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Sacred Feminine Archetypes: Embodying Their Powerful Energy



Sacred Feminine Archetypes Image

Archetypes are omnipresent. They are everywhere: within you, within others, and they create the very foundation of human behavior. There’s no doubt that archetypes play an important role in our lives and build our character. Did you know that you can actually work with archetypes to increase self-awareness and boost your spiritual wellbeing? In this article, I want to talk about the sacred feminine archetypes and their importance for divine feminine awakening. You see, the more we develop the qualities of these feminine archetypes and integrate them into our lives, the more nourished and balanced we will feel. Therefore, it is so important to know and understand the fundamental feminine archetypes and how to embody their powerful energy.

What Is a Sacred Feminine Archetype?

In general, archetypes are patterns of behavior that aid and influence our mental, emotional, and spiritual growth as human beings. From a metaphysical perspective, archetypes are types of energy that form the underlying framework of reality. Like many pieces of a puzzle, archetypes are separate and easily definable qualities that compose the Whole.

Thus, sacred feminine archetypes are the highest expressions of feminine energies that women embody. The more we develop the qualities of these feminine archetypes and integrate them into our lives, the more nourished and balanced we will feel.

Jean Shinoda Bolen M.D. wrote in the book “Goddesses in Every Woman: A New Psychology of Women“:

“Once a woman can tune in to the different parts of herself and can listen, observe, or feel her differing priorities and competing loyalties, she can then sort them out and measure their importance to her. She then can make conscious choices: when conflicts arise, she decides what priorities to place above others, and what course of action she will take. As a result, her decisions resolve inner conflicts instead of instigating internal wars.”

11 Sacred Feminine Archetypes

There are many different classifications of the sacred feminine archetypes you can find online. All these different theories can be confusing. Some say there are three or four feminine archetypes, Jungian psychology recognizes at least seven, while some spiritual teachers say there are as many as 13. In this article, I will share with you 11 archetypes that represent 11 types of sacred feminine energy. These archetypes are:

  1. Maiden
  2. Seductress
  3. Mother
  4. Enchantress
  5. Healer
  6. Creatrix
  7. Priestess
  8. Queen
  9. Warrioress
  10. Wild woman
  11. Wise woman

Now, let’s take a deeper look at each of these sacred feminine archetypes and what they represent.

#1: Maiden

Maiden archetype image

This is the first stage of womanhood. When the maiden archetype is dominant in a woman’s psyche, she exudes an effervescent, eternally youthful quality.

The Maiden represents the following qualities:

  • innocence;
  • youthfulness;
  • playfulness;
  • passion;
  • excitement for life;
  • positivity;
  • optimism;
  • empathy;
  • creativity;
  • receptiveness.

The Mature Maiden is creative, compassionate, spiritual, and capable of displaying profound inner strength. She is comfortable in her own skin and not afraid to show the world who she is at heart.

The Maiden phase is usually experienced before a woman discovers her career ambitions or enters marriage and motherhood. This woman is yet to find herself but is enjoying the journey to get there and isn’t afraid to break some rules along the way. This phase is filled with spectacle, positivity, dreams, and boldness.

Maiden represents spring and waxing moon.

The Maiden’s Shadow Side:

In her shadow side, the Maiden:

  • is vulnerable and open to others taking advantage of her;
  • diffident;
  • is irresponsible;
  • can be drawn to risky situations, dangerous relationships, and even abusive men;
  • lacks autonomy;
  • may become compliant or obedient to satisfy her need to please others and be liked;
  • can become emotionally co-dependent in a relationship.

If the Maiden is immature, she is receptive, sexually unawakened, vulnerable, and generally, waiting for life to happen to her.

How to Embody the Maiden Archetype?

  • give your energy creative expression
  • think outside the box
  • set big goals
  • be playful
  • focus on yourself
  • explore your personal boundaries

#2: Seductress

Seductress feminine archetype image

The Seductress is fully connected to her sacred sexuality. She represents a woman’s sexual energy and her capacity for psychic and physical creation. Women with a dominant Seductress archetype feel compelled to fulfill both procreative and creative instincts. On one hand, the Seductress’s energy compels us to mate and pass our genes. But in a broader sense, this life force energy (often referred to as shakti), compels us to channel our feelings of passion into creation – whether that creation is another human being, a deep connection, a work of art, an invention, a creative project, or even the manifestation of a new reality.

