Shakti Energy: Unleashing the Power of the Divine Feminine

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The divine feminine energy is one of the dual forces that form the foundation of the universe. This energy exists in both men and women to give us our identities. In the Hindu religious traditions, divine feminine energy takes the form of the goddess Shakti to symbolize the source of creation, maintenance, and destruction of the universe. Hence, Shakti energy is a divine power often identified with a female being since mothers are the child-bearers in society. 

Shakti Energy and the Female Being

The concept of Shakti originates from Hindu mythology representing a force that liberates the feminine spirit. As an ancient sacred feminine energy, Shakti inspires women to acknowledge their inner power of creations. Therefore, Shakti energy becomes the personification of the divine feminine energy. More so, Shakti energy exists in all women at the base of their Kundalini, waiting for awakening

Why Are Most People Oblivious of their Shakti Energy?

Not all women live their full potential by walking in Shakti energy because today’s society is characterized by overactive masculinity. Moreover, we live in an over-sexualized world where sexual energy is no longer sacred. Likewise, our gender roles and childhood expectations make women overlook their feminine power. 

We live in a patriarchal society where any show of divine femininity is a weakness. Likewise, mainstream and social media channels misuse and abuse feminine energy by commercializing it in their branding concepts.  

Secondly, some women are experiencing a Kundalini Shakti awakening without knowing it. Here, they dismiss the signs as a spiritual crisis, mid-life crisis, or even associate it with a level of psychosis. Yet, when this free flow of Shakti energy happens, we develop a feeling of connecting to our True Nature, the highest power or light within us. 

9 Practices to Unleash the Inner Shakti within You

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#1: Be Clear About Your Identity

Take active steps to discover your true identity. That is, ask yourself, “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” and “Do I have a purpose?”. These three questions help us to know ourselves better. Consequently, we develop the power to choose. We can choose to love and be happy, make our own decisions, say no and focus on ourselves instead. 

#2: Take Advantage of the Full Moon Rituals

The full moon is known to heighten energies and human behavior. Journal your full moon experiences notice the patterns of your moods, emotions, and thoughts. After that, come up with full moon rituals like a self-love cleansing routine that will help you unblock your chakras and release more of your Shakti energy. In addition, maintain a gratitude journal to help you heighten the positive vibrations during the full moon. And carry or wear the moonstone. It will be a constant reminder of the Shakti energy in you. 

#3: Open Your Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is the second of the seven chakras in our bodies. It is between the top of the pubic bone and below the belly button. And since Shakti is the goddess of this chakra, the sacral chakra holds our feminine and creative energy. Hence, any blockage of energy flow or imbalance in your sacral chakra can result in mood swings, addictive behaviors, or sexual dysfunctions. 

 To activate your sacral chakra: –

  • Repeat out loud the positive affirmations about creativity and sensuality
  • Practice yoga postures and mindful breathing techniques to stabilize the sacral chakra. 
  • Spend more time in water through swimming, having scented baths, or even sunbathing at the beach.

#4: Use Yoga Asana

Ideally, any meditation, yoga, or spiritual practice that engages the base of your spine can help you unleash your inner Shakti energy. One such exercise is the Yoga Asana practice. Incorporate this goddess pose into your yoga practice to unblock your root and sacral chakras. 

#5: Use Pranayama Techniques

Practice deep breathing by controlling your inhalation and exhalation. Start by inhaling to fill your lower abdomen with sufficient air. Let this air rise to the middle section and then to the chest. Next, exhale slowly, to release the air in the reverse order of its filling up your body. Repeat this deep breathing technique at least 5 to 10 times. Practice more pranayama techniques regularly, to focus your Prana on Shakti energy. 

#6: Meditate

Use guided meditations to visualize the Shakti energy within you. Such guided inner practices align your thoughts and emotions to the Shakti energy, allowing it to flow freely through you. That way, you can create and manifest your desires. Listen to audio-guided meditations and welcome sensations in all parts of your body. 

Focus on this physical sensation to keep your mind in the present. It is about maintaining your attention, control, and mindfulness to reconnect with the world around you. Spend at least 10 to 20 minutes on guided meditations each day. 

#7: Practice Shakti Mudra

By practicing Shakti mudra, we can reconnect to the Divine Mother within us. If you are overly stressed, suffer from anxiety, insomnia or muscle spasms Shakti mudra is what you need!

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Here is how to practice it:

1. Place your palms in front of your chest.

2. Connect the pads of the pinky and ring fingers together.

3. Fold your thumbs into the palms and wrap the index and middle fingers around the thumb.

4. Press the knuckles of the index and middle fingers together.

While performing this mudra breathe deep. Try to keep your focus on your breath. Gradually slow down the breath, making the exhalation longer.

#8: Connect with Durga

Durga is a Hindu warrior goddess representing Shakti in Hinduism. Call on Durga for protection, strength, and action. Ultimately, you will notice an increase in Shakti energy in your life.

By chanting Durga mantra, you will purify your mind from negative energies, and achieve a higher level of consciousness.


Each Sanskrit word of this Mantra has spiritual significance:

OM is the cosmic sound vibration of creation.

DUM is the sound vibration of Durga energy.

DURGAYEI is the name of Goddess. In Sanskrit, this word literally means “the one who is unbeatable and can not be defeated, hence unconquerable”. This is a sacred symbol of female power which reflects the very pure aspect of the divine feminine.

NAMAHA can be translated as “I bow you”.

#9: Engage in Shadow Work 

Are you struggling with unresolved emotions relating to a past trauma? It could be suppressed anger that came about in childhood due to neglect from parents. Other people struggle with shame and disappointments due to their low self-esteem relating to their body image. Suppressing such negative emotions contributes to the blockage of your Shakti energy. 

Take part in shadow work to acknowledge and address these shadow emotions. Shadow work will help you cleanse your subconscious mind of negative thoughts, replace them with positive ones, and free yourself from any negativity associated with the past traumatic experience. 


Shakti energy is the great feminine power of the cosmos. It is the source of creation, hence, often associated with mothers. Today’s patriarchal society makes it hard to unleash our Shakti energy. Yet, with such practices as meditation, breath work, yoga, and shadow work, we can tap into this divine energy and reconnect with our Higher Self.