Feng Shui Astrology For February 2022: The Month of the Water Tiger

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Feng Shui astrology is based on the Chinese calendar. The dates of the beginning and the end of the months are different from those generally accepted in the Gregorian calendar. According to the Chinese calendar, the first month of the year starts on February 4th, and ends on March 5th. Therefore, all the recommendations are given in this article will be accurate until March 5th.

Feng Shui astrology believes that each month has its unique energy and character. Therefore, each month’s energy is expressed through one of the 12 Zodiac animals and connected to one of the 5 elements.

February 2022 is the month of the Water Tiger. In this article, I will share with you what kind of energy and events to expect in February 2022 and how to properly choose dates for different events.

Feng Shui Astrology for February 2022

The Energy of the Month of the Water Tiger

According to the Chinese calendar, February 2022 is ruled by the Water Tiger.

In Chinese mythology, the Water Tiger is an image of a fast-flowing river. The Water Tiger has deep knowledge and wisdom. He sees long-term prospects and makes active efforts to achieve the ultimate goal. This is a dynamic and sociable animal, and under the influence of the energies of the month, similar character traits can strengthen in people. More communication can be established in the world and active movements can begin – both literally and figuratively. February 2022 is the time when new orders and rules in the world could begin to be established. Traditional ways of life could be rethought.

In February, people will be acting more directly and aggressively. We can expect that people can rebel in response to attempts to establish new orders. The risks of protests, revolutions, and coups are increasing this month, especially for countries that are prone to instability.

It doesn’t look like it’s going to be a quiet month. It will be a busy and active time. Things will move very fast. Unfortunately, when things move fast, things get broken. And it will be that kind of month.

Try to avoid any unnecessary risks this month! There is a serious risk of making mistakes, of acting too quickly, and of saying things that you can regret later. Therefore, our main lesson in February is to work at tempering ourselves – at home, with friends, with our loved ones, and at work. This is the month when we must remain cautious and watchful at all times.

It is noteworthy that the energies of the month are identical to the annual ones so that the events of the upcoming year of the Water Tiger can somehow show themselves in miniature already in February. Be attentive to the events of the month, and you will get an idea of how the whole year could go. If you see any problems, then be aware of your weaknesses, and take action in advance.

Northeast is the most dangerous direction for traveling this month. These recommendations only apply to long-distance trips. It is ok to take a walk or move around the city or close to it in the Northeast direction.

Auspicious Days In February 2022

February 7th and 19th are good dates for getting rid of unnecessary old stuff, old paradigms, and negative thought patterns. These dates are suitable for cleansing procedures, the peaceful finishing of relationships. People will part in a positive manner, and will not hold a grudge. These are also good dates for starting a diet. However, these dates are not suitable for those born in the year of the Rooster.

February 10th and 22nd  are good dates for starting long-term affairs and for everything you would like to be doing for a long time and get stable long-term results. However, these dates are not suitable for those born in the year of the Rat.

February 26th is a favorable date for starting important things. Any action taken on this date will get a very good start and every chance of success. However, this date is not suitable for those born in the year of the Dragon.

Days With a Higher Risk of Getting Viruses And Other Contagious Diseases

February 15th and 27th – during these dates it’s easier to get a disease. Therefore, make sure you’re being extra cautious during these days, as there is an increased risk of getting infections and viruses!

Inauspicious Days In February 2022

February 12th and 24th are unfavorable dates to start important things. They bring difficulties, obstacles, and problems.

February 5th and 17th, and March 1st are not suitable dates for a lot of activity, organizing important events, or starting medical treatment. But you can use these dates to complete old cases.

February 12th and 14th are “No Wealth Days“. These dates are not suitable for starting a business, making investments, or signing financial agreements.

Feng Shui Astrology For February 2022: Check Out Your Bagua Sectors

bagua image

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According to Feng Shui astrology, each of the 9 sectors of your house is under the influence of a certain type of energy. This energy changes from month to month, from year to year. In this particular article, I will not be talking about the annual chart but focusing on the energy influence of the month.

Now let me share with you Feng Shui Astrology for February 2022!


