7 Female Archetypes: Awaken Your Inner Goddess

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Female archetypes are the roles we play throughout life. They are described in ancient myths, legends, and even fairy tales. When we are reading those old tales, we are learning and connecting with different archetypes through the mental participation of the dramatic events in the life of their characters. These tales were created for transmitting the wisdom, knowledge, and feelings of generations of women who lived many centuries before us.

In this article, we want to introduce you to seven female archetypes. Every archetype has its image, functions, emotions, and specific manifestations in the body and thoughts. If you know how to manage these manifestations and read their messages, you can harmonize your body, emotions, and life.

What Is an Archetype?

Psychologists define the “archetype” as a model of behavior, a “mode” inherent in us by nature. This unconscious component forms our conscious attitude to the world, different situations, and life events.

Carl Jung advanced the concept of archetypes. He suggested that they are formed from the collective unconscious, which has been “stored” in myths, fairy tales, and legends for centuries. That is why the female archetypes have a mythical basis.

According to Jung, we are already born with a full set of archetypes that get activated in certain situations or circumstances. They often pop up in our dreams, suggesting the best way out of a problematic situation. Thus, archetypes can significantly facilitate our lives if we can understand and use them consciously.

Throughout our lives, we can embody the traits of various archetypes, but usually, there are one or two dominant ones that best reflect our personality.

7 Female Archetypes

Now let’s take a deeper look at the seven female archetypes so that you can analyze yourself through the prism of these seven types of energy.

#1: Persephone

Persephone Goddess Archetype Image

In ancient Greek mythology, Persephone is the goddess of fertility and the underworld queen.

This female archetype usually manifests itself most actively in adolescence but may return throughout life in challenging situations, such as after a divorce. The Persephone archetype helps reconnect with the Soul and its true needs and desires, find a new direction in life or its purpose.

Main characteristics:

  • intuition;
  • sensitivity;
  • introversion;
  • sensuality.

For a woman with the Persephone archetype, it’s very important to have a strong and deep connection with her mother. She is attracted by the mystery of the unknown and drawn to adventure. Such a woman is constantly exploring the external and internal world. Her attention is simultaneously directed inward to the sensations and movements of energy in the body and outward. She “moves between worlds,” recognizes dream messages, and has mediumistic and psychic abilities.

Persephone awakening

To experience Persephone awakening, focus on:

  • yoga techniques that free up space between tissues and help to get rid of muscle cramps;
  • practices that help shift attention from mental activity to tactile sensations, hearing, taste, and smell;
  • reconnecting with your true nature by doing what you enjoy (dancing, singing, expressing yourself through art, etc.)

#2: Athena

Athena Goddess Female Archetype Image

Athena is the goddess of Olympus, who patronized wisdom, war, protection, heroic aspirations, weaving, pottery, and many other crafts.

This female archetype focuses on making decisions, building strategies, and turning ideas and intentions into reality. A woman with Athena archetype is a realist who thinks clearly, knows how to make decisions, and gains authority. Such women are highly valued in the modern world. They often take CEO positions and become strong leaders, scientists, project managers, and politicians.

Main characteristics:

  • strong;
  • competitive;
  • hard-working;
  • career-oriented;
  • purposeful;
  • resourceful;
  • eloquent.

However, a woman with the Athena archetype often does not notice the emotional needs of others and her fatigue. Since the work brings her a tangible external result, she sacrifices her well-being and emotional and spiritual needs for career success.

Athena awakening

To experience Athena awakening, perform:

#3: Artemis

Artemis Goddess Archetype Image

In ancient Greek mythology, Artemis is the eternally young goddess of hunting, the goddess of chastity, the patroness of all life on Earth, giving happiness in marriage and assistance in childbirth. Also, she is the Moon goddess.

Main characteristics:

  • athletic;
  • competitive;
  • self-caring;
  • strong;
  • bold;
  • hardy;
  • goal-oriented.

Artemis awakening:

To experience Artemis awakening, practice:

#4: Hera

Hera Female Archetype Image

Hera is the goddess of marriage, childbirth, and family in ancient Greek mythology.

