Winter Solstice 2020: Powerful Rituals For Spiritual Renewal

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The winter solstice 2020 can be compared to the dark night of the soul that holds an ancient seed of infinite renewal. This is the birthday of our life-giving sun.

Sunlight is the source of hope, the eternal atman, and the source of our souls as well.  The sun sustains and empowers life through the protective container of dharma, the balance of seasons and days that allows life to flourish and grow.
On the winter solstice 2020, the sun reaches the dark zenith of the underworld. From this deep and grounded place, true light and hope are reborn stronger than ever before.

In this article, I will share with you the meaning behind the winter solstice 2020 and the spiritual practices and rituals you can perform on this powerful day!

Winter Solstice In Vedic Astrology (Uttarayana)

In Vedic astrology, the winter solstice is the first day of Uttarayana. This is the name given to the period from the winter to the summer solstice – the six months when the light is returning. The term Uttarayana is derived from two Sanskrit words “uttara” (North) and “ayana” (movement) thus indicating a semantic of the northward movement of the Earth on the celestial sphere. 

It is believed that the world returns to the blessed path of heaven in the auspicious time of Uttarayana. In India, it is believed that at this time the gods are awake and send blessings to people.

The period from the summer solstice to the winter solstice is called dakshinayana, the time when the gods sleep. This is the time when the Sun begins to trace a southward movement in the Earth’s sky in the northern hemisphere of the planet.

According to Hindu tradition, the six months of Uttarayana are a single day of the Gods; the six months of Dakshinayana are a single night of the Gods. 

Thus, winter solstice marks the beginning of a favorable period for all people.

People who have been spiritually aware have always identified this transition as a possibility for lifting their consciousness on a higher level.

Particularly, the first half of Uttarayana until the equinox in March is a period where the maximum amount of the Divine blessings is available. The human system is more receptive to the Divine blessings at that time than any other.

Uttarayana is the time when enlightenment is available for anyone who puts pure intention and effort into spiritual work. This is also the period of receptivity, grace, and attainment of the ultimate.

Winter Solstice 2020

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Winter solstice 2020 in Northern Hemisphere will be at 10:02 UTC. on Monday, December 21. It is the shortest day of the year and the longest night. From this point on, the light day will gradually increase, and the night will decrease.

In 2020, the Winter Solstice will take place at the same time as the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter (the closest in the last 800 years). Therefore, on the one hand, at this time, caution is required and with the need to abandon important or new and complex cases, you can expect disruption of plans and loss of motivation. But on the other hand, right now the impossible is becoming possible. This is a kind of opportunity to make a quantum leap, completely reset, and reach a new level. ️

This time is favorable for:

  • letting go of destructive programs;
  • purification of your living space, cleansing your body, and clearing your mind;
  • preparation for transition to another level of vibration, consciousness, and being;
  • mindset transformation;
  • mastering the manifesting power.

At the end of the year, it is recommended to loosen your grip, relax and just gain energy to contemplate, rethink, conduct deep self-analysis and try to understand the true meaning of your existence, your purpose, and your mission in this life. It’s good to spend this time quietly and without fuss.

Things To Do On Winter Solstice

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Winter solstice 2020 is the time to recall with gratitude to how things have changed and grown in the last year. This is the best time to make New Year’s resolutions and it is a powerful time to plant seeds of hope in the face of life’s challenges.

On the winter solstice, it’s important to rest: get some sleep, meditate, take a walk, and get some fresh air. Take time to read and take care of yourself.

It’s important to remember that on this day, you lay the foundation for everything that will happen in the next six months — think about how you want to spend this time and plan the winter solstice day accordingly.

Winter Solstice 2020 is the time to get rid of all unnecessary things that bother you. Clean your house, disassemble the wardrobe, give away things that you don’t use anymore to charity. Also, if you start getting rid of bad habits on this day, the Higher Powers will give you all the help and support that you need.

It’s important to purify yourself on this day, not just externally, but also from the inside. On the day of the winter solstice 2020, it is very beneficial to observe fasting.

Spend time with your loved ones, spread positive vibes, radiate optimism, share your light! In any case, do not fight, argue, or gossip on this day! On the contrary, make peace with those with whom there were conflicts.

On this energetically strong day, it is important to perform spiritual practices. You can perform any practice aimed at purification or forgiveness.

Here are some powerful practices and rituals you can perform on this day.

Energy Cleansing Ritual

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Before you fill the bathtub with hot water, light scented candles (or ordinary candles), dim the lighting. Set up your intention to purify your energy, clear your aura, etc.

  1. Fill the tub with warm water.
  2. Be sure to add sea salt, because it takes away all the negativity.
  3. Turn on meditative music for relaxation. This can be the sounds of nature, spiritual chants, mantras, etc.
  4. Get in the bathtub.
  5. While laying in the bathtub, visualize that water and salt take away all your problems. And every minute your body becomes lighter and lighter.
  6. When you feel that you have spent enough time in the bath, drain the water. When draining the water, imagine that all the bad things go away with it.
  7. After performing the ritual, you will feel a true renewal at the level of body and soul. You can climb under a warm blanket with a cup of your favorite herbal tea and just let yourself relax.

Practice Of Letting Go

It is best performed at sunset of the day before the winter solstice.

  1. Write down on a piece of paper all the negative and bad things that happened during the year – what you want to get rid of or forget.
  2. Now say your intention to get rid of, let go of, forgive, etc. For example: “I forgive my mother and let go of all the resentment and negative feelings related to her,” or “I let go of all the conflicts that I got involved in this year and open up myself to loving and respectful relationships.”
  3. Now burn a piece of paper, imagining your sorrows burning in the fire. Visualize how along with the smoke, all your problems disappear.
  4. Feel the release.

Ritual “Reconnecting With The Sun”

Cosmic Sun Image
  1. Stand facing east. Look in the direction where the reborn Sun rises.
  2. Say your gratitude to the Sun for all the good things in your life and ask for guidance and assistance in the future.
  3. Visualize your future as you would like it to be. Listen to yourself. What do you feel? Immerse yourself in your feelings. Let the sun recharge you and fill you with its energy.

Abundance Meditation

This practice is best done during the day, when the Sun is at its zenith, to feel more connected to the energy of the Sun.

  1. Make yourself comfortable: lie down or sit down in a meditative posture.
  2. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and slow exhalations. As you inhale, imagine how the solar energy of golden color enters your Solar Plexus (Manipura chakra) along with the air.
  3. When you feel the heat in your Solar Plexus, mentally say the words:

“I feel the power of sunlight in me. I am one with the energy of the Universal abundance. I attract prosperity and embrace abundance in my life. So it is!”

  1. Feel how the energy of the sun is circulating inside you and how its heat spreads from Manipura chakra and fills your entire body.
  2. Say your gratitude to the Universe for everything it gives you, for the abundant life, and limitless opportunities. Smile and open your eyes.

The Bottom Line

The fact that the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter is occurring during the winter solstice this year makes this particular solstice very special.

This year the conjunction happens to be taking place under the air sign Aquarius. This is a definitive marker in time where the world and each one of us will begin to be gradulally initiated into a new technological and sociological inclusive way of relating.

As a global community, we will experience a collective shift in action and behavior. As individuals, we will experience our own unique shifts based on our personal karma. Whether you decide to take advantage of any of the rituals I have described or not, it’s important to take some time during this solstice and simply sit, be still and align yourself with your highest!