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How To Turn Passion Into Profit: The Abundance Mindset



Nina Antinora change it up Image

In this article, I share transformational tips and insights on how to Turn Passion Into Profit. We’ve all heard the saying ‘practice makes perfect’. Well, I say, ‘passion is perfection’.

Let me explain

When we are passionate about something, we come from a place of pure and unblemished desire. A place of inspiration, light, and love. The driving force is just that – a flow of positive energy that is unstoppable!

In fact, it is our inherent right to claim this divine gift and even more – share this abundance mindset with the world.

It all starts with a passionate heart. Followed by a purposeful plan.

For this particular article, I focus on achieving financial abundance through a growth and altruistic mindset.

Let’s dive in deeper!

Passion Flicker & How to Implement

When we harness our burning desire for good and lead from our truest selves, we create opportunities that can lead to great abundance!

You see, it is the passionate ones who shake things up, who challenge the status quo. The disrupters, the innovators, the change makers, and the success magnets!

In order for you to create your own success – sustain and increase – you must leverage your passion, integrate this with your pure intention behind it and adopt strategic plans that are aligned with your soul’s purpose.

TIP: To achieve success— passion must go hand-in-hand with a plan.

Purposeful Plan & How to Leverage

feminine office image

When passion, desire, and intention collide we are set on a course for our higher good. So, use this as a springboard to then tap into your skills and expertise from previous jobs or industries. Pull from the areas you excelled in from your past roles and parlay those strengths and areas of expertise into your new endeavor or business idea.

No need to completely reinvent the wheel! Build upon your strengths and apply the appropriate processes and best practices you are already familiar with implementing and fine-tune as needed.

The 2A’s (Awareness & Alignment) Process

  1. The Significance of Awareness

Rooted in mindfulness, awareness is the foundation. So please take stock in all of the milestones (and mishaps) that have led you to this point. And know that you are exactly where you are meant to be. Consider the steps you’ve taken to get you to this point.

Please understand that you most certainly do have the choice to up-level your career or take a turn. The choice is yours. The choice is always yours if you have awareness.

OK, now think about your current mindset. And, ask yourself: 

  • What is the catalyst for me to CHANGE IT UP?
  • Does my mindset serve the greater good for my business trajectory?
  • What does success look and feel like to me?
  • Do I have a growth or fixed mindset in relation to my business aspirations?

INSIGHT: Fixed Mindset = Failure is the limit of my abilities

                  Growth Mindset = Failure is an opportunity to grow

  1. The Importance of Alignment

When you come from a place of true intention that’s aligned with your soul’s greater purpose, you are organically paving the way to profit.

And, by merging your passion with industry best practices, along with a deep knowledge of your own offerings, your inspiration will pour out. In return, you will draw your ideal customers and clients to you. (hence, the ‘success magnet’ mentioned in the beginning of the article!)

Abundance Mindset Image

Please ask yourself the following questions to ensure alignment:

  • What is the driving force behind building my new business?
  • Am I allowing other people’s opinions or ideas to impact my development/plan?
  • Am I providing a solution to an unmet need in my industry?
  • How will I differentiate myself from my competitors?
  • Do I feel energized, inspired, and excited about my new business endeavor?
  • When trying to accomplish the goals I’ve created to get my business going do I feel exhausted, confused, or anxious?

TIP: Gut Check – A great way to know if you are aligned with your soul’s purpose in business is to see how you feel as you are doing that specific task or creating your new service or product line.

OK, Now Let’s Talk Profitability!


But, before the money can flow – profit within first! Please consider your answers to the above questions to see if you must change your mindset or if you are aligned with focusing on overall fulfillment instead of lasering in on the money itself.

If you follow this soulful approach—backed by an industry desired product or service, along with a solid business plan, the profit will follow.

TIP: Don’t chase money— instead, let money flow to you!

money magnet image

Tactical Business Advancement

Once you have gone deep within to make sure you are aligned with your profit path, consider setting—


I often use the SMART method when working with new clients to establish short (and long) term goals. However, I add an S to this common practice for soulful.

So, my version of this goal development formula is:

Specific – What exactly do you want to accomplish (who, what, where, why)?

Measurable – How will you know it is achieved?

Attainable – How can the goal be reached?

Realistic – Is it relevant and appropriate?

Time Bound – When can I achieve this goal?

Soulful – Is this aligned with my higher good?

You can utilize this exercise to create your new business ‘to-do’ list. Start with short-term goals first. You see, the more you accomplish on a daily basis (even small tasks) the better you feel – the more you are injecting confidence and joy into your day – therefore increasing productivity and profitability.

Writing notes image

INSIGHT: Allow your passion to be the generator that is fueling you with positive energy to catapult you forward!

