Attract Wisdom, Success, And Prosperity With Ganesh Mantra

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Ganesh mantra is one of many thousands of mantras that are chanted daily around the world. Ganesh mantra allows you to overcome obstacles to success and wealth and helps to succeed in business. In addition, he protects people while traveling.

Who Is Ganesh?

Ganesh, also known as Ganapati and in the Hindu traditions represents wisdom and prosperity. He is the patron of wealth, prosperity, good luck and trade. The offspring of the Supreme God Shiva and his second wife Parvati, Ganesh has a rather strange appearance: he has a human body, a big belly, four hands, and the elephant head.

There are different myths explaining why Ganesh has the elephant head. One of them says that Shiva himself beheaded Ganesh in a fit of rage. And then, repentant and wanting to comfort Parvati (Ganesh’s mother), he attached Ganesh an elephant’s head (from the first animal he found).

Ganesh And Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui Ganesh has the ability to remove obstacles from human life and grant financial prosperity. A bronze Ganesh statue should be placed in the sector of wealth or career. From time to time “treat” him with sweets (put candies to the foot of the statue) to win the favor of Lord Ganesha and get his help in moments of need. Also, do not forget to thank him – for doing this it’s enough to simply stroke Ganesh’s trunk.

Ganesh Is The Embodiment Of The Mantra “OM”

According to the Vedic tradition, Ganesha is the embodiment of the mantra “Om”. The elephant’s head crowning the body of the deity resembles the symbol “Om” in its shape. Its large size symbolizes wisdom. Big ears are called to listen carefully and to separate good from evil, truth from lies. They hear everything, but at the same time, they perceive only good and true. For this reason, Ganesh responds only to those requests that come from the heart of the petitioner.

Ganesh Mantra For Removing Obstacles On The Path To Success And Prosperity

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This is one of the most powerful and popular Ganesh mantras. It is called upon to eliminate obstacles on the way to material prosperity and success. This mantra attracts positive energy, activates financial flows, makes them work for the benefit of the performer. It should be chanted before any important project when making an important decision that can directly affect the future.

Short Ganesh Mantra For Eliminating All Kinds Of Obstacles

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This Ganesh mantra eliminates all kinds of obstacles; improves intellectual activity; contributes to a correct perception of people and of the phenomena; helps to understand the mysteries of the universe; grants success in literature, art, and commerce; develops and invigorates the mind; improves the memory.

Ganesh Mantra For Making The Right Choice

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Chanting this Ganesh mantra will help you to make the right choice. This mantra will help you to get rid of prejudices, confusing thoughts and make a decision that will be most beneficial to you.

Ganesh Mantra For Prosperity And Carrer

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This Ganesh mantra will help you to increase your financial luck and get a career promotion in the shortest possible time. If you realize that you deserve promotion and want to be recognized for your talent at work, but the authorities seem not to notice, feel free to practice this mantra. It will help to achieve the desired quickly and easily!

Ganesh Mantra For Success, Prosperity, Victory, Illumination, and Knowledge

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With this mantra, you will learn how to find the key to the heart of every person, develop your intellectual abilities, and become successful. So, you will be able to reach the desired level of wealth.

How To Chant Ganesh Mantra?

The power of the mantra depends on how you pronounce it: if you chant mantras aloud – it affects the physical (material) body; if you chant mantras by whispering – it affects the subtle body; if you chant mantras in your mind – it affects the mental body.

It is the best to start chanting Ganesh mantras during the moon’s growth. It is better to do Ganesh mantra practice every day. The best time to chant mantras is sunrise. However, some people claim that evening mantra chanting is equally powerful.

Ganesh mantra meditation should be performed in complete privacy, by sitting in a spacious room with a window. It is very important to make sure that you are comfortable during meditation.

Try to learn the correct pronunciation of mantras. This is easy to implement if you regularly listen to mantras. When listening to Ganesh mantra, you should be in a completely relaxed state, try to feel the vibrations of the sounds.

You can sit in the Lotus position, close your eyes, make sure your place of meditation is in the most comfortable atmosphere. The number of mantras chanting in one session must be 108 times. It is not necessary to arrange a long meditation session — 10-15 minutes will be enough.

The Bottom Line

Regular Ganesh mantra practice will change your life radically! It will open up new horizons for you and will make luck and prosperity your constant companions.

Even one meditation session can lead to amazing results:

  • you will feel a surge of vitality;
  • it will become much easier to wake up in the morning;
  • it will be easier to interact with other people;
  • life will be full of new adventures;
  • you will learn how to live in harmony.

Ganesh always protects those who turn to him with a sincere heart. He gives good luck and success, wealth and prosperity, attracts pleasant surprises and positive changes.