The Seductress represents the following qualities:

  • sensuality;
  • sexuality;
  • confidence;
  • passion;
  • independence;
  • deep communication;
  • sexually-oriented;
  • natural magnetism.

Women with a dominant Seductress archetype are intimately connected to creative energy, their own sensuality, passion, and pleasure.

The Seductress craves deep connection and intimacy with others while simultaneously desiring freedom. She is grounded in the present moment. She often becomes the center of attention—which she loves.

When we embody the Seductress archetype, we open ourselves fully to receive pleasure, love, and accept our bodies as they are, and feel confident expressing our sexuality. The Seductress encourages us to create a blissful life filled with joy and pleasure.

The Seductress’s Shadow Side

In her shadow side, the Seductress:

  • can become controlling;
  • is prone to vanity;
  • attracts unnecessary drama into her life;
  • uses her feminine power as a manipulative tool to get what she wants from others;
  • can be vain;
  • may find herself stuck in an unhealthy comparison trap;
  • may have lack of focus;
  • experiences lack of self-love and self-respect;
  • has low self-esteem;
  • may have a distorted image of her physical self.

How to Embody the Seductress Archetype?

#3: Mother

Mother archetype image

The Mother archetype is an expression of nurturing and caring side of a woman. A woman with a dominant Mother archetype is a natural caretaker. This archetype represents a woman’s maternal instinct, the desire to create life and to provide physical, mental, and spiritual sustenance. Even when a woman with the Mother archetype is childless, or beyond childbearing years, she is responsible, protective, and finds great satisfaction in taking care of others.

She represents the following qualities:

  • compassion;
  • nurturing;
  • persistence;
  • grounded;
  • safety;
  • desire to protect, nourish, and take care of others;
  • selflessmess;
  • tendency to put others’ needs before her own.

The Mother archetype teaches us to follow our natural rhythms and discover balance in our lives. For embodying this archetype it isn’t necessary to have children. You can take care of others or nurture your creations (art projects, for example). It is the Mother archetype that helps us to get connected to our inner child and heal our younger selves.

The Mother Archetype represents summer and full moon.

The Mother’s Shadow Side

In her shadow side, the Mother can:

  • neglect herself;
  • be unable to show up as her best self;
  • lose her own identity as a woman;
  • be stubborn;
  • also become codependent and controlling;
  • lack personal boundaries;
  • struggle to let go.

How to Embody the Mother Archetype?

  • make a self-care practice your priority;
  • learn to put your own needs first;
  • spend more time in nature;
  • heal your inner child;
  • think about how you can become less codependent.

#4: Enchantress

7 signs you are a born healer image

This is usually a time where most women work through reclaiming themselves after decades of care for others. This is a powerful transition for every woman. During this phase, many women go through drastic life changes. For example, we often see divorces after 20 years of marriage when women enter this phase. This is the time when bold steps taken by women as an instinctive nature calls them to return to their true selves and recall who they really are deep down.

She represents the following qualities:

  • wisdom;
  • maturity;
  • clarity;
  • boldness;
  • accomplishment;
  • personal power;
  • the desire to give back

Enchantress archetype gives us a beautiful opportunity to rediscover who we are once again, in a later stage of life. This is the time to explore our passions again or discover new ones. Enchantress has maturity and wisdom to guide us on our new journey.

The Enchantress’s Shadow Side

In her shadow side, the Enchantress can:

  • lose her sense of self;
  • feel empty and unfulfilled;
  • lack purpose;
  • miss out on the opportunity to rediscover herself.

How to Embody the Enchantress Archetype?

  • start with exploring new passions, interests, or hobbies;
  • integrate yourself into your community and find the ways you can contribute;
  • lean on friends and family for support during times of challenge.

#5: Healer

mindfulness in self-healing image

The Healer archetype represents nurturing energy. She deeply nurtures and nourishes herself, enabling her to extend that care to others.

The Healer represents the following qualities:

  • unconditional love;
  • healthy relationships based on genuine connection;
  • patience;
  • compassion;
  • presence in the moment;
  • support;
  • nourishment;
  • care.

The Healer is an alchemist that transmutes emotional wounds into strengths. She teaches us to face our Shadow self and heal our past wounds.

The Healer’s Shadow Side

In her shadow side, the Healer can:

  • feel responsible for solving everyone’s pain and struggles;
  • start over-giving and neglecting herself;
  • feel depleted and drained;
  • have a “gifted” complex and believe no one can heal unless they have her special knowledge and skill-set;
  • be focused on self-gratification as the driving force for offering help, rather than focusing on the person’s healing.