Another helpful principle I created for you to leverage is:

3 Soulful Success Pillars:

1. Self-Worth

2. Motivation

3. Consistency

  1. Increase your Self-Worth to Skyrocket your Net Worth!

In order to generate more income, we must feel worthy. Simply put, please give yourself permission to profit. Dropkick any negative attachments or guilt you may have associated with your desire to make money!

Once you remove fear, self-doubt, or limiting beliefs you clear the way for confidence and clarity to shine through your intentions. This allows you to clearly identify your strengths and build upon your areas of expertise in order to catapult you to the next level of success.

TIP: When you have a strong desire to CHANGE IT UP and create your own business (or reinvent your career), you mustn’t allow fear or self-doubt to stand in your way.

  1. Harness Your Intrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic motivation refers to behavior that is driven by internal rewards (the feel goods) instead of externally, as extrinsic motivation demonstrates. For example, this type of motivation occurs from within self – it is naturally satisfying and goes hand-in-hand with passion.

stay motivated image

Please keep in mind that extrinsic motivation can seem like the easier concept to hold onto when setting your initial goals. That’s because it’s tied to monetary incentives, but in the long run, you are better off going the intrinsic route.

INSIGHT: Intrinsic motivation is tied to your greater good— which is always the best path to profit!

  1. The Art of Consistency

Once you have identified what drives you, hold yourself accountable and practice self-discipline over and over. Also be aware that practicing patience during this process is paramount.

And, please note that when we work toward challenging goals we often encounter difficulties – even setbacks. However, if you are able to change your mindset and master the art of consistency you will eventually succeed (it’s also all about timing).

Discipline is tethered to consistency. And, both are integral components on the road to a successful business.

TIP: When you don’t feel like checking a certain task off of your ‘to-do’ list, focus on how you’ll feel when you’ve finished.

From My Heart To Yours

The information shared in this article is a snippet from my powerful course—

Turn Passion Into Profit: A Guide For The Mindful Entrepreneur. I developed this program from my very own transformational career journey. In fact, I gleaned all of my business experience – best practices and even missteps to not only create this guide but to also launch my very own successful business – Change It Up, LLC.

 And, it was the same success system that allowed me to harness my greatest passion and soulful pull towards helping those in crisis. Through a growth and altruistic mindset, I was able to turn my own negative life experience into a positive one by creating the non-profit foundation – AGFS Foundation, Inc.

So, if you’d like to learn more on how to become a soulful success magnet, please click here!

And remember – Intention Sparks. Passion Ignites.

In conclusion, if you stay true to your authentic self and use your passion to create intentional thoughts and action plans, you will profit – inside out!


Nina is the founder of Change It Up, LLC. and AGFS Foundation, Inc. She has a BA in communications and is a certified professional, personal, and confidence coach, as well as a mindfulness practitioner. In her previous career she led massive production, creative, and strategic teams for global Fortune 500 companies as an executive producer and an adult learning expert. Through her diverse career journey, she found that her greatest gifts and passion reside in her connections with people. She is happiest when she’s sharing her experiences and strategies to inspire and motivate others to achieve greater success and experience more daily joy.

Abundant Living

7 Easy Feng Shui Tips For Your Front Door



Feng Shui Tips For Your Front Door Image

The Feng Shui for your front door is probably the most crucial aspect of your overall Feng Shui. Your front door is the mouth of your house – it is where positive or negative chi enters your house. There are many taboos in the Feng Shui practice related to the positioning, size, color, and other characteristics of the front door. If you are new to Feng Shui practice, it can be quite confusing. Therefore, I came up with these 7 easy tips to help you create an auspicious Feng Shui for your front door!

7 Feng Shui Tips For Your Front Door

#1: Opening

The main Feng Shui rule for the front door is that it should open inwards into a wide space rather than a cramped narrow corridor. It is also important to make sure that there is an open space on the outside of the main door, known as a bright hall.

If your front door doesn’t match these recommendations, I’ve got some cures for you:

  1. If your front door opens outwards, change the position of the hinges.
  2. If the inside foyer space is too small, hang a bright light above the door. Make sure you keep the light turned on for at least 3 hours each day.
  3. To visually enlarge the foyer space, you can use a mirror. But make sure you position it in a such way that it does not directly face the door.

#2: Size

Front Door Size Image

The size of the front door does matter!

The front door should never be too small or too large in proportion to the whole house. But it should be the grandest looking door in the house. If you live in an apartment, use the size and height of the living room as a guide.

Keep in mind that a door that is too small is most inauspicious. You see, good fortune just cannot enter your home!

A door that is too large in proportion to the room will cause the family to lose all their good fortune. This also means that the ceilings should not be too low.

