Powerful Money Mantras For Activating Wealth Energy

Money Mantras For Activating Wealth Energy Image

They say that money can’t buy happiness and I absolutely agree with this. But when there is not enough money for all our needs, it’s not easy to be happy. Today I want to share with you some very powerful money mantras, which can be a very powerful tool for activating the energy of wealth and ensure the flow of abundance.

So here are some of my favorite money mantras!

White Jambhala Mantra For Money Energy Activation

Jambhala is one of the most revered Tibetan gods of abundance. If you’ll be able to receive his blessings, you will always thrive! When you turn to Jambhala, you must comply with one very important condition – ask for wealth and clearly say what good deeds you will spend the money on. Jambhala responds only to people with open and kind hearts. There is even such a belief that in front of evil people he appears in a formidable way and in front of good people he reveals his true beauty.

White Jambhala Mantra Image

Chant it 108 times.

When chanting this mantra, visualize how the flow of abundance is filling the room where you are, with a magical multicolored radiance of abundance and joy.

Tara Mantras For Prosperity

There are two Tara mantras I like to use for attracting prosperity.

The first mantra helps neutralize fears, protects from evil people, black magic, from diseases and premature death, and also helps to attract wealth and prosperity.

Tara Mantra for prosperity image

Chant it 3 times.

Another powerful Tara mantra is the mantra for increasing well-being.

Tara mantra for well-being image

Chant 3 times.

When you’re reading Tara mantras it’s good to combine it with Tara visualization practice. The better your visualization, the faster you will get Tara’s help.

Ganesh Mantra For Good Luck In Business And Financial Affairs

This mantra is dedicated to Ganesh. It helps to remove obstacles, gives good luck in business and financial affairs, gives vitality and wisdom.

Ganesh mantra of knowledge image

Chant 108 times.

Mantra For Attracting Material And Spiritual Benefits

Material goods will not bring happiness if you are deprived of spiritual abundance. This mantra helps to make you rich not just materially but also spiritually. A person who chants this mantra becomes attractive, radiates beauty, charm, attractiveness, and harmony! Of course, in addition to spiritual merits, this mantra brings incredible material wealth. The person practicing it starts to achieve his goals much faster.

krishna mantra image

Chant 108 times.

A Secret Mantra That Multiplies The Jewels Of The Magnificent Heavenly Palace

I don’t even know how to put into words the value of this mantra. This is the highest, strongest mantra that can completely transform your life. It can provide you with all you consider valuable and dream of, bring great luck and world fame. Moreover, this mantra protects one from evil, from woes and even from death! Write down this mantra, carry it always with you, keep it in a prominent place in the house, chant it as often as possible. To attract abundance, practice it for a month, chanting 108 times daily.

secret mantra image

Then chant the heart mantra:



The Mantra Of  Great Wealth

If you want to remove all the obstacles that prevent you from getting wealthy and gain benefits that you only dreamed of, be sure to chant this Ganesh mantra. This is one of the most effective money mantras, which gives great wealth and infinite happiness.

The Mantra Of  Great Wealth Image

Chant it 108 times for a month.

The Bottom Line

It is important not only to repeat the text of the chosen mantra but also to believe in its magical power. Your faith activates the flow of energy that will burst into your life and change it for the better. Money mantras are a great and powerful tool that you can use anytime you want to attract wealth energy into your life. Make mantra chanting practice your daily ritual and watch the benefits it brings! I wish you happiness and prosperity!