How to Embody the Healer Archetype?

  • practice active listening;
  • engage in your own shadow work;
  • learn to recognize your true intentions before you offer any help;
  • help people but don’t take their karma away from them, learn to assist not control.

#6: Creatrix

Taurus careers image

The Creatrix archetype represents creative energy. She teaches us to unleash our authentic selves and creative energy, and express our soul.

The Creatrix represents the following qualities:

  • creativity;
  • authenticity;
  • honesty;
  • integrity;
  • purposefulness.

The Creatrix recognizes that every creative expression she manifests is done in co-creation with the Divine.

The Creatrix’s Shadow Side

In her Shadow side, the Creatrix can:

  • doubt herself and her creations;
  • feel not good enough;
  • be paranoid;
  • get trapped in a “starving artist” mentality;
  • copy other people’s ideas.

How to Embody the Creatrix Archetype?

  • engage in practices that focus on healing sefl-doubt and boost your self-esteem;
  • practice deep meditation to re-connect with your higher self;
  • learn the art of self-love;
  • let go of limiting beliefs.

#7: Priestess

Priestess sacred feminine archetype image

The Priestess archetype represents our unique soul path in this lifetime. She teaches us to tune in to our intuition and trust Divine guidance as we walk our path. The Priestess aligns with our highest values and spiritual purpose.

She represents the following qualities:

  • has a sensitive soul;
  • connected to her higher self and the Divine;
  • has a big passion for higher knowledge;
  • follows the natural cycles;
  • lives in harmony with the nature.

The Priestess’s Shadow Side

In her shadow side, the Priestess may:

  • struggle to differentiate between her intuition and ego;
  • be conflicted between a path that society wants for her and the soul path she came here to walk;
  • struggle to trust her intuition;
  • finds it difficult to feel grounded and present.

How to Embody the Priestess Archetype?

  • spend more time in nature;
  • tune in to the moon cycle;
  • identify your soul purpose;
  • meditate;
  • think about how you can use your gifts to serve others.

#8: Queen

Queen archetype image

The Queen archetype represents a natural leader who is able to set goals for herself and achieve them.

She represents the following qualities:

  • sovereignty;
  • loyalty;
  • leadership;
  • confidence in taking charge;
  • motivation;
  • comittment to personal evolution;
  • willpower;
  • focus;
  • self-sufficiency.

The Queen teaches us to be powerful women who devote themselves wholly to whatever we choose to focus our energy on.

The Queen’s Shadow Side

In her shadow side, the Queen can:

  • be superficial;
  • become controlling;
  • be prone to judgment;
  • feel easily threatened by other women;
  • be jealous when someone has something she desires.

Also, The Queen woman is predisposed to feel jealousy and rage towards other women, particularly those who threaten her position socially or her status as a wife.

How to Embody the Queen Archetype?

  • focus on your self-growth;
  • upgrade something in your life today;
  • develop your willpower;
  • work on your confidence;
  • let go of the need to be perfect;
  • be social – surround yourself with people you trust.

#9: Warrioress

Warrioress archetype image

The Warrioress archetype represents an independent female spirit whose primary goal is to achieve the freedom and sovereignty of her life. When this archetype is dominant, a woman’s primary concern will be autonomy and attaining her personal goals.

She represents the following qualities:

  • goal-orientated;
  • competitive;
  • committed;
  • stands up for what she believes in;
  • relies on no one but herself;
  • a natural protector of other women;
  • self-assured;
  • courageous;
  • doesn’t believe she needs a partner to feel complete.

The Warrioress’s Shadow Side

In her shadow side, the Warrioress can:

  • be emotionally unavailable;
  • push people away by withholding her love;
  • be aloof;
  • avoid vulnerability in an attempt to maintain total independence;
  • be cruel;
  • resent other women.

How to Embody the Warrioress Archetype?

  • let other people into your heart;
  • set yourself big goals;
  • spend more time outdoors close to nature;
  • plan regular alone time for yourself;
  • engage in physical activity/sports;
  • learn to stand up for what you believe in.

#10: Wild Woman

inspirational free spirit quotes image

The Wild Woman archetype is the source of the sacred feminine energy. To know her is to know your soul.