#3: Material

Front door Feng Shui Image

Your front door should be made of solid material like wood or some other strong and durable material. It should never be made of clear or opaque glass as this means fragility and offers no protection for the house or to the family that lives in it.

#4: Color

An auspicious color of your front door depends on its direction.

If the direction of your front door is South, then choose red color.

If you have a North door, the most auspicious colors would be dark blue or black.

For East and Southeast doors, choose natural wood color.

West and Northwest doors will benefit from ochre or yellow colors.

If you have a Southwest or Northeast door, it is best to choose white color.

Front Door Feng Shui Tips Image

#5: Placement

Good front door placements always open to some space. When the entrance is cramped either inside or outside the door, the Feng Shui is adversely affected. The front door should never be hit by any configuration, arrangement, or structure which blocks the flow of traffic inwards.

Pay attention to what lies above the main door. If an upstairs toilet is located above the entrance to your house, it makes your front door extremely inauspicious. Any exposed overhead beam is most inauspicious facing the front door. Ceiling designs that have sharp corners and edges are not recommended above the entrance foyer.

Also, make sure not place another door beside the main door as this would confuse the energy trying to enter your house.

To increase yang energy entering the house, place a chandelier inside the main door.

#6: Overcome Poison Arrows

Feng Shui Poison Arrows Image

Sha Chi, also referred to as feng shui poison arrows, is attacking energy that comes from sharp angles pointed at your front door. Poison arrows can weaken the energy of your house, and destroy the health, peace, and well-being of the entire family. Therefore, it is very important to overcome all the poison arrows!

There are many different structures that can harm the main door. To determine if there are any poison arrows hurting your front door, stand at the front door and face out. Make sure you don’t see the following features:

  • triangle roof line from the opposite neighbor house;
  • edge of a building;
  • lamp post;
  • high rise tower;
  • steps leading up and down;
  • cemetery.

Also, keep in mind that your front door can be harmed by the features inside the house. To determine if you have any such harmful features, stand at the main door looking inside the house. Make sure you don’t see the following features:

  • staircase;
  • spiral staircase;
  • pillar;
  • wall mirror;
  • bathroom door;
  • wall edge.

Also, it is considered extremely inauspicious when the front door is facing:

  • three doors in a raw;
  • a long corridor;
  • the kitchen door.

How To Overcome The Poison Arrow?

To overcome the poison arrow we are going to use the destructive or the exhaustive cycle of the 5 elements. For doing this, you need to check a compass to find what direction the poison arrow is coming from. Here are some helpful Feng Shui tips for your front door on how to overcome the poison arrows.

If the poison arrow is coming from the South, then you need to use the Water or Earth element to destroy its negative influence. For example, you can display a fountain or a crystal.

If the poison arrow is coming from the North, then use the Earth or Wood element to destroy its negative energy. For example, you can display a crystal or a plant.

If the poison arrow is coming from the East or Southeast, you need to use the Metal or Fire element to overcome it. It would be very beneficial to hang a windchime and use more light.

If the poison arrow is coming from the West or Northwest, use the power of the Fire or Water element. It’s beneficial to install bright lights or place a fountain here.

If the poison arrow is coming from the Southwest or Northeast direction, then use the Wood or Metal element. For example, you can place a plant here or hang a wind chime.

Overcoming Poison Arrows Table

#7: Enhance Your Front Door

When you overcome all the poison arrows, it’s time to enhance your front door! By displaying a good fortune symbol next to your front door you will activate the auspicious chi. Here are some Feng Shui tips on how to do it:

  • Bury three Chinese coins, tied together with red thread, under the ground, just inside the entrance to the house. If you cannot bury the coins, then place them on the floor next to the front door and cover them with a rug.
  • Hang a painting or a photograph of a hundred birds near the front door to attract happiness and auspiciousness to the house. A hundred birds symbolize a hundred lucky opportunities coming your way.
  • Place a fountain somewhere near the front door directly in front, either outside or inside. This will raise yang energy and attract good fortune to your house.
  • Display a pair of Fu Dogs flanking the main door to protect your house against negative energy.
  • Altars that directly face either the main door or the door into the living room or family room are deemed to be auspicious. Such an altar will attract positive energy to the house!
Fu Dogs Image

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Abundance Haircuts In August 2020: Good And Bad Days To Cut Your Hair



Abundance Haircuts In August 2020 Image

Abundance Haircuts is a little-known sutra that reveals the negative consequences of cutting your hair on the bad days and incredible benefits of cutting it on the good days. Bad and good days for this sutra are based on the Tibetan Calendar. Dates of Abundance Haircuts are calculated according to extremely complex formulas by experienced Feng Shui Masters. Naturally, each year, depending on the stars and their position, these days change.

