Feng Shui Astrology For June 2021: The Month of the Wood Horse

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Feng Shui astrology is based on the Chinese calendar. The dates of the beginning and the end of the months are different from those generally accepted in the Gregorian calendar. According to the Chinese calendar, the fifth month of the year starts on June 6th, 2021, and ends on July 6th, 2021. Therefore, all the recommendations are given in this article will be accurate until July 6th, 2021.

Feng Shui astrology believes that each month has its unique energy and character. Therefore, each month’s energy is expressed through one of the 12 Zodiac animals and connected to one of the 5 elements.

June 2021 is the month of the Wood Horse. In this article, I will share with you what kind of energy and events to expect in June 2021 and how to properly choose dates for different events.

Feng Shui Astrology for June 2021

The Energy of the Month of the Wood Horse

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According to the Chinese calendar, June 2021 is ruled by the Wood Horse.

In Chinese mythology, the Wood Horse is an image of a tree on a hot day, lit by a bright fire. The energy of the Fire element will warm up cold moods, it will give more optimism, increase the feeling of joy, open up the freedom of communication. However, an overactive Fire element may also bring irritability, short temper, jealousy, and a rebellious disposition. Under the influence of the energies of the month, people may develop similar traits. For example, there may be more conflicts due to emotional intemperance.

This month will bring new opportunities to be creative and try to do things without relying on someone else’s experience. The energies of the month may motivate people to question the old system and to try to make improvements. On this basis, various innovations may appear, which will quickly spread. Unusual creativity is often also associated with rebellion, the desire to challenge the existing order. This can manifest itself both – at the level of the whole world, as well as within the microcosm.

In June 2021, it is recommended to wait and not make rash decisions. Think twice before you act, take a pause before you respond. And do only things that inspire you and “light up” from the inside.

In June 2021, it is not recommended to travel in the Southeast and South directions. This recommendation only applies to long-distance trips. It is ok to take a walk or move around the city or close to it in the Southeast or South direction.

Auspicious Days In June 2021

June 11th and 23rd, July 5th are good dates for starting any positive affairs. Actions started on these dates will get off to a good start and have every chance of success. These dates are good for celebration, signing deals, buying valuable property, or starting a new job. However, these dates are not suitable for those born in the year of the Monkey.

June 7th and July 1st are good dates for official openings and long-term affairs. These dates are good for signing a new agreement, getting a new job, or starting school. However, this date is not suitable for those born in the year of the Dragon.

Inauspicious Days In June 2021

June 9th, 6th, 21st, 28th, and July 3rd are unfavorable dates to start important things. They bring difficulties, obstacles, and problems.

June 14th and 26th are not suitable dates for a lot of activity, organizing important events, or starting medical treatment. But you can use these dates to complete old cases.

June 10th – the day of the Solar eclipse – is a dangerous day! It is recommended to avoid any activity, especially those associated with risk.

June 17th and 19th are “No Wealth Days“. These dates are not suitable for starting a business, making investments, or signing financial agreements.

July 3rd is a day of loss. Don’t start anything important on this date.

Feng Shui Astrology For June 2021: Check Out Your Bagua Sectors

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According to Feng Shui astrology, each of the 9 sectors of your house is under the influence of a certain type of energy. This energy changes from month to month, from year to year. In this particular article, I will not be talking about the annual chart but focusing on the energy influence of the month.

Now let me share with you Feng Shui astrology for June 2021!


This sector brings intelligence and creativity to those spending time here. People will be making smarter choices and will be more flexible and open to change. This sector also brings breakthroughs in business. All households can benefit by keeping the center sector very active this month. Make this sector well lit. Display the Winning Chip Talisman here for attracting windfalls.


Feng Shui astrology for June 2021 promises the luck of mentors and career advancement to those residing in the North sector. If you want to attract influential people into your life, display the Nobleman Gui Ren Talisman. Those interested in promotion should place the Dragon Horse in this sector.

However, this sector may also bring health problems, such as illnesses related to the stomach and womb, to its residents. Pregnant women should move out of North bedrooms and avoid it for the entire year.


This sector brings wealth to its residents this month. Activate financial luck by displaying the Asset Wealth Bull here. If actively trading on the stock market, display the Winning Chip Talisman in your home’s North sector to attract windfalls. However, this sector also brings illness to its residents. Therefore, its residents should watch out for their health. Protect your health by displaying the Healing Deer here.

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This sector benefits business and commercial activity this month. If your office is located here, sales and profits can see a big improvement. Place Ho Tu Enhancer Mirror to activate this kind of luck. Also, this sector brings romantic luck to its residents. If you want to activate your romance this month, display the Rabbit in the Moon Love Enhancer here.


Feng Shui astrology for June 2021 promises a prosperous month to its residents. This sector brings money luck and financial gains to those who reside here. To activate your prosperity luck, display the Asset Wealth Bull here. Also, if you are single and your bedroom is located in the East sector of the house, you can look forward to improved romance luck. To activate it, display the Rabbit in the Moon Love Enhancer here.


Feng Shui astrology for June 2021 promises a quarrelsome month to the resident of the West rooms. This sector brings disagreements and conflicts. To subtle quarrelsome energies, display a pair of Peace & Harmony Apples here. Therefore, try not to spend too much time here. However, the good news is that this sector brings promotion luck. Display the Ho Tu Enhancer Mirror here to activate your promotion luck and strengthen your leadership position.


Feng Shui astrology for June 2021 promises a misfortune month to those residing in the South sectors. Make sure you place the Five Element Pagoda with Tree of Life here to protect yourself and your family from mishaps, money loss, and office dramas. Display a pair of Garuda Wu Lou here to protect your health this month. Try to keep this sector as quiet as possible. Elderly people should move out of the South bedrooms this month.

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This is not a good month for those residing in the Southeast sectors and those whose main doors are located here. Make sure you place the Five Element Pagoda with Tree of Life here. In addition, you should also display the Healing Deer here to protect yourself and your family from illnesses. If possible, try to avoid using this sector for the month. Keep this area of this house as quiet as possible.


Feng Shui astrology for June 2021 promises completion luck to the resident of the Southwest sectors. Activating this sector in June 2021, allows you to wrap up your projects and to complete tasks that may have been dragging on for months. For those wanting to tap into the success energies of this sector, display the Dragon Horse here and carry the Sum-of-Ten Enhancer Amulet. However, if you have a Southwest main door, make sure you place the Anti-Burglary Plaque here to protect your house from robbery and break-ins.

Feng Shui Astrology For June 2021: Bonus Tip

For sectors of the home where good energy resides, it is excellent to activate with plenty of noisy activity. Have the radio or TV or fan placed here to churn up the energy so there is a good level of noise. Also, it is very favorable to install brighter lights in these sectors. Moving the energy in these ways will encourage yang chi to manifest to your advantage.