine Energy

The dark feminine energy is a force that captures the mysteries of womanhood. This shadow side of feminine energy is the destructive force in creation, characterized by death and raging transformations. The saying, “There is no wrath like a woman scorned”, summarizes the might of this wild feminine energy. In addition, in myth and religion, we see this power in goddesses like Kali (master of death), Lakshmi (goddess of power & wealth), Oya (goddess of weather), Lilith (she-demon), and Lana (severe goddess of chastity).

So How Does Dark Feminine Energy Look Like?

The dark feminine energy can be expressed in the following ways: –

#1: The Drama Queen

Divine Feminine energy empowers us to create and nurture life. However, some people find the power as overwhelming or inappropriate. Consequently, they opt to suppress it. Over time, the suppressed feminine energy spins out of control, turning the individual into a manipulative and controlling drama queen. 

#2: Discrediting the Sacred Sexual Union

Sexual intimacy is a sacred union that involves physical and energy bonding. Couples make energy imprints on each other through love and sex. However, dark feminine energy makes us deny the sacredness of sexual unions by having multiple sexual partners, including strangers. Sadly, today’s society refers to such relationships as “friends with benefits”.

#4: Faking Orgasm

Do you fake an orgasm to please your partner? If so, it is a clear sign of the dark feminine energy in you. Ideally, we should experience pleasure during intimacy. But, faking an orgasm revolves around using our bodies to satisfy others.

Why Should We Embrace Our Dark Feminine Energy?

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We live in a patriarchal society where any display of feminine energy or its shadow side is a sign of weakness. Moreover, from an early age, we learn that feminine emotions are inappropriate and even shameful. However, dark feminine energy is the shadow side of our feminine power. It is an intrinsic part of our lives. 

So, we should embrace this force and channel it toward the good of humanity. 

A typical example is women willing to chain themselves to trees to protest against cutting them down. These women use their dark feminine energy to take a stand against deforestation. 

6 Ways to Access Your Dark Feminine Energy

#1: Engage in Shadow Work

Shadow work entails embracing our suppressed negative emotions, including our dark feminine side. Here, we aim at getting rid of any damaging belief systems through such practices as positive affirmations, journaling, and physical exercises. But first, you decide whether you will seek therapy or embark on shadow work by yourself. 

A therapist or an experienced healer can help you spot the patterns and triggers of your shadow self. In addition, the trained professional gives you personalized prompts to help you channel your dark feminine energy.

#2: Practice Grounding Techniques

When was the last time you got in touch with nature? More so, how often do you scoop earth into your bare hands? Believe it or not, this simple act connects us to our Divine Feminine power. Grounding or earthing is a therapeutic technique that helps us tap into the earth’s electrical energy for healing purposes. Other grounding techniques include: –

  • Walking or running barefoot – It can be on the earth or grass. Ensure your skin touches the natural ground below to channel the grounding energy to your body. 
  • Lie flat on the ground – Go to a park or the beach and set up an area on the earth or grass for you to lie down.
  • Submerge your body in deep or murky waters – Water provides the same grounding effects as the physical earth. And, it is a useful alternative during the colder months. Go swimming at the beach, in a pool or in a clear lake. 
  • Use grounding equipment – Today, there are grounding mats, sheets, blankets, socks, bands, and patches for sale. You can use them to incorporate earthing into your lifestyle

#4: Practice Alchemy

Alchemy is a transformational process that turns our wounds into strengths. It is a seven-stage process as follows: 

  1. Calcination – Breaking away from self-doubt, fear, self-sabotaging behaviors, and anything else that impedes our self-discovery.
  2. Dissolution – Taking an objective look at our positive and negative traits.
  3. Separation – Become aware and embrace our authentic feelings.
  4. Conjunction – Accept all our authentic emotions, whether negative or positive.
  5. Fermentation – Begin a rebirth process.
  6. Distillation – Integrate the gained spiritual realizations into our lives.
  7. Coagulation – Connect with the spirit.

#5: Meditate

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Use meditation to become in tune with the dark feminine energy in you. Here, you connect with your body, mind, and soul through mindful meditation that involves chakra balancing. The chakra balancing practice addresses any energy imbalance or blockage through the chakras. In turn, we increase productivity and attain our full potential

#5: Practice Self-Love

Embracing the dark feminine power within us begins with self-acceptance and self-love. Here are some self-love techniques you can use for self-acceptance: –

  • Celebrate the person you’ve become;
  • Embrace your former self;
  • Trust your intuition to make good decisions;
  • Forgive yourself for past mistakes.

#6: Journaling

Make a journal your trusted friend. Create journal prompts to help you reflect on your wild feminine energy. Use the prompts to bring forth any uncomfortable emotions around a specific theme or topic in your life.

Use journal prompts to write how you feel about any relationship challenge you may have. These could be a series of questions as follows:

  • What draws others to you?
  • Who do you trust the most and why?
  • What do you look for when getting into a relationship?
  • Are there any lessons you learned from your past relationships?

Pinpoint any conflicting thoughts or negative patterns from the answers to the questions above.

Repeat the journal prompts to deal with any dark feminine energy in your work and career, personal growth, and life goals.


A journey to self-realization requires living a balanced life that acknowledges our dark self. And, when we tap into our dark feminine energy, we can be assertive without becoming defensive. Also, channeling this energy the right way makes us feel secure within healthy boundaries. And grounding techniques, alchemy, meditation, self-love, and shadow work are effective ways to access this wild feminine energy.