She represents the following qualities:

  • accepts and loves her body fully the way it is;
  • confronts her shadows;
  • passionate;
  • creative;
  • connected with her inner wisdom;
  • wild in every sense of the word.

The Wild Woman’s Shadow Side

In her shadow side, the Wild Woman can present herself as physical, mental, or emotional pain, darkness, denial, and destruction.

How to Embody the Wild Woman Archetype?

  • practice regular shadow work;
  • bring awareness to your deepest emotions and feelings;
  • unleash your authenticity;
  • get to know yourself intimately;
  • express yourself creatively;
  • explore your passions;
  • learn to accept and love your body.

#11: Wise Woman

Mature Feminine Image

The Wise woman is a deeply introverted woman who is focused on her inner spiritual world, and most concerned with maintaining zen-like peace. She focuses her energy on inner fulfillment, values solitude, and carries a figurative “heart” with her. Regardless of the situation, women who experience a Wise woman influence are capable of detaching themselves from emotional situations and outcomes. The Wise woman may appear cool and detached as she focuses her emotions inward. Women with a dominant Wise woman archetype are at peace meditating, volunteering, creating, or following a spiritual path.

She represents the following qualities:

  • deep concentration;
  • experience;
  • confidence;
  • wisdom;
  • knowledge;
  • introvertion;
  • inner-peace oriented;
  • intuition;
  • fully awake.

The Wise woman is deeply connected to the other world and the Divine. She serves those around her by offering her intuitive guidance and wisdom, helping others to elevate and evolve. When we channel our inner Wise Woman, she teaches us to go inward to find meaning. Whether you are naturally aligned with this archetype or not, cultivating the Wise woman archetype is helpful for all women for achieving balance and harmony.

The Wise Woman’s Shadow Side

In her shadow side, the Wise woman may:

  • socially isolate herself from her family, friends, and community;
  • be deeply introverted;
  • experience emotional fregidity;
  • feel deep loneliness;
  • struggle to feel a sense of belonging in this world.

How to Embody the Wise Woman Archetype?

The Bottom Line

You could have all of these sacred feminine archetypes within you right now, or you could have any combination of them at any time. There are certain feminine archetypes that are more common during specific times of a woman’s life. For instance, when a woman is raising her kids, her primary archetype is likely going to be the Mother. Or, for example, when a woman is running her own business, her dominant archetype is likely going to be the Queen.

But usually, we embody multiple sacred feminine archetypes at once and cycle through them. I hope the above description gives you some clarity of what your dominant archetype is. If you feel attracted to some archetype but you’re lacking its qualities, use the tips above to embody them. For example, if you wish you were more creative, channel your inner Creatrix by embodying her qualities.

As we walk our spiritual path, we can use all of these archetypes for our personal growth and development. By sliding from one archetype to another we become more flexible in life and adjust to any circumstances we find ourselves in.

Katya Ki is the Founder of SOLANCHA Magazine, a Metaphysical Expert, a Reiki Master, and Human Rights Attorney. She has been studying Eastern metaphysics, cosmology, and esotericism for almost 20 years now. And she's still discovering new knowledge, which is hidden in ancient teachings. During her pilgrimage to the monastery of Saint Catherine in Egypt, she discovered the SOLANCHA System. This is how the SOLANCHA journey started!

Personal Development

What is Ego Death? How and Why Does It Happen?



What is Ego Death Image

Humans associate death with darkness, sorrow, and pain. It is just something many people are scared of. However, ego death goes the opposite way. The death of your ego comes with enlightenment, self-exploration, and going beyond the glass ceiling.

In simpler terms, the ego is the sense of self typically developed in earlier ages. It is a biological tool that helps us understand ourselves as separate beings. The problem appears when the ego takes on a level of programming that begins to impede the quality of life we live. This is why many people believe it needs to die.

But first:

What is Ego Death?

Many people think that ego death happens when we strip ourselves of the ego and live without it. No, the ego cannot die. What happens is that it becomes submissive to the awareness and direction of our higher selves so that it no longer controls our lives. The experience temporarily and instantaneously goes beyond and above our identities. By shifting your awareness above the perspective of the ego, you begin to realize that you are not the things you have identified with before.

The death of your ego comes with much self-awakening and peace; you want to experience it. It is one of the most beautiful experiences you could have if you truly understand your spiritual path. Such an experience, however, may feel horrific for people who do not understand their spiritual path or people who resist the experience.

