Using Profanity Words In Your Speech Is Extremely Dangerous. Here Is Why!

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Nowadays, profanity words can be heard everywhere – on television, at work, at home… and, oddly enough, even among those people who seek spiritual development. People use obscenities in their speech, without even thinking where it might lead. Most often, they do it for a more vivid expression of their feelings and emotions. And you may say: ‘So what’s the big deal?’.  It does seem like it’s not a big deal because no one ever ponders on the deep level of what was said. But, actually, using profanity words in your speech, you are ‘playing a dangerous game’. And this ‘game’ can destroy not only your energy but even affect other people. The use of profanity words has a negative impact on health. It can affect not only those who say this words but even those who are forced to hear them.

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In this article, I’m not trying to urge you to mindlessly believe every written word. But, on the contrary, I’m asking you to think about what you are going to read. I’m also asking you to draw your own conclusions from what you read, based on your own logic and common sense.


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In Christianity, it is considered that only evil uses profanity words for communication. People who use profanity words in their speech are under control of evil spirits. According to the Bible, to get closer to God, one must be free not only from negative thoughts and intentions but also from foul language. Christianity teaches that the use of swear words leads to the possession of evil spirits who possess a human soul.

In the paganism, profanity words were used in magical rituals to invoke evil spirits. All swear words are demonic in origin. By using profanity words in our speech, we unwittingly take part in the magical ritual, attracting vermin.

According to the Quran, profanity words are considered to be blasphemy. If a man uses profanity words in his speech, he desecrates himself and worships the devil.


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Doctor of Biological Sciences, academician of the Russian Academy of medical and technical Sciences P.Garyaev made an important discovery. It was described in his research called “Wave genetic code.” He proved experimentally that profanity words cause harm to people.

According to P.Garyaev, the impact of profanity speech is equivalent to radiation in the 10-40 thousand (!) x-ray. It leads to a DNA strand damage and breakage of chromosomes. So you can see that profanity words cause mutations similar to the effects of radiation.

Rude and angry words can not only undermine health, cause disease, but can even kill a man over a period of time. And it’s important to remember that not only words but also evil thoughts are destructive!

When you express anger you are experiencing destruction. On the contrary, when you express kindness, compassion, and love, you are experiencing a healing effect. This is another result that P.Garyaev experimentally proved in his research.

For example, a prayer has shown to have a beneficial effect on a human body. P.Garyaev’s research shows it corrects the defects of hereditary material, repairs damaged mutated DNA molecules, which leads to the healing.

When a man is causing evil to others, the greatest harm he is causing is to himself and his family. Human genes “hear” thoughts and words, and perceive them fixed in the genetic code. Profanity words have a very negative impact on the genetic code. They get recorded in it and become a kind of curse, including determining bad heredity. Fornication, drunkenness, smoking, drug abuse, theft, lying, envy, violence, and cruelty in all forms have the same destructive effect on a human and his genetics.


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All profanity words one way or another are connected with the sexual organs and sexual act. That is why it is not surprising that in the first place, your Svadhisthana (Sex chakra) suffers from profanity. Genitals are involved in the Divine act of creation of a man, therefore, the attitude towards them should be reverent and respectful. But when you give genitals profanity names they become defiled and filled with negative energy, as well as sexual intercourse. There is nothing divine in this kind of sexual act.


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When a woman hears profanity words addressed to her, there is energy breakdown happens in her Sex chakra. This leads to the fact that a woman loses her sexual energy, happiness and women’s health. Swearword effects a woman as the curse. It leads to the fact that a woman is losing her connection with the divine.
Profanity words spoken in the presence of a pregnant woman can cause miscarriage or premature birth.
When a woman says profanity words, it blocks her Sex chakra, which can lead to gynecological diseases, infertility, frigidity, and other negative consequences.


When a man hears profanity words addressed to him, there is energy breakdown happens in his Sex chakra. This leads to the fact that it can cause urological diseases, sperm becomes defective (it leads to a difficulty in impregnating a woman or gives defective offspring), impotence. Consider the fact that when you apply to the male sex organ abusive word, you deprive it of divine power, and it becomes a tool of negative entities’ manipulation. To have sex with this man is extremely dangerous!


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Children’s energy field has a very weak protective function. That is why children are prone to instant “absorption” of what they see and hear. They do not filter the information they get from different sources: from parents, from television, from teachers, educators, etc. When a child hears a profanity word, it automatically programs his energy field to low frequencies. This leads to:

  • slowing down the development of these children;
  • weak immune system;
  • health loss;
  • reduced learning ability;
  • distracted attention.

Other than that, these children are prone to frequent and uncontrollable emotional outbursts, aggressive behavior, and sometimes even the desire to hurt animals or other children.

As you can see behavior is not only a moral consideration but also an actual health consideration as well.

Instead Of Conclusion

Usually, at the end of each article I make some conclusions, but today I specifically do not. Today I encourage you to contact your common sense and logic – and make it your own. Whether ‘the pleasure’ of using profanity words is more important for you than your own health and the health of your loved ones? And is it really ‘the pleasure’ or just your subconscious desire to be like everyone else and not stand out from the crowd? In modern society, the usage of profanity words is so popular that those people who do not use profanity words in their speech, really brightly stand out from the crowd. So, as ridiculous as it may sound, but today in order to be different, all you need is to eliminate profanity words from your speech.