Starseed Types: What Star Race Do You Belong To?

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The Earth is an ever-changing multidimensional world with a blend of physical and spiritual concepts and experiences. The Starseed experience is a spiritual concept that suggests some souls, Starseeds, have incarnated on this planet to develop certain qualities for their spiritual evolution in exchange for sharing their unique perspectives and gifts. In this article, we will discuss these different Starseed types, their traits, and how to determine if you are one.

We are not Alone in this Universe

If you have ever gazed at the starry night sky and experienced a bond with a bright planet or a collection of stars, you may be sensing your soul’s connection to a former or upcoming incarnation. Being composed of stardust and blessed with sacred radiance, you may have a strong sensation of this relationship in your core. Could this be an illusion? Is your mind playing an imagination game with you? Or are you the descendant of a distant star, a genuine inheritor of a distant heavenly body or planet, a Starseed?

Following hundreds of years of study and, more recently precise calculations, it is thought that the known Universe holds more than 10 billion galaxies. It is reported that The Milky Way alone contains in excess of 100 billion stars, making it our home galaxy.

Combining all of the elements results in an equation that appears something like this:

Multiplying ten billion by one hundred billion results in one quintillion stars!

The observable Universe contains an astronomical amount of stars, estimated to be one billion trillion. Yet, it’s impossible to observe all the galaxies, planets, and realms that exist. As of now, we have yet to explore and comprehend the vast distances of outer space. What if time does not exist, and all matter alters or expands in each moment? If this is true, the amount of stars, galaxies, planets, and realms is ever-changing and cannot be accurately calculated. This could mean our birth on Earth was either predetermined, chosen before we were born, or randomly occurred.

Pondering on our beginnings, it could be perceived that Earth is only one of many experiments, from when diverse extraterrestrial species co-operated to plant stars and planets to build new worlds. When we pass away and opt for reincarnation, we have an abundance of options. As shapeless, roaming souls, we have not only the privilege to explore this planet but also numerous others spread across billions of galaxies, realms, universes, and across multiple dimensions. In this manner, our souls might have been born a thousand times in separate galaxies. We could also be living multiple, connected existences in various dimensions and across various spacetime formats.

What Is a Starseed?

A Starseed is a term used to refer to a traveling soul who has taken human form on our planet for the purpose of helping humanity to grow and develop and also receive the necessary experience for their own spiritual evolution.

What are Starseed’s Traits?

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So how do you know if you are a Starseed? Here is a list of some of the most common Starseed traits.

  1. You feel that you don’t belong on Earth
  2. You are fascinated with extraterrestrials and space
  3. You feel different from those around you
  4. You are a workaholic
  5. You like being at service and helping others
  6. You always felt like you have a big mission in this life
  7. You are constantly searching for your life purpose
  8. You can’t stand a small talk
  9. You have gone through a “Dark Night of the soul” at least once
  10. You’ve always felt more mature than your age group
  11. You had accidental out-of-body experiences like astral projection and sleep paralysis
  12. You have psychic abilities 
  13. You are highly creative and full of ideas
  14. You have unexplainable memories
  15. You have memories or a feeling you have lived on another planet
  16. Many things that humans do, don’t make sense to you (like having children, building a career, buying things to impress others, etc.)
  17. When you were a child, it was hard for you to accept that you can’t fly or teleport or change the size and shape of your body
  18. You have experienced deja vus several times
  19. When you were a child, you felt that your biological parents are not your real parents and that you have a real family somewhere else
  20. You had imaginary friends as a child
  21. Your supercharged energy sometimes leads to electronic appliances breaking in your presence or lights flickering
  22. You strongly believe in reincarnation and had spontaneous memories about your past lives
  23. As a child, you felt older than your parents
  24. You have no problems being alone for long stretches of time
  25. You have the desire to find people of your kind
  26. You are fascinated with ancient civilizations

It is possible that Starseeds are more developed in terms of emotional intelligence and empathy due to their wide range of beliefs and encounters across various universes. It is reasonable to assume that Starseeds have more open-mindedness and sharper intuition. However, any soul can move away from their spiritual path, and any soul can choose to grow spiritually with just one committed decision.

Starseeds belonging to spiritual lineages that are devoted to aiding humanity often possess advanced intelligence and a more circular awareness. Some Starseed may have arrived here to play the part of healers or spiritual mentors, while others may be here in order to absolve their karma or to heal themselves.

What are Starseed Types?

There are different Starseed types. It appears that most Starseeds are kind-hearted souls aiming to assist all living things in all realms and galaxies, but not all of them are so altruistic. Some may be here to serve their own purposes or advance a more malicious agenda. Despite their seemingly divine origins, not all entities have benevolent purposes. It’s possible that some Starseeds unknowingly attempt to control certain forces to benefit their planets of origin.

Let’s look at some of the most commonly identified and recognizable Starseed types.

8 Starseed Types

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#1: Andromedans

This Starseed race is from the Andromeda Galaxy, known as MS31 or M31. Andromedans are heart-centered, loving, kind, and benevolent. They have advanced telepathic abilities and high IQs.

Their mission: bringing love and peace to the Earth.

#2: Arcturians

This race comes from Arcturus – the brightest star in the Bootes constellation. Arcturians are fifth-dimensional beings. They are emotionally and mentally advanced and have a gift of communicating with the angelic realm.

Their mission: bringing spiritual knowledge and healing energy to humanity.

#3: Felines

This Starseed race is from the Lyra constellation. Felines were commonly depicted in Egyptian artwork and the artwork of some other ancient civilizations. They are very telepathic and have advanced psychic abilities.

Their mission: bringing grace and creativity to humanity.

#4: Maldeks

This Starseed race came from Maldek – a planet that existed in our solar system. Its attributes were similar to Earth. Maldek civilization became fully dependent on robotic technologies that made their citizens lazy and sick. Maldeks became so manipulated by their own greed and lust for power that they eventually destroyed their planet. That is why some of them were forced to search for a new home here on Earth.

Their mission: teaching humans not to repeat their mistakes and to make better choices in the use of technology and politics.

#5: Orions

This Starseed race comes from Orion – the Planet of Wisdom. They carry Cosmic Wisdom in their energy fields and are able to see things from a higher perspective. They are obsessed with science and research. However, they lack an understanding of their own hearts.

Their mission: helping humans understand the value of science and learning from humans how to be more heart-centered and faithful.

#6: Pleiadians

This is one of the most known Starseed types. This Starseed race came from the Pleiades, a star cluster also known as Seven Sisters. Pleiadians are highly emotionally and spiritually evolved beings that have advanced healing abilities.

Their mission: helping humans to expand their consciousness and evolve.

#7: Reptilians

This Starseed race is also known as Lizard People, Draconians, and Saurians. They are shape-shifters who seek to control Earth in the pursuit of selfish benefit. According to some channellers and researchers, the Reptilians seek political power on Earth.

Their mission: manipulating human development.

#8: Sirians

This Starseed race comes from Sirius A, and Sirius B. Sirius A is the brightest star in the Earth’s sky. Its original inhabitants came from Vega. Sirius B is a smaller star. It is inhabited by water beings known as the Miengu and Merpeople.

Their mission: initiating the awakening of all human beings.

The Bottom Line

If you identify as a Starseed, it might be attractive to think you are more evolved than Earth’s inhabitants; the fact is that any one of us can progress or digress at any time. A Starseed could have a heritage that suggests growth, but they may or may not realize their full potential. Therefore, whether you are a Starseed or not, there is a great purpose for each of us on this Planet. We came here for a reason, and it’s our mission to re-discover our true Potential, Power, and Purpose.