Most people in the Western world have never heard about abundance haircuts. While for Eastern people it’s not a new practice. In this article, I will share with you this powerful sutra and give you a special calendar for abundance haircuts in August 2020 with good and bad days for haircuts. Pay attention to what day you’re picking for your next hair salon appointment – only choose good days for abundance haircuts in August 2020.

Why Is Hair So Important?

Since ancient times, people have given hair and any manipulation of it a sacred meaning. It was thought, that through one’s hair people can connect with the Universe. Hair serves as “antennas” and “guides” between our world and the world of Heaven. And so far this knowledge has not lost its relevance. Hair connects us with Higher forces, cosmic energy, God, Higher consciousness. By connecting through the hair to the Cosmos, a person is fed by the energies of Abundance and Health.

Best Days to Cut Your Hair In August Image

There were many beliefs associated with hair, some of them have survived to the present day. For example: in any case, you should not get a haircut by yourself, as in this case there is a deformation of your energy field, which can lead to poor health. It is also not recommended to get a haircut on the days of a lunar or solar Eclipse: the hair can suffer, weaken, lose shine, and volume.

What Are “Abundance Haircuts”?

It has long been known that there are days when it is especially favorable to cut hair. Among these days there are days of “Abundance haircuts.”

Abundance haircuts is a special ritual to attract abundance flows into your life. It is good to say special affirmations and mantras for abundance and prosperity on this day. So you will strengthen the ritual haircut and make it a more effective and efficient force.

On this day it would be beneficial to chant the Lakshmi mantra:


Or Ganesh mantra:


It is also very beneficial to say positive affirmations like:

  • I deserve to be abundantly happy and healthy!
  • My abundance is constantly growing!
  • I always have money for everything I need!
  • Money comes to me easily and fast!
  • I’m grateful for my abundant life!

Abundance Haircuts In August 2020

Abundance Haircuts In August 2020 Calendar

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Kubera Mudra For Fulfillment Desires And Attracting Prosperity



Kubera Mudra Image

Kubera mudra is a hand gesture used in yoga to focus on abundance and prosperity – both spiritual and physical. In this article, we want to share with you how to tap into your abundance potential and increase the likelihood of prosperity in all spheres of your life by practicing this beautiful mudra.

What is Kubera Mudra?

The term comes from the name Kubera, a Hindu demi-god of wealth, and mudra, which means “gesture.”

Connecting the fingers in certain combinations, you can activate the meridians and direct energy throughout the body, restore the flow of energy and eliminate “breakdowns” in diseased organs thus improve your health.

Different positions of the fingers have the ability to close or clear the energy channels. In addition, performing mudras, we affect the biologically active points of the palms and fingers.

When practicing Kubera mudra, we focus energy on prosperity and abundance by bringing the tips of the middle finger, index finger, and thumb together, while folding the ring and little fingers into the palms. 

Each of the fingers has symbolic significance:

  • Thumb – forcefulness;
  • Index finger – knowledge and growth;
  • Middle finger – stability and justice.

Also, it is important to know that each finger is associated with one of the 5 elements.

Fingers Corresponding to the 5 Elements image

Thumb represents the Fire element (Agni).

The index finger is associated with the energy of the Air element.

The middle finger symbolizes the Ether element.

By bringing these fingers together in Kubera mudra, the energy transmits into the universe, bringing about the desired abundance or fulfilling a wish.

The Benefits

This beautiful mudra has lots of benefits. Here are some of them.

Kubera Mudra:

  • boosts confidence and self-esteem;
  • energizes the mind;
  • boosts metabolism;
  • promotes empowerment;
  • improves concentration;
  • increases sense of purpose;
  • helps to achieve goals;
  • increases, wealth and abundance;
  • improves health;
  • helps to clear the frontal sinuses;
  • reduces back pain (if performed for 15 minutes 3 times a day);
  • brings inner peace and calmness;
  • improves need.

How to perform?

Before performing the mudra, it is important to formulate your intention and then visualize how it is manifested. Make sure that your intention is not harmful to others and doesn’t contradict your highest principles and purpose.

Kubera mudra benefits image


Sit in half lotus or any easy and comfortable position. With palms facing up, bring the tips of the middle finger, index finger, and thumb together, while folding the ring and little fingers into the palms. Rest the hands in the lap or on the thighs.

Set your intention to experience boundless prosperity for your own good and the good of all.

You may remain in this posture for a few minutes or as long as you like.

Focus on your hands and your intention. Breathe deeply and evenly throughout the pose.

When you are finished, release the hands and say your gratitude for the blessings in your life.

You can practice this mudra at any time of the day. You can make it a part of your morning practice or include it in your evening yoga practice. It is completely up to you. But to feel the effect of this mudra, make sure you practice it for at least 5-15 minutes a day.

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