Why Seek It?

Ego defense mechanisms image

People are now going out of their way to experience ego death. It has become part of the spiritual journey for many people.

Here are some reasons to seek an ego death experience:

#1: Improved self-control

People often think that ego death is just for people unsatisfied with their mental wellness. Even if you are confident with your state, its demise can change your perception, eventually leading you to much clarity and success.

#2: Easier time breaking even

Our perception and identification limit us from going to other levels. Our ego keeps us in a mindset that limits us. It may feel like we are living in an unknown shell. Detaching yourself from the ego or shrinking it will allow you to crush your current sense of self that limits your abilities.

#3: Acquire a new you

We often have a rigid way of identifying ourselves. You will easily break even if you realize you differ from the sum of the labels you previously put on yourself. You will be in a much more powerful position to question things you believe in and go out of your way to seek peace and clarity. It is an excellent tool for breaking world constructs such as race or religion, which are often deeply rooted in mind and consciousness.

Stages of Ego Death

The death of the ego is different for everyone. This all starts from the triggers of the first stages and later the intense stages before you fully settle into the awakening. The first triggers may differ, but as the experience progresses, the stages become identical.

 Here are the stages you will most likely go through:

Stage 1: Spiritual awakening

The ego is deeply rooted in your spiritual being. The first step is your awakening from the ego’s power over you.

Stage 2: Dark night of the soul

In this second stage, you seek to understand things. This is after you accept the awakening that comes with the first stage. This stage is characterized by questioning things that now appear different from what they did before. It can be a confusing stage as many things now start revealing themselves to you.

Stage 3: Exploration and curiosity

In the third stage, you explore more to fill the void in your soul and being. This stage allows you to live in a space of more peace and enlightenment.

Stage 4: Soul growth and enlightenment

This stage allows you to settle in your newly found peace and awakening. Here, you have explored yourself profoundly and now know more about your true self. You will realize that you have already let go of many of your old patterns and habits. This stage has no fighting and battling with your ego, as you already have your new true identity.

How to Achieve Ego Death?

Meditation Quotes 5 yamas Image

You need to understand some things before you seek to kill your ego. For instance, why do you want to experience it? Understand that a spiritual ego is not something casual. You want to go in entirely understanding why you want to do it and the consequences of taking the path.

Many people intentionally seek ego death. Deliberately seeking it can be dangerous; proceed with caution. Ensure you are ready for it before you dive right in. If you are sure of your intentions, you can take the paths that lead to the death of your ego.

With all this imperatively said and done, you can proceed and trigger an ego death. Here are some of the ways people do it:

  • Attending spiritual retreats and workshops that guide you through it;
  • Performing specific types of breathing exercises and meditation practices;
  • Following the teachings of spiritual teachers rooted in spiritual awakening;
  • Entering altered states of consciousness, which may involve meditation, dancing, chanting, and other mystical paths; 
  • Getting involved in mystical, spiritual traditions that offer pathways to ego death.      

What Does the Death of Ego Feel Like? 

You might want to know what ego death feels like before you go for it. Your feelings will definitely be intense. It may feel horrific or exciting, or an alternation between the two. People often experience both extremes while undergoing this death.

What Next? 

After an ego death comes rebirth. A new you will be born with no barriers that limit your journey and abilities. Such death powerfully awakens the mind making your life change forever.

Ego death is not the end of spiritual awakening but rather a new beginning of deeper purpose and meaning.

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Personal Development

Self-limiting Beliefs: How to Overcome Fear and Break Our Limitations



self-limiting beliefs image

Earlier in life, I was always afraid of senior career positions. I used to apply for junior and entry-level jobs even after many years of employment because I didn’t believe I could handle the senior ranks. Yet each time a senior position became vacant, I was the first person the boss would contact. They saw my potential, but I could never see it because of my self-limiting beliefs. 

Eventually, I would find a reason to decline the promotion. What are you struggling with?

Believe it or not, we all battle with self-limiting beliefs. Are you fearful of signing up for that mortgage because you’re so scared you might not pay it fully? Or is committing to a relationship an uphill task for you?

In this article, I will discuss this fear within us and share practical tips for overcoming these self-limiting beliefs. 

What are Self-limiting Beliefs?

