10 Signs That You’re an Ambivert & Don’t Know It

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Sometimes you want solitude; while other times you are the life at a party. So are you really an introvert or an extrovert? An ambivert is the mid-point between these two extreme characters. But how can you know which side you belong to when you occasionally exhibit a character trait from either of these two?

Let’s figure that out today.  

The 10 Common Signs Of an Ambivert

#1: Ambiverts Are Great Listeners And Great Communicators

While introverts are great listeners and extroverts are great communicators, ambiverts are the bridge in between. You neither demand too much attention nor too little. They mostly listen when with a chatty crowd but when everyone goes quiet, they now pick up the conversation. You also find yourself paying attention to a friend in need and the next minute you’re holding a playful conversation with a stranger.

Yet none of these incidences seem too strange for you.

In fact, this is an excellent trait for people who are engaged in the public domain, like motivational speakers for example. Moreover, ambiverts eventually make the greatest parents. You know when to listen to your kids and when to start meaningful conversations for whatever reason.

#2: You Can Rely On Your Intuition

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Do you often experience this weird gut feeling that eventually becomes real? Well, most ambiverts have habits of picking up cues. They are also peculiarly picky in a good way. As a result, you find your intuition is mostly right and as you grow wiser, you are able to nurture this skill to even greater capabilities.

#3: Ambiverts Are Great Leaders Naturally

As an introvert, you are able to rely on your individual skills and get things done privately. However, given the same opportunity, you can equally guide other people to even greater achievements. In addition, one skill that fuels the leadership aspect in ambiverts is the ability to stand up for what they believe to be right, while at the same time balancing external energies and opinions from others.

You also take time to think before responding or passing any judgments. From small talks to big political conversations, your words are very selective. For this reason, people also love you back and support your leadership.

#4: You Only Like Meeting New People When In the Company of Familiar People

Ambiverts can also be termed “social introverts”. For example, you’ll only go to a wedding if your bestie is going. While your extrovert side likes opening up to strangers, your introvert side prefers to limit it to your inner circle of friends and family. This is a very common ambiverts character trait. Whenever you see them in crowds, they will always be in the company of a close friend.

#5: You Aren’t Afraid To Show Your Interest In Others

“Hey, I like your handbag!” If this is how you compliment strangers, then you could be an ambivert. Unlike introverts who’d rather be approached, an ambivert is usually the first one to say “hi”, “can I hang out with you” etc. Similarly, they complement others quite naturally, including strangers, part of which makes them good conversation starters.

#6: You Have A Great Ability To Sympathize And Empathize With Others

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Do your friends always come to you when in trouble? Do you always find yourself entangled in their problems? You could be an ambivert. See, empathy is a common trait with introverts. That’s why they prefer to be always alone. But as an ambivert, you can easily channel this empathy to others without getting overwhelmingly emotional. And that’s how your friends easily connect with you when in need.

#7: You Know How To Adapt To Different Social Settings

Are you the type who easily fits in a book club and the next day you’re out hiking with a group? That’s an ambivert for you. Luckily, your two opposite characters take center stage whenever necessary. The introvert will still feel comfortable in total silence while the extrovert becomes the life of a party.

Similarly, your type makes it easier to relate with different people no matter their personality. You don’t mind sitting with the elite or the poor and still have the conversation flowing. While at it, sometimes you enjoy taking the corner stand and let others shine. The reason is simple. Just like introverts, you also need time to recharge.

#8: You Can Be Unpredictable

One moment you’re saying “Leave me alone!” and the next minute you’ll be like “anyone wanna walk with me?”. Has someone also told you that you’re a person of many surprises? That’s normal with ambiverts.

While the extrovert side is always busy coming up with surprising ideas, the introvert side tends to want to keep a low profile. However, you can’t always have the perfect balance between these two, can you? So occasionally, one will want to outshine the other hence catching other people who think they know you by surprise. 

#9: You Like Solitude

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Just like introverts, ambiverts too like having some “me time”. They get drained after active social gatherings and need time to recharge. It could be an afternoon nap, meditation, or even watching a movie all alone. Luckily, they don’t need to be alone forever. Immediately, after recharging, they bounce back and mingle in the crowd effortlessly.

#10: Unique Friendships

Introverts will keep only a small circle of friends whom they tend to know very well. Extroverts on the other hand have diverse friends but can barely describe each friend in detail. Now ambiverts bridge in between. They will have diverse friends but also keep the circle smaller as compared to extroverts. However, they spend more time with most of these friends hence know them well.

They are very energetic in crowds yet very independent at home. In other words the personality of ambiverts is situation specific. They are very flexible people.

In Conclusion

The next time you tell your friends ”I’m flexible with anything”, or “everything sounds fantastic” and you actually mean it, chances are you are an ambivert. In addition to all the above traits, ambiverts aren’t afraid of the spotlight, and neither are they afraid of the dark. So don’t be scared when you don’t quite understand yourself. It’s a character you can’t change; you can only learn to live with it in a way that doesn’t affect you negatively.