What is Feminine Energy? Embracing Your Greater Yin

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Creation revolves around two opposite or polar energies that complement each other: the masculine and feminine energies. Whereas masculine energy leans more to the practical side, feminine energy is about love, art, and aesthetics. However, only one of these energies can be dominant in you. Now, do you really understand what is feminine energy? And how can you know you have dominant feminine energy? Plus, what are the implications? I will answer these and more questions in this article.

But first:

What Is Feminine Energy?

Divine Feminine Energy, also known as the “Greater Yin”, refers to a set of traits that come naturally to anyone, making you more of a receiver than a giver. Unlike popular belief, this energy has nothing to do with being male or female. The receiving traits can manifest and become dominant in a man or a woman.

Feminine Energy Traits

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These are some of the most common feminine energy traits: –

#1: Intuitive/Fluid

Feminine energy makes us intuitive. Here, we trust our intuition to make decisions that affect us or others around us. In contrast, masculine energy focuses on finding logical explanations in situations. For example, when approached by a stranger, your feminine energy will rely on the first impressions to determine if this is a friend or foe. In contrast, masculine energy will try to reason before accepting or ignoring this gut feeling.

#2: Generous

When your feminine energy is dominant, you show kindness, compassion, and gentleness to others. You are more forgiving, hence are willing to share your knowledge or possessions with others. In contrast, dominant masculine energies make you confident and self-reliant. You are less accepting of other people’s flaws.

#3: Receptive

Receptive feminine energy allows us to accommodate others’ opinions, flaws, and differences. Here, you see the difference as beauty and not a shortcoming. Hence, the trait can manifest as you: –

  • Always open to new ideas and doing things differently
  • Becoming an excellent listener
  • Creating open spaces for others to flourish

#4: Nurturing

Do you love to train other people’s talents and capabilities? Do you do this in a custom way to meet the needs of the one you are nurturing? If so, that is your feminine energy at play. See, masculine energy prefers structure. However, Divine Feminine energy wants to help others grow and build on their positive characters over time.

#5: Creative

When faced with a challenge, a person with dominant masculine energy will opt for a straight path to solving the problem. In contrast, feminine energy prefers to think outside the box, producing creative ideas applicable to more than one problem. For example, when playing a game, the feminine energy looks for unique and faster ways to win. But, masculine energy will use the rules and structure of the game to show dominance over their opponents.

#6: Collaborative/Allowing

Collaborative trait refers to working with others unanimously in pursuing a common goal. It also involves sharing resources, maintaining effective communication, having clearly defined roles, and showing strong leadership to keep everyone’s efforts consistent, united, and enthusiastic. This trait comes naturally to anyone with a dominant feminine energy.

However, if your masculine energy is dominant, you prefer to pursue goals independently, finding it hard to delegate. You want to take credit for all your effort.

Can Feminine Energy Become Harmful?

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Note that your feminine energy should complement and not clash with your dormant masculine energy. For, when in conflict with your masculinity, it is immature and may have the following unhealthy traits: –

#1: Chasing Love

When your feminine energy is immature, it can compete with your masculine power. One clear sign is when you start chasing after love instead of attracting love. See, feminine energy makes you more empathetic, caring, and generous with others. Yet, when you use it to force someone to like you, it becomes unhealthy feminine energy.

#2: Stop Being Authentic and Become Manipulative

Like chasing love, immature feminine energy can make you stop being authentic and become manipulative with those around you. Like, when you use your gentleness and collaboration for selfish gain.

#3: Develop a Victim Mentality

Do you know anyone with a victim mentality? These are people constantly desperate for attention. They may have a painful past they always refer to for favors.

#4: Have an Extreme Fear of Loss

Are you constantly scared of losing a loved one, friends, your job, or your possessions? This constant worry makes you stop nurturing others and start clinging to them instead.

How to Embrace Your Greater Yin?

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#1: Spend Some “Me Time” Reflecting

Reflect on your identity, priorities, and values. This self-reflection is a great way to discover and appreciate your feminine energy traits. For example, ask yourself these thought-provoking questions: –

  • What interests you?
  • Are you a creative person?
  • How do you make decisions?
  • Are you a loner wolf or prefer connecting and engaging with others?
  • Does helping others help you cope with a difficult phase in your life?

#2: Spend More Time in the Outdoors

Nature is abundant with feminine energy. Go for a forest bath to tap into these energies. A walk in the jungle park revitalizes you and keeps you in sync with your feelings.

#3: Use Your Creativity

Divine Feminine Energy creates life. Use your creative energy to come up with unique ideas to solve everyday problems.

#4: Be Playful

When was the last time you went on a vacation or afternoon picnic with friends, did something spontaneously, watched a movie, or read a motivational book? All these activities bring out the spontaneous and playful feminine energies in us. Relaxing and experiencing the joys in life are necessary for growth and self-discovery.


I hope you now understand what feminine energy is because we live in a manly world that praises anyone with the dominant masculine energy. Yet, if you are creative, inspiring, flowing, playful, expressive, intuitive, compassionate, or nurturing, the Divine Feminine Energy is dominant in your life. Whether man or woman, this energy makes us have a strong desire to love and be loved. In turn, it helps us tolerate others and collaborate naturally. Suppressing your feminine traits can make you out of touch with your body, leading to burnout. Therefore, discover your feminine energy by reflecting, spending more time with nature, or getting creative or playful.