Fact: There are no limits to what you can achieve except for the limits you set in your mind. And this is what sets humans apart. Some people become iconic leaders while others amass massive wealth, yet some still struggle in life. This is one way of looking at it. For you and me, think of the small challenges you encounter in life. Are you truly incapable of handling them, or are you just afraid of trying and failing? 

Self-limiting beliefs are self-developed thoughts, consciously or subconsciously, that we use to convince ourselves that we can’t do something because we are afraid of failing or getting hurt. Consequently, we don’t even allow ourselves to try. Such limiting thoughts are one of the biggest preventers of achieving our goals. And that’s why we need to learn to control and eventually overcome them. So how do we do that?

Practical Steps to Overcome Self-limiting Beliefs

self-limitations image

#1: Identify Your Limiting Belief(s)

What are you so afraid of and why? 

  • Are you scared of getting married because your father abused your mom? 
  • Are you afraid of getting kids because your parents abandoned you when you were little? 
  • Are you afraid of management positions at work because you feel voiceless?

Identifying your self-made limits is your first step to overcoming them. You will need to use your intelligence and accept vulnerability, more like healing your inner child.

#2: Work On Your Confidence

There are several ways to develop self-confidence. The easiest is the use of positive affirmations. The idea is to re-condition your mind into believing what you had otherwise categorized as impossible. You could also apply the law of attraction. Anything you focus your mind on without a shred of doubt eventually comes to be. If you constantly think about boldness, confidence, and assertion, you eventually become bolder, more confident, and more assertive.  

Self-confidence enables us to move out of our comfort zone. We are no longer afraid to try because we believe in our potential. And even if you fail, you believe you can win tomorrow. Besides, you become your own cheerleader and no longer seek approval from others. That’s how powerful we become when we are confident from the inside.  

#3: Set New Goals

Be realistic and set achievable targets. However, always have one clear goal at all times that you’re working towards. That goal should be the most significant on your list. Also, note that big goals are good, but they can demotivate you. Divide these goals into smaller tasks that you can easily achieve. 

For every achievement, your mind registers a win and naturally handles the next task with ease. This way, you find yourself accomplishing tasks you never imagined were possible and consequently become unstoppable in achieving your lifelong dreams. 

#4: Challenge Your Thoughts

Why do you give yourself bad labels such as “I am stupid, slow, worthless, ugly, useless,” etc.? Is it because someone in your past called you that? Did they really have a solid basis to give you that label? How well do they know you? Have they seen the woman or man you have become lately? 

Asking your inner self such questions helps you to look at the other side of the coin. For example, just because my skin has acne doesn’t mean I’m ugly. It’s just one of the many stages in life. And just because I have mobility challenges doesn’t mean I am useless. I still have the brain and hands to write my next bestseller. Challenge your thoughts, whether good or bad, and you will realize that not every gospel you hear is factual. 

#5: Develop an Alternative Plan

set goals image

We don’t have control over our limiting beliefs because they provide a soft fallback. We don’t take risks because we fear getting hurt or hurting others. Say, for example, you’re afraid of getting kids because you’re scared you’ll never be a good mom. Instead of dwelling on being single for the rest of your life, how about you start accommodating other kids in your home and see how well you nurture them? 

You can request your siblings or friends to drop off their toddlers over the weekend and dedicate your energy to looking after them just as if they were your own. After a few months, your natural motherly instincts will start to kick in, and who knows, you might start looking at kids differently. 

If you’re afraid of public speaking because you feel invisible or you’re afraid your voice is not good enough, how about you start by recording podcasts?

Or, if you constantly feel worthless, how about starting a small project that gives you a sense of belonging? Like donating your coffee to a homeless person every morning. Or helping an elderly neighbor water their flowers every weekend. 

The Bottom Line

It’s very easy to develop self-limiting beliefs, especially with a rough childhood or a traumatic past. Our mind is constantly working to protect our fragile ego from getting hurt again. However, the sooner you realize how much you have been missing in your quest to play safe, the sooner you need to break these limiting thoughts and redefine yourself. Your potential starts and ends in your mind. Dare to dream again and develop unshakable confidence because only you can do it. 

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Personal Development

8 Signs You Are a Free Spirit Who Can Never Be Tamed



If you are a free spirit, chances are you struggle to fit in your family or friend’s circles. That is normal. See, as a true spirit, you value your freedom over complacency. You would rather dictate the terms of your life than conform to societal norms.

Well, this nonconformist attitude to life is never free of cost. You may have to get out of your comfort zone, let go of your societal security, look different, and even suffer harm. But, how do you know if you are a free spirit and not just a rebellious person?

