Divine Masculine Quotes: 22 Powerful Sayings

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These days, we hear a lot about the Divine feminine awakening. While it is important that we honor the Divine feminine, we should not forget that the Divine masculine is alive within each of us as well. Everyone who’s following the path of spiritual awakening knows that it is essential for our spiritual evolution to integrate both sides of our nature – Divine masculine and Divine feminine. In this article, we have collected 22 powerful Divine masculine quotes to inspire you to focus on awakening the Divine masculine energy within you.

22 Divine Masculine Quotes

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Spiritual maturity is about nurturing, honoring, and balancing both sides of your nature. And ALL men, women, and non-binary people/trans, possess both the masculine and feminine aspects inside. Ignoring, suppressing, demonizing, or treating one type of energy as “less than” another is immature and ultimately creates suffering. Don’t give fuel to your shadow self. Don’t perpetuate more division within this world. Learn how to awaken both types of energy within yourself in a healthy way.” ~ Aletheia Luna


“Parvati and Shiva are the divine embodiment of creativity (the feminine) and consciousness (the masculine). She is the generative energy of the universe; he is its formless wisdom.” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert


“Transforming through years of obstacles, conquering each battle that was put in his path. Constantly persevering, he was invincible. His deep inner knowing kept his spirit resilient allowing him to become a master of his own self, prepping him for when it was time to unveil his Divine Masculine power.” ~ Michele Lucia


“If we want to know what it means to be human, we look at Jesus. He does things we’d culturally consider feminine – like weep – and others our culture would consider masculine – like flip tables in the temple. But really all these things are just human. And since Jesus is God, these characteristics are also divine.” ~ Shane Claiborne


“In a balanced viewpoint that includes both masculine and feminine perspective, healing is seen not as a technique, but as a process.” ~ Jeanne Achterberg


“The divine masculine and divine feminine are far beyond our mistaken ideas of gender labels. Instead, it is a pathway to eternal bliss when harnessed in balance and harmony. We as humans are capable of channelizing the power of these sacred energies and create a place that defines humanity in its true spirit.” ~ Bhanushree Goyal


“An awakened man is a warrior of the heart. He calls to other conscious men to join the revolution, to lay down their ego, and with true masculine energy, demonstrate what it means to return to love.” ~ Daniel Nielsen

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”The conscious masculine has no shame for the love in his heart for he knows to feel is sacred.” ~ Ara


“When the Sacred Masculine is combined with the sacred feminine inside each of us, we create the ‘sacred marriage’ of compassion and passion in ourselves.” ~ Matthew Fox


“The Divine Masculine, when integrated by women, can help us take creative initiatives, make major decisions, and say no when it’s needed. He is a creative force who can appear insatiable and is an inextinguishable flame of energy. The fact is that as much as men are often encouraged to suppress the rise of the Divine Feminine in themselves the same is true for women with their Divine Masculine, yet neither of them can be complete and fulfilled lacking the other. Therefore, finding and restoring the balance of Feminine attributes and Masculine qualities is a spiritual tour de force.” ~ Noemie Akridge


“One of the main problems of our time is that men are deprived of their human qualities that are wrongly called feminine, and women are deprived of their human qualities that are wrongly called masculine.” ~ Gloria Steinem


“The Power of the Wild Masculine The dark primordial river of wild male shakti has nothing to do with the distorted masculine we see at large in the world today – true male shakti is very, very wild and powerful. Very strong and playful. Very direct and penetrating. It serves only Love. Many men have never given themselves permission to access this side of their being.” ~ Ratna Dewi


“There resides within men a sleeping giant… He is a dark and wild creature full of power and potential. When accompanied by his feminine counterpart, together they can become an unstoppable force of love in action that can heal and save Mother Earth.” ~ Shikoba


”To an awakened man who has learned to listen to his heart, the woman he loves is not just an object of beauty to adore and pleasure his senses, she is also an angel of light that has come to reveal his own shadow and call him to sacrifice his ego nature upon the altar of unconditional love.” ~ Unknown

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”The sacred masculine does not play games for he holds all others equal to himself. He does not hide from what his heart speaks; he listens with an open ear embracing his intuition, knowing that as a warrior his instincts are sharp. He does not run from conflict, knowing that resolution is the traits of Kings.” ~ Ara


“Until a man heals himself, he will be toxic to everyone who tries to love him.” ~ Unknown


“The Divine Masculine is what allows us to “do,” to take decisive action, but not aggressive or angry action despite what we might assume. Instead, it is based on open, loving, and faith-based action. The masculine listens to the Divine Feminine’s knowledge, receives her intuitive wisdom with openness, and then acts on that knowledge with confidence. This action is based on knowing that we are a part of something much larger than ourselves. It is masculine energy that unites the world in love and “personal authority.” It is “he” who looks out for, protects, and provides for “his” community, family, and those in need. The Wounded Masculine perverts this by creating conflict when fear has overtaken faith, and “he” feels the need to prove a sense of worth due to feeling unworthy of inclusion or love.” ~ Elizabeth S. Mitchell


“Married life, if lived with the proper love and understanding, helps awaken the feminine within a man, and the masculine within a woman.” ~ Mata Amritanandamayi


“The divine masculine does not typically relate to the archetypal image of male or masculine. Rather, it is an embodiment of the various traits associated with this energy. It is the energy of consciousness in contrast to the divine feminine, which is the energy of the creative life force. In order to be whole, a person must learn to harness both the divine masculine and feminine energies.” ~ Bhanushree Goyal


“The Divine Masculine is emerging. He holds a sacred space for his truth. He Breathes with integral strength of beauty and vulnerability. He lives from his heart.” ~ Unknown


“In our modern society, masculinity has been seen as a problem rather than something that should be embraced, because it is rare that any man exhibits true masculinity. The only example of masculinity we currently have is the shadow side of masculinity. This shadow side of masculinity fuels the societal idea of competitive hierarchy. In other words, it fuels the idea that one person on top of another person. The shadow side of masculinity perpetuates vertical thinking. Vertical thinking is comparative thinking; where it is possible to be better than or less than someone else.” ~ Teal Swan


“Divine Masculine energy reveals a man who is connected to something bigger than his human self, and he integrates this connection into his daily life. He works with a sense of self-value and self-confidence that supports others. There is ownership over all of his actions, behaviors, energies, and choices. He knows he is responsible for all parts of his being and all aspects of his life.” ~ Molly McCord

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