Divine Masculine Energy: The 7 Qualities And How To Restore Balance

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The world revolves around two dual forces; the Divine Masculine energy and the Divine Feminine energy. These are naturally opposite powers attracting and balancing each other to form a formidable dynamic in the universe. And, everyone, regardless of their gender, possesses both energies. Hence, the Divine Masculine energy may be dominant in you. 

In this article, we will share with you what Divine Masculine energy is, what its qualities are, and how to restore the balance between your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies.

What is Divine Masculine Energy?

Divine Masculine energy, also known as the “Greater Yang”, refers to our knowingness, strength, and action. It radiates from the left side of the brain to give us our analytical and logical capabilities. Likewise, Divine Masculine Energy makes us more givers than receivers. It is also associated with our analytical and logical reasoning capabilities. Hence, a man or woman with dominant Divine Masculine Energy will show the following traits: –

Qualities of Divine Masculine Energy

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#1: Powerful Presence

Divine Masculine Energy is bold and assertive. It gives us the urge to stand up for what we believe in or pursue our desires with a passion. Still, as a giver, it makes us fight for the rights of others without being arrogant. Anyone with dominant masculine energy sets and enforces personal boundaries without harming others. 

#2: Action/Great Confidence

Are you an action-oriented person? Masculine energy exudes healthy confidence that drives us to set and achieve challenging goals. Here, we develop an optimistic view of life, seeing problems as inevitable stumbling blocks to success. More so, we engage in fair competition, never taking advantage of others to get ahead. This self-assurance drives men and women to go back to school, change careers, or add skills to excel in their current jobs.

#3: Risk Taking

Masculine energy prompts us to get out of our comfort zones and chase ambitious goals. See, when you have confidence in your capabilities, you are more willing to pursue risky adventures. You set realistic plans to grow your career, nurture your relationships, or increase your knowledge. It is about living an adventurous lifestyle that is always looking for new and challenging opportunities. Still, you embrace failure and humility as necessary in any learning process.  

#4: Reasoning and Logic

Do you rely on your gut feelings or logical reasoning when making decisions? If your masculine energy is in overdrive mode, you will want to make logical sense of things before accepting or refusing them. For example, you engage in well-structured discussions and admit to your colleagues when you are wrong. Likewise, you use logic to resolve arguments but never look down on those who decide based on their emotions.

#5: Discipline & Responsibility

Divine Masculine Energy pushes us to be disciplined and responsible persons. For example, we endure discomfort, often depriving ourselves of leisure, to attain our goals. It could be studying for exams, saving for a home, or practicing self-care. Also, this energy helps us to see the lesson behind our failures and take responsibility for our mistakes. Here, the blame game is never an option. 

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#6: Protective

Do your subordinates, family, and friends feel safe around you? It could be your masculine energy drawing them to you. See, this energy gives us the urge to protect what we value, including our families, businesses, and ideologies. Here, you are inclined to carefully supervise those under you. Similarly, when those you love want to explore the world beyond your watch, you find yourself assessing the possible risks, to minimize them.

#7: Loyalty & Trustworthiness

Anyone with a dominant Divine Masculine Energy values relationships. Hence, this individual will stay committed to the partner, set healthy boundaries that ensure each person in the union thrives, and practice self-control to look after the emotional well-being of the partner. In addition, they remain loyal to the relationship out of respect for the partner, not for fear of getting caught. 

Is Too Much Masculine Energy Harmful?

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Ideally, the feminine and masculine energies should be in balance. Yet, inequality in masculine energy has a ripple effect on your feminine energy as well. Now, if your masculine energy is immature or at a toxic level, it can trigger an imbalance that also affects your feminine energy.

For example, if you have an irresponsible attitude and avoid your duties to your family, you develop a victim mentality to escape blame for your erratic actions. This reckless behavior comes from toxic masculinity, prompting the feminine energy to create a victimhood mentality. 

Below are more negative masculinity traits that indicate immature or harmful masculine energy: –

  • Domination 
  • Arrogant, ego-centric
  • Obsession with control
  • Seeking revenge
  • Forceful
  • Rigidity
  • Lack of accountability
  • Irresponsible behavior
  • Zoning out
  • Total avoidance
  • Emotionally unavailable
  • Basing status on worth
  • Viewing sex as a competition

Unless you deal with these toxic masculine traits, you may clash with those around you. For example, a young adult with toxic masculinity may struggle with school indiscipline, bullying, and assault, while an adult may face prison time due to domestic violence against a spouse or struggle with substance abuse and mental health complications. 

Restoring Balance between Your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energies

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Here are some tips to restore and maintain a healthy balance between your masculine and feminine energies, especially when you have dominant masculine traits: –

  • Recondition your mindset using visualization, meditation, and affirmation tools
  • Spend some ‘me time’ every day doing what you enjoy
  • Pick a task and work towards it; reward yourself on completion
  • Have a realistic structure that you can follow in attaining your goals
  • Allow yourself to be vulnerable, have self-love
  • Eat healthily and exercise regularly
  • Educate yourself about your masculinity
  • Practice self-care


Divine Masculine Energy is one of the sacred polarities, characterized by such traits as a giving attitude, great confidence, action-taking, logical thinking, loyalty, and powerful presence. Still, when this energy is immature or toxic, you may develop negative masculinity qualities like avoiding responsibility, domination, and getting obsessed with control. So, when you have the dominant Divine Masculine energy, maintain a healthy balance between it and the feminine energy by having such habits as self-care, self-compassion, and having ‘me time’ to reconnect with your inner self.

This article is protected under the copyright of solancha.com and U.S. copyright laws. If you are not reading this article on solancha.com it has been illegally copied and stolen. Please report to abuse@solancha.com