This article will discuss the 8 common signs to guide you.

But first:

Understanding the Free Spirit

A free spirit starts from the mind. You live free of domination from any oppressive thoughts, ideas, or notions imposed on you by others. Unlike rebellion, true freedom is about respectfully liberating your mind and body, to coexist with others at peace.

Likewise, a free spirit will not replace one oppressive thought with another. Instead, this person seeks the truth and lives by it. For example, many celebrities that claim to be free spirits are doing so superficially. They may still ascribe to certain notions that are oppressive to their audience. Like the idea of going organic but allowing the use of plastics from a certain brand.

The Signs

free spirit sigs image

If you are a true free spirit, then you can relate to most of the signs below: –

#1: Strong Desire for Freedom

Did you ever quit a well-paying job to pursue a digital nomad lifestyle that pays less than half of your salary? Your strong desire to be free and set your lifestyle standards indicates a truly free-spirited person. See, free-spirited people make lifestyle decisions that prioritize their freedoms.

#2: Abhor Restrictions

In line with a desire for freedom, free spirits despise any restrictions imposed by others in their lives. If you are one, you could be struggling with committing to a deadline, target, or relationship.

And for the career persons, free spirits hop from one organization to another, dreading to be confined at one company for too long. Here, the free spirit struggles to commit to another person or purpose but looks forward to waking up to new challenges or surprises.  

#3: Welcome Challenges

A free spirit encounters problems like any other person. However, they see the problems as new challenges, not threats. Consequently, a free spirit gets excited, not worried when facing challenges.

#4: Spontaneous

A free spirit comes up with rushed decisions that change the course of their lifestyles forever. For example, they may wake up and decide to shift to a new neighborhood, enroll in the gym, or make a swift financial investment. Or, they may change their minds about getting married, having kids, or setting up their businesses. 

These persons hold no attachment to anyone or anything, hence appearing as unserious. As a result, others find it hard to understand why this person can’t stay consistent. 

#5: Unconventionality

Free spirits do things their way. They question any societal expectations and are the last persons to adopt them. Likewise, they are never intimidated by those around them. Instead, they stick to their decisions regardless of how foreign they sound to the masses. 

#6: Insatiable

A free spirit is insatiable. Your goals are different, settling for a better or unique lifestyle from the one your peers are content with. For example, your dream when clearing college was never a well-paying job, the latest car, and a home with kids. Instead, you think of opportunities that will allow you to try new things.

For example, you could be a die-hard globetrotter even though you may not have the means to travel at the moment. You are the kind of person who is content with living from a suitcase for years as you travel around the world.

#7: Great Achievers, Innovators, Dreamers

Now, a free spirit may appear spontaneous and unserious with life, but they have a clear perspective of what they want to achieve. This person comes up with fresh ideas that promise to solve world challenges. And it is the excitement of this new challenge that fuels their desire to achieve the set goals.

wild and free image

#8: Relentless

Free spirits always seek ways of how to make the impossibilities in their lives possible. For example, they will question why it takes three days and not a day for an online shopping order to arrive at their doorstep. And, they will use the latest facts to question current theories.

In turn, these persons never quit. They appear stubborn, holding on to their ideas until they get the solution they were hoping for.

Living a Fulfilling Life as a Free Spirit

Note that, a free spirit is the best candidate for achieving spiritual awakening. This person is intent on soul searching and questions their existence. Still, the life of a free-spirited person can be a lonely one. If you suspect that you are a free spirit, here are a few tips to live a fulfilling lifestyle:

  • Spend more time outdoors. For example, taking part in dance competitions in the open gives you a chance to free your mind and release any stress buildup.
  • Reconnect with your inner child by working with children. They have great imaginations and love exploring and testing their boundaries. Plus, they enjoy doing role plays.
  • Explore a creative career path like preparing exotic dishes and painting on a canvas.
  • Most free-spirited persons are empathetic, considerate, kind, and loving. In turn, they can be victims of emotional abuse. Protect your emotional wellbeing by setting boundaries on who you interact with or what you explore beyond your comfort zone.


Anyone with a free spirit has the untamable spirit of a wolf. You always want to run free beyond the confines of family or society. You also have a tendency to oppose the normal social rule, being overly independent, and never subscribing to others’ rules. That’s why most free spirits are seen as rebellious.

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