The Center of your house becomes extremely dangerous this month. The combination of the energies of the month brings the threat of illness and money loss. To protect yourself and your family from harmful energies coming from the center of your home, display the Heart Sutra Pagoda and Wu Lou here. If you spend a lot of time in the center part of your home, protect yourself by carrying the Heart Sutra Amulet Keychain and Stay Healthy Talisman.


Feng Shui astrology for February 2022 promises a dangerous month to those residing in the North sector. This sector brings accidents, violence, risk of money loss, and betrayals. At work, office politics can become a problem if your office is located in the North corner. Be careful of the people you are working with this month. To suppress the negative influence of this sector, place the Anti-Robbery Plaque here and carry the Kuan Kung on Horseback Anti-Betrayal Amulet.


Feng Shui astrology for February 2022 promises a quarrelsome month to those residing in the Northwest sector of the house. The Conflict Star flies into the Northwest bringing quarrels and confrontations of all kinds to all residents of Northwest rooms. To subtle quarrelsome energies, display a pair of Magical Cosmic Apples here. Try not to spend too much time here. Keep this sector as quiet as possible. Avoid chatting or using this sector as your main dining area.


Feng Shui astrology for February 2022 promises a misfortunate month to those residing in the Northeast sector of the house. A risk of misfortune may come in the form of illness, money loss, accidents, arguments, or loss of an important relationship. To protect yourself from misfortune, display the Heart Sutra Pagoda here. If your bedroom is located in the Northeast, make sure you carry the Heart Sutra Pagoda Amulet throughout the month. Also, display a Wu Lou here to protect your health. To protect yourself from physical injuries and accidents, carry the 28 HUMs Protection Lotus Amulet.


Those living in the East rooms of the house may face arguments or misunderstandings this month. To subtle quarrelsome energies, display the Magical Cosmic Apples in the East sector of your house. Try not to spend too much time here. Keep this sector as quiet as possible. Avoid chatting or using this sector as your main dining area. Make sure you also have the Protection Shield Against the 3 Killings installed in this sector.

Activate your wealth luck and prosperity by displaying the Heavenly Completion Horse in the East sector of your home or office.


Those residing in the West part of the house will get their romance and networking luck boosted. If you’re looking for romance, display the Romance Lock in the West part of your house. If you’re married, display the Marriage Lock in the West sector.

There’s a clash of elements in the West sector this month. It can bring the possibility of illness to the lungs. If you’re residing in the West, it’s best to avoid crowded places this month. Also, make sure you carry the Stay Healthy Talisman throughout the month.


Feng Shui astrology for February 2022 promises an auspicious month to those residing in the South sector of the house and the residents of the South-facing houses. This month, you can look forward to recognition, money, and benefactor luck. For those in employment, upward career mobility is indicated. Activate your luck by carrying the Gui Ren Talisman and by placing the Jade Emperor Wind chime in the South.

Also, beware of the clash of elements in the South sector this month! It may bring a risk of misunderstandings and conflicts. To promote harmony and peace, display a pair of Magical Cosmic Apples here.


Southeast-facing houses and those residing Southeast sectors of the house can look forward to a good time this month! The energy of the month brings you romance luck and creativity. Your relationships improve. If you’re looking for love, activate new romances by displaying the Kurukulle Plaque in the Southeast sector of your house.

The Victory Star flies into Southeast sector and brings career and recognition luck. Activate it by displaying Dragon Horse in this sector. To capture new opportunities, display the Lunar Mansions Harmonizing Plaque in the Southeast sector.


Horoscope for February 2022 promises strong money luck to those who reside in the Southwest parts of the house. Residents can look forward to a good time as there will be ample money rolling in. Activate your wealth luck by displaying the 100 Blessings Energetic Deer in the Southwest sector of your house. If you want to generate new sources of income, display the Sky Salamander here.

However, the annual star brings health problems to the residents of this sector. Therefore, remember to use health amulets to protect your health. Make sure that you display the Wu Lou in this sector.

Feng Shui Astrology For February 2022: Bonus Tip

For sectors of the home where good energy resides, it is excellent to activate with plenty of noisy activity. Have the radio, TV, or fan placed here to churn up the energy so there is a good level of noise. Also, it is very favorable to install brighter lights in these sectors. Moving the energy in these ways will encourage yang chi to manifest to your advantage.