Electromagnetic Pollution: Is Your Phone Killing You?

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Pollution is statistically recorded as the number one cause of illnesses and environmental degradation. Electromagnetic pollution is no different. Sadly, most people are not aware of this may be due to the lack of information. Now, this article comes in handy. We will explain in detail the science behind electromagnetics, how they cause pollution, the signs when you’re affected, and how to protect yourself from further damage.

Sounds interesting? Read on.

The Science Behind Electromagnetic Radiation

Just like the name suggests, electromagnetic radiation is a combination of electric and magnet waves moving through space. These are generated both naturally and via man-made sources.

Scientifically, energy can only be moved in two ways from one place to another: particle collision and in wavelengths. According to quantum theory, electromagnetic radiation is both a particle and a wavelength.

In wavelength form, some quick examples include light, radio waves, and X-rays. Now, these have varying wavelengths that travel in different frequencies (lesson for another day), but the ones you should be concerned about are the shorter wavelengths that carry more energies. These are UV rays (from the sun), X-rays (airport security scanner), and Gamma rays (PET scan, nuclear power plants) in their order of intensity.

The longer wavelengths with lesser energies are a concern if you’re continuously exposed to them over long durations of time. These include radio (AM radio), microwave (microwave oven), infra-red (TV remote), and visible light in this order from the weakest to the strongest. 

The Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation

Now deeper into the electromagnetic spectrum, the stronger wavelengths such as X-rays can move through our bodies. However, they don’t move through uniformly. They bounce back where there are denser objects like bones but go through soft tissues. That’s how radiologists are able to map broken bones.

However, if such radiation is not controlled it can damage our body tissues. This is how they treat cancer by focusing a certain amount of radiation on the cancerous cells to damage them. But when you just need a leg or hip X-ray, you have to wear that heavy jacket to protect your delicate organs including the heart during the X-ray procedure.

Similarly, these wavelengths change form in higher temperatures. Whichever form you analyze them, they eventually contribute to electromagnetic pollution.

So How Do Electromagnets Cause Pollution?

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#1: Filling up our landmasses

Have you ever wondered where all the broken electronics including household appliances since the 1900s end up if not in an antique shop? Unfortunately, since most electronics (especially those produced earlier) are non-biodegradable, they end up stacked in the dumpsites. Others are buried deep in the sea. Either way, this is not the future we want to see. So hopefully, our scientists can develop recyclable electronics parts to reduce electromagnetic pollution.

#2: The risk of over-exposure to radiation

Research is still ongoing in this field but there are a few factors that we are certain about.

First, electromagnets that apply the longer wavelength do expose us to unnecessary radiation. Why do you think skin cancer is on the rise, for example? While there’s the UV radiation from the sun, these gadgets also emit radiation, just not enough to warrant concern, especially in limited exposures.

The next time you re-heat your food in the microwave, try standing just next to it. You will feel sudden warmth in your body, yet the microwave surface doesn’t warm up. To explain this, it’s the bio-ceramic surface that emits far-infrared rays that penetrate deep into your body’s muscle tissues.

For a week or two, these would be harmless. But for 2 hours, every day for several years, your body will give in, and just like that, your skin develops heat burns.

Microwave radiation is also experienced in mobile phone receivers. Both the phones and the transmitters on top of our buildings generate this type of radiation. There are concerns about the long-term effects of such exposure although research is still ongoing. 

Similarly, for people working in hospitals, poorly insulated X-ray chambers, or misuse of these facilities would over-expose them to X-ray radiation. This causes your cells to mutate and could probably develop into cancerous cells.

Lastly, electromagnetic gadgets that emit too much light could also cause blindness. Isn’t that the reason why we wear sunglasses in summer? Luckily, most recently manufacturers have incorporated a soft light as a feature, especially in laptops and phones.

Common Signs Among Victims of Electromagnetic Pollution

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  • Burnt skin – either sun-burns, skin redness, or heat rash. 
  • Wrinkled skin making you look older than you actually are. This is normally as a result of over-exposer to UV rays.
  • Headaches, fatigue and unexplained nausea as well as infertility – usually caused by ELF rays for those living just below electric power lines. Also caused by the use of mobile gadgets for extended periods. Say for example after a long phone call, the phone, your hands and ears feel hot. You also experience some discomfort, irritability and in extreme lengths, headache. These are not caused by the phone conversation you just had but rather by the over exposure to your phone’s radiation.
  • Cancer, especially skin cancer and Leukemia – uncontrolled X-rays and Gamma rays are notorious in this.

How Can We Protect Ourselves from Electromagnetic Pollution?


Rule number one, stay away from power grid lines, network transmission towers, railway line stations, and airports. The effects might not be visible in you but your generations will certainly portray some weird mutations. And if you don’t have better options, try using some protective crystals.


Secondly, avoid using electronics while they are connected to electricity. This includes receiving phone calls while your phone is charging, standing next to the microwave while reheating food, or watching a movie while seated too close to the television.


Teach your kids and yourself to receive phone calls on loudspeakers as opposed to placing the handset on their ears. Research has proven that kids are more vulnerable to cell phone damage including cancer, compared to adults.


If you use a pacemaker or have any other electronic device supporting your health, avoid the long use of electronic gadgets. The pacemaker creates its own magnetic field and any other external electronics will interfere with this magnetic field causing it to misbehave (increased heart rates and all).


For pregnant moms, avoid getting scanned at the airport and shopping malls at all costs. Just walk straight to the lady security and she will do her thing. X-rays affect unborn babies more than adults.

Should We Be Worried?

Honestly, yes. And what is more worrying is the lack of concern from relevant government bodies to address electromagnetic pollution. They easily scrap off any research that proposes the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation. Maybe because such research would kill business for the big industries who support our economy. Either way, take care of yourself and pass on this knowledge to your children and those around you.