A woman with the Hera archetype values marriage and family. She gives her spouse a halo of respect, strength, and power. Her encouragement and wise counsel restore his faith in himself. She is his “Shakti,” as they say in the East.

Hera awakening

To awaken the Hera archetype, perform the following practice.

Sit in the Vajrasana and visualize your partner in front of you. Interlace your fingers and raise your hands above your head to form a semicircle. Hands symbolize a halo – the glow of energy around the head, activation of the upper centers responsible for clarity, power of projection of thought, and wisdom. Look at your partner’s Heart chakra area and mentally project light and love into his heart. Visualize that your partner is endowed with the best qualities: courage, wisdom, strength, authority, and justice. Perform for 3-11 minutes.

#5: Demeter

Demeter archetype image

In Greek mythology, Demeter is the goddess of harvest and agriculture. Also, she is the goddess of motherhood.

A woman with the Demeter archetype gets her most enormous pleasure and joy in motherhood. She enjoys taking care of her children – nourishing, protecting, and educating them.

Usually, every woman turns to the Demeter archetype during pregnancy and childbirth.

During pregnancy, the woman’s connection with the Earth, which gives life and shelter to all living beings, is particularly strong. Legs, hips, and pelvis are filled with warm heaviness, knees and hip joints soften and dilate, and the breast is full. She has a strong emotional connection and understanding of the needs of her children.

Demeter awakening

To experience Demeter awakening, perform the following meditation.

Sit in Sukhasana. Place your palms on your chest, the center of your palm barely touching the chest, your forearms parallel to the floor. Keep your eyes half-closed and look at the tip of your nose. Inhale through the nose for 5 seconds, exhale for 5 seconds, and hold your breath for 15 seconds. This practice activates the energy of the chest area, increases the sensitivity of the hands, and boosts healing abilities.

#6: Hestia

Hestia archetype image

In ancient Greek mythology, Hestia is the goddess of the hearth and sacrificial fire. Also, she is a patron of the family, the home, and the state. Her element is the fire that makes a home warm and brings all the family members together for a meal.

A woman with the Hestia archetype is focused on harmonizing and healing her body (that she considers to be her internal home), as well as the house she lives in. The Hestia archetype helps us understand if we are comfortable in our bodies and homes. When you’re performing usual activities like working, performing asanas, driving a car, etc., and you feel uncomfortable, this is Hestia trying to attract your attention to your body that needs some healing, rest, or cleansing.

Hestia illuminates your body’s inner space with the light of attention, optimizing muscle effort and neutralizing tension. Look through Hestia’s eyes at your workplace and home environment, and think about what you could change to make yourself more comfortable, more at home.

Hestia awakening

  • To awake your inner Hestia, perform smooth side extensions and Surya Namaskar in a slow version, with three breathing cycles in each pose. While performing the asanas, observe the slightest sensations in the body, and release the tension.
  • Learn to be attentive to your body! Make a “Body map.” Draw your body on a piece of paper and mark with a red marker the areas where you feel tension (for example, shoulders are strained, neck movements are difficult, and so on). Note how the sensations change after performing asanas with increased attention to the marked areas.

#7: Aphrodite (Venus)

Aphrodite female archetype Image

In ancient Greek mythology, Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty, love, sex, and fertility.

Usually, every woman turns into Aphrodite when she falls in love. A woman with the Aphrodite archetype never criticizes herself. Her Ojas, Tejas, and prana are in perfect balance. Her attention is focused on feelings of pleasure. She experiences and radiates joy. Such a woman is an expression of love. This woman is loved and admired. She inspires feats and creativity.

Aphrodite awakening:

  • As you study your body, find places where you are experiencing pleasant sensations: warmth, movement, and the desire to stretch. Often similar sensations occur in the thighs, calves, and feet. Start moving, enhancing the pleasant experience. You may begin to make spontaneous movements consisting of asanas, dance moves, and gestures. Let your body guide you.
  • Practice Taoist meditation “Inner smile.”
  • Chant Love mantras.

The Bottom Line

Take your time to analyze your female archetype. Make a list of qualities and abilities you have. What is your superpower? Now that you understand the divine feminine nature hidden inside your human personality, you can develop it into the highest